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Hair loss during pregnancy

Hair loss during pregnancy

to admit that pregnancy becomes crucial period, which is accompanied by a host of new sensations and phenomena.Sometimes during pregnancy there may be some new effects to the female body, which do not always have to be considered pleasant.Among them it is worth noting, and hair loss.When a pregnant woman sees in the morning on a pillow head of hair, quite naturally some concern, what should I do?Why is there such a problem as it can be corrected?Such topical issues, we will pay special attention in his article.

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Why hair falls out during pregnancy

current statistics show that the hair falls out during pregnancy is significantly less compared to the daily life.After all, with the onset of pregnancy the hair is thicker, only stronger.Particularly noticeable are the changes in the duration of the hair after 12-16 weeks of gestation of the child.It is already fully running the placenta.Hair loss becomes a certain alarm.The problem may be caused by certain di

seases or abnormalities.You can not leave this situation without proper attention.It is necessary to report such changes to the gynecologist, who will appoint the surrender of some tests.

What may indicate hair loss during pregnancy?The reason may lie in the recent infectious diseases (acute respiratory infections, flu, intestinal infection), or severe stress.Another possible cause may be lack of iron and zinc in women.In order to identify iron deficiency is enough of an ordinary blood test.Upon confirmation of the diagnosis can be further assigned medication dosage of 40-60 a day.The reason may be lack of iron and zinc deficiency.In such a case will be assigned to the zinc formulation, as a rule, the dosage is 15-20 a day.It is necessary to follow these appointments, because such changes can lead not only to the cosmetic problem of women, but also the lack of oxygen (hypoxia) to the child.Hypoxia has a negative impact on a child's development.

hair falls out during pregnancy can also because of a lack of calcium.In this case, the appointment of a therapist or gynecologist will be the use of special vitamins for hair.Also, experts may recommend to supplement the diet of women in dairy products.After all, they contain enough calcium.

Hair loss during pregnancy may be due to more serious reasons.Including due to androgenetic alopecia, which occurs against the backdrop of the changed hormonal levels.In this case, require a rather complicated treatment, which will deal with trihologu, he specializes in hair problems.In this case, you will need not only to be tested, but also the passage of a number of additional tests: phototrichogram, trihoskopiya.It is generally recommended for women during pregnancy to collect falling hair, controlling their number and length.Long hair loss can be a sign of the physiological loss of hair, if you lost a lot of short hair - evidence of thinning.Under normal test results and the absence of other causes of the problem, we can talk about androgenic alopecia.

times during pregnancy may diffuse hair loss.Accompanied by a large number of lost hair all over the head, arising out of a violation of their development cycles.In the case of diffuse hair loss importance given to internal and external factors.The reason may be due to thyroid disease, stress, certain medications and chronic illnesses.These factors will necessarily be taken into account when assigning the treatment of diffuse hair loss.Treatment of this problem is possible only with timely treatment specialist for help to avoid serious loss of their hair.

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What to do with hair loss during pregnancy?

When hair loss during pregnancy do not need to worry much.Usually pregnant women are just waiting for after the birth, only after they begin to fully take care of the hair, or decide to take advantage of people's means to strengthen the hair and masks from falling.Just say that it is not recommended to delay the treatment of the problem - too unreliable and risky, because the future will need to breastfeed.And in the period of breast-feeding woman's body undergoes a lot of changes, hair loss may continue.

Many gynecologists positively expressed about the use of folk remedies in the treatment of hair loss problems during pregnancy.To correct the problem common to use chamomile, burdock oil, buttermilk, aloe, egg yolks - the means to protect against hair loss problems that are completely safe for their condition.Usually, hair loss during pregnancy becomes the rule rather anomalous situation.But no one can advance to claim the consequences of hormonal changes.In each case, these changes are completely individual.Today there are many different means to treat hair loss during pregnancy.But it is important to their correct and consistent use.

Traditional methods against hair loss during pregnancy

Which media should contact to get rid of the problem of natural hair loss during pregnancy?In the first place, will normalize your daily diet.Its menu, be sure to supplement products containing silicon, vitamin B, sulfur.In this category noteworthy legumes, yeast, oatmeal, eggs, milk.It should reduce the consumption of sweets and canned products.Attention deserves a good rest, enough time for sleep.

Particular attention should be given prescriptions for hair loss during pregnancy.Some women in the family there are recipes inherited from the mother or grandmother.Some prefer to use the infusion of nettle for rinsing hair.Thanks to this regular rinse for healthy hair is possible to provide effective prevention, for the weak - a reliable reinforcement.

If your family is no folk remedies for hair loss, we can recommend the following options:

  • rasparte few slices of rye hair.Should wash his hair.Even on wet hair made applying a mask made of rye bread.Perform a gentle massage the hair roots, turning his head a cap or a plastic bag, then wrapped with a towel.This mask is held for about 30 minutes.She then washed off with warm water, do not use shampoo.A useful addition to rinse hair herbal decoction.Also, to perform the same procedure can be used with heated whey.

  • use bulb onion medium size.It is rubbed on a grater, mixed with honey in the ratio of 4 to 1. Rubbed the mixture into the roots of the net hair, then put on a plastic bag or shower cap, a towel wrapped hair mask is maintained for 30 minutes.It remains still wash water using shampoo.

  • Pretty effective against hair loss is a mixture of one tablespoon of honey, one fresh egg yolk, one tablespoon of aloe juice and a tablespoon of brandy.Components of the mask to be thoroughly mixed.Gently rub the mixture is massaged into the scalp.It should be deposited to leave the mixture for 20 minutes with warming.At the end of the hair is thoroughly rinsed, using shampoo.

  • very useful tool for getting herbal decoction of oak bark and onion peel, which is rubbed into the hair roots.Onion peel and oak bark are taken in equal proportions, filled with boiling water, with maceration for 30-40 minutes.Then you have to drain and rub into the hair roots.No need to insulate such rubbing.Enough natural drying hair.You can use a decoction at least every day.

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It is worth mentioning that for the manufacture of broths can be used mother-and-stepmother, sweet flag, hop cones, roots of burdock.The use of these folk remedies proved to be excellent for the effects on the hair follicle, helping to strengthen the hair in it.

article we have seen that it is not necessary to panic and worry much because of the loss problems during pregnancy.But very quickly it is important to consult a physician to determine the reasons for the emergence of this problem.We can only follow the recommendations of experts, will be a useful addition and effective folk remedies.With such a systematic and regular care of the state of your hair, you can not worry about the problem of hair loss - during pregnancy and after it you can be beautiful and confident, giving joy to loved ones.