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Pregnancy and vaccination against rubella

Pregnancy and vaccination against rubella

During pregnancy, all infections entail risk to the child.But most experts noted rubella virus, suggesting the potential hazard to the fetus.It is able to cross the placenta, affecting her, leading to various pathologies, deformities, in extreme cases, become a cause of fetal death.It is therefore important to make every effort to avoid the possibility of such infections - thanks in advance vaccination.

Vaccination against rubella before pregnancy

The simplest way to determine immunity to rubella virus becomes analysis of antibodies to the virus.Strong immunity to rubella can be generated even in people who are not faced with this disease in their lives - thanks to develop antibodies against the disease.Rubella often runs even without symptoms, significantly complicating the diagnosis of the problem, sometimes the doctors because of this mistake.So many people do not even know what had chickenpox rubella infection in their lives.

may be situations when the immune system is not produced even after

undergoing earlier in childhood and rubella vaccination.In addition, the known fact of constant mutation of the virus - the vaccine that was made against rubella 20 years ago, can no longer resist infection.

When planning a pregnancy recommend appropriate rubella vaccination several months before conception.After the introduction of the vaccine is best to postpone pregnancy for 2-3 months, optimally - for six months.This is not a categorical prohibition, but it is better to adhere to these recommendations in order to avoid the adverse effects of the vaccine on the fetus.Also note that the effect of vaccination is provided at once - it's a little defer the time.

doctors believe - Timely vaccination can significantly reduce the risk to terminate a pregnancy as a result of infection.For the child, it increases immunity to the effects of rubella, which he takes over from his mother.

Article topic: Rubella during pregnancy

Vaccination against rubella and pregnancy

vaccinated against rubella during pregnancy is prohibited.Such a vaccination can be offered only after the birth, in the absence of sufficient antibodies to the virus.Therefore, doctors recommend in this case vaccinated after delivery, the baby has received the necessary immunity through breast milk.So far, only possible should avoid crowds, contact with potentially sick.It should be remembered that it is the children are carriers of rubella.But when doctors advise against rubella vaccination of pregnant women, very little - only when very high risk of infection.

There is a possibility that an error or accident resulting in immunization in early pregnancy.Such a development is not desirable, but does not apply to indications for abortion.The probability of fetal vaccinia virus is within 2%, while such cases have been found in practice.Just go through the planned prenatal screening for convictions in the normal state of the child.

If necessary, the woman can be directed to consult with genetics and infectious diseases that can determine an appropriate plan of action taking into account the potential risks.

Vaccination against rubella and pregnancy - what else should I know

In the first trimester (16 weeks) of pregnancy account for the risks.During this period, measles can be an indication for termination of pregnancy - the risk of the fetus as a result of viral infection as high as 80%, about 25% - when the infection during pregnancy to 8 weeks.We have to recognize the frequent cases of fetal death as a result of the rubella virus, which has faced mother.

risk gradually decreases from the 2nd trimester, it did not recommend abortion in the case of infection.After 16 weeks of rubella does not lead to gross violations of the child, although the risk remains complications.During pregnancy, because rubella virus may be the child's heart defects, the development of blindness, deafness, mental retardation, hydrocephalus and other violations.

A decision on the termination of pregnancy a woman in consultation with an infectious diseases specialist and a gynecologist, made taking into account tests and inspections.Doctors are of the opinion that the probability of pathology at unexpressed during rubella significantly minimized.

According to the results of analyzes on TORCH-infection is often detected rubella virus contained in the blood of pregnant women, although there were no signs of the disease.Note that this is possible by passing the vaccination shortly before pregnancy - standard response.

Another important factor that doctors often do not report - the vaccine can not be an absolute guarantee of protection against the virus.But the number of possible consequences and side effects of vaccination solidly enough.But that's a topic for another article, one can argue long.

If you prefer a vaccination, trusting the recommendations of experts, modern achievements of pharmacology and medicine, should simply consider - you can fully rely on the immune system, generated as a result of transferring the virus.Even though his life be considered not necessary.The ideal situation - if a child has been ill with rubella.But the vaccine is not able to provide a strong immunity.

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