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Scarlet fever in pregnancy

Scarlet fever in pregnancy

Various modifications of the body invariably accompany pregnancy.It is unlikely that someone will delight the appearance or development of certain diseases in such a crucial period.Especially in the case of diseases which are more dangerous than the common cold or allergies to certain foods.In his article, we will pay attention to scarlet fever - a disease that belongs to the category of children.Scarlet fever - an acute infection caused by becoming a beta-hemolytic streptococcus group A. Most often faced with the problem of scarlet fever children of preschool or school age, but sometimes faced with this disease and pregnant women.It is therefore particularly relevant is the issue of the dangers and consequences of scarlet fever in pregnant women.

Symptoms of scarlet fever during pregnancy

As you can suspect the appearance of scarlet fever?To determine the onset of the disease is possible for certain signs.First of all, attention is drawn to the punctate rash that occurs on day 1-2 of the disease.W

hen pressed on the emerging small pimples they will disappear first, and then appearing again.Abundant often seen punctulate rash on the face.However, the nasolabial triangle in this case looks very pale, even though it does not appear like a rash.

Among other characteristic symptoms of the appearance of scarlet fever rash becomes congestion on the folds of the skin.It will appear as a dark red stripes.The rash approximately 4-5 day illness is pale, soon disappearing altogether, with the occurrence of peeling at the site.

There is another sign of the onset of scarlet fever - language becomes bright red, almost crimson buying.In addition to changing color, language becomes grainy.The man in this case is faced with an increase in body temperature, which sometimes can go even fever.Raising the temperature generally reaches the level of 38-40 degrees.

The changes in the body and are accompanied by intoxication.When scarlet fever almost always a sore throat, given the defeat of the pharynx (throat).Possible symptoms are complemented likely increase cervical lymph nodes.Quite often a companion of scarlet fever during pregnancy is vomiting.

After scarlet fever there is a possibility of various complications, including the emergence of purulent otitis.Other relatively common complication - the formation of pus or necrotic lymphadenitis.There is also the likelihood of the development of certain infectious and allergic complications can appear and rheumatism.Also, scarlet fever would affect the cardiovascular system: high blood pressure accompanied with palpitations (tachycardia).

Scarlet fever in pregnancy will not result in a threat to women with specific immunity to the infection - that is, who have had this disease.

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How is scarlet fever during pregnancy

Experts managed to prove that the cases of scarlet fever are the most common for the regions, which are characterized by a cold or temperate climate.In fact, you can easily get infected by the disease.Scarlet fever is transmitted by airborne droplets (coughing, sneezing, kissing, crying, etc.), And through everyday objects.There is a possibility of infection and alimentary - through food.Dispatched scarlet fever infected person - a child or an adult.We have to recognize virtually impossible to prevent infection with scarlet fever.

most dangerous period for the environment a person sick with scarlet fever, called the early days of his illness.On average, people with scarlet fever is relatively safe for the environment after 3 weeks of this disease.It is also useful to add that, surrounded by pretty much any individual carrier Streptococcus Group A, which also provoke the onset of scarlet fever.Current official statistics confirm that today data carriers streptococci are 15-20% of healthy people, many of whom do not even know about until this status.

and carriers can spread the virus for several months, sometimes even years.However, infection is possible only through close and continuous communication with the carrier or infected person.The incubation period (during which the development of the disease in the body) in case of scarlet fever within 1-11 days.If a pregnant woman after contact with a patient during the incubation period showed no clinical signs of the disease, so she was not infected.We hasten to reassure even the impressionable women - usually people quickly detect such a disease.

Another important point to be considered - the human body produces type-specific immunity after infection.Consequently, the re-infection with scarlet fever becomes impossible.

Danger scarlet fever for pregnancy and child development

Scarlet fever when beremennosti.jpg Experts are of the opinion that the scarlet fever usually been mild and do not cause a serious threat to the very pregnant woman and the unborn child.But this statement does not allow disparage the disease without recourse to the doctor.In any case always need supervision by a doctor - he will determine the most effective therapy in the future, determining the optimum tactics of pregnancy.When

complex form of the disease occurs more reason to worry.First of all, in this case, effective treatment will need to resort to antibiotics that are not very useful during pregnancy.At the same time during the first trimester of pregnancy, when laid and formed all vital internal systems and organs, strict contraindications to the use of antibiotics.After all, their action may lead to pathological deviations for the development of the internal organs of the fetus.

particular danger is scarlet fever that occurred during early pregnancy - in the first trimeter.During this period there is a high risk of miscarriage.When the infection at a later date forecasts are more optimistic.Because, if necessary, from the 2nd half of the second trimester has allowed the use of antibiotics.

But this statement is not to say the possibility to let the situation take its course - a woman after a recovery necessarily require additional examinations, including tests and delivery of fetal ultrasound.Among the potential adverse effects of scarlet fever during pregnancy are: prematurely born, the various complications of childbirth, the development of oxygen deficiency (fetal hypoxia), inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia) in the newborn.

methods of treatment of scarlet fever during pregnancy

For the treatment of scarlet fever during pregnancy is assigned to bed rest, usually during the week, in compliance with sparing diet.Also, special attention will be paid to women drink plenty of liquids for the speedy withdrawal of toxins from the body.To relieve the pain in the throat supposed purpose of frequent and periodical rinsing throat.Rinse conducted using furatsilina and natural antiseptics: decoctions of calendula, chamomile, eucalyptus.For very advanced cases of possible appointment of "non-aggressive" antibiotic.This is usually used antibiotics penicillin, erythromycin.In the period after 12 weeks, they can be used by pregnant women if necessary, and the appointment of a physician.It is also expected to receive vitamin supplementation and bracing products.