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The stomach after childbirth

The stomach after childbirth

nature to that during pregnancy the woman's abdomen truly experiencing tremendous change.During childbearing occurs stretching of the abdominal muscles after childbirth, they manifest themselves in the form of sagging belly.It is unlikely that someone will please women of this state of his stomach after giving birth.So after a while the woman thinks of correcting this situation.

Immediately it should be noted that breastfeeding mothers and women who have had a cesarean section, are not recommended diet and strenuous exercise for six months after birth.

But from the first days postpartum, you can start preparing the body for the upcoming sports, going to the full nutrition - ensuring for themselves a healthy and balanced daily diet.

How can I tighten the stomach after giving birth?

necessary to warn at once - it is impossible to restore the original beauty of your belly in just a few days.To achieve the desired result itself should be tuned to the need for long-term and responsible work, because th

e basis of the desired effect woman needs a coherent and comprehensive approach to this issue.

As fast results are unlikely to lead to something good and useful.And the likelihood of quick results without negative consequences for the organism can not be counted.Because a woman's body during pregnancy, gestation and subsequent birth followed by dramatic changes at various levels.Consequently, for the full recovery of his body, slimming complex and tummy tuck on a woman need patience, responsible approach, incentive, for a long time and following the recommendations of experts.

includes a set of measures for the effective recovery of physical shape will follow the correct mode of his life, with the preparation of healthy and balanced diet.Be sure to need a woman recommended workout abdominal muscles prone to tension during pregnancy and weakened.

How to remove belly fat after giving birth because of nutrition?

First of all, attention should be given a balanced diet.It should be gradually excluded from their diet harmful products.After all, first of all, we need to establish the digestive system to get rid of accumulated fat in the abdomen.Therefore, it is necessary to force the body to work like clockwork.

help normalize metabolism is the consumption of foods rich in fiber.Among them should be noted vegetables, fruits, legumes, rice and oatmeal.Under the influence of products containing fiber will be intensification of the processes of digestion, relieving the female body of excess toxins.It toxins become a barrier to weight loss in the abdominal area.

deserves special attention and the liquid.It should drink plenty of water - preferably not sparkling clean.Under the influence of the fluid accelerated disposal of harmful substances in the body, helping to restore the old stomach more beautiful shape and a normal tone.

Exercises to restore the abdomen after childbirth

specialists draw attention to the importance not only of good nutrition and a sufficient amount of liquid, but also system trainings.After all, exercise is becoming a prerequisite for the normalization of the abdominal muscles.

After birth should be resorted to gentle physical exercise that you need to perform on a regular basis.

should once again be recalled.Resort to heavy loads can only be six months from the date of delivery.If we talk about the period immediately after discharge from the hospital, you can think of a more gentle way to strengthen abdominal muscles.Including due to frequent, regular walks in the air with the child, domestic work and as frequently as possible straining abdominal muscles in their daily lives - keeping busy news as often as possible.

also proven benefit performance of belly breathing techniques.For its implementation should draw on inspiration abdomen, inflating it to exhale - like a ball.

After the child lay to rest, enjoy a light charging for 15-20 minutes.The beginning of a complex training becomes jogging in place, then you can perform a specific set of exercises.To do this while lying on the floor, it should be very gently raise the lower torso.Then, while lying on his right side, lift the straight leg.The starting position should be changed and repeat the exercise in the supine position on the left side.

useful and will exercise "scissors".Palms put under the buttocks to avoid loading the spine.For a minute we do the exercise "bike".

and sitting cross-legged, hands clasped at the back of the castle.The housing is pivoted to first left then right - at least 15 times in each direction.
After performing these complex exercises should be done a few stretching exercises.

sipped up high, to become socks.First slowly stretch ourselves to one side, then the other - following the outstretched arm.

Article topic: exercises for the abdomen after childbirth

a massage to restore the abdomen after childbirth

experts pay attention to high efficiency in a tummy tuck in the postpartum period due to the massage.But to achieve the desired effect, be sure to take into account certain important points.

First of all, the implementation of this massage is best left to a specialist.Massage can be of various kinds, which can be used in the area of ​​the abdomen - a vacuum, hand, plucked, honey and others.

to avoid possible harm to the state of the skin, abdominal organs, and overall female body, massage should be done professionally.

Although after birth significantly increased the load for the family budget, so not every family is willing to pay for professional massage services.Another problem becomes and the clear lack of free time to care for a newborn child.

Therefore, as an alternative could be to reflect on the implementation of the procedure of self-massage.This treatment should begin with the implementation of light strokes, gradually increasing efforts, but not leading to discomfort and the appearance of symptoms.

then starts rubbing of the skin.You can resort to tapping, tingling, Hardwood (palm edge).We carry out a thorough rubbing and massage of the abdomen and then move on to the final stroking, soothing the skin after exposure to aggressive.

To ensure the effectiveness of massage in the abdomen skin tightening and strengthening the muscles in the area it should be carried out every day for at least 10-15 minutes, or at least on a regular basis.

Diversify your life can be due to the honey massage.To do this, apply the mixture of honey and a few drops of essential oil on the palms of the hands, performing belly Clap movement, with an increase in the intensity of exposure.The duration of this massage should be 10 minutes.

essential oils to restore the abdomen after childbirth

Aromatherapy has established itself as the undoubted advantage.Perfect for the massage oils of citrus (grapefruit, orange, lemon), suit and lavender essential oil.It fits their use alone or a combination.

add effect can be due to various creams and other cosmetic products which are specifically designed for use in massage.

You can also note the presence of specific rules and guidelines for a massage of the abdomen:

  • Running abdominal massage only clean the skin.Therefore, we recommend taking a shower before performing the procedure.

  • do massage only in between meals.In particular, must elapse after the solid meal least 1.5 hours, and after half an hour of a light snack.

  • tangible benefits to massage should be a regular.

  • the massage is contraindicated in case of kidney diseases, gall bladder, in the presence of a hernia, other pains, problems with health, skin lesions, fever, or during menstruation.

  • If you want to exclude the impact of massage on the area of ​​the expansion of blood vessels and lymph nodes location.

pleasant feelings and a significant effect is capable of providing water massage of the abdomen.It belongs to the category akvaerobika, however, can only be performed in a deep lake - not suitable bathtub.At rest in the lake or the sea, and when you visit the pool be sure to use this method:

pin hands in a strong castle.The palms have a parallel to the ground, they quickly up and goes down.This forms a water-wave "rolls" skin and fat on the abdomen, gradually eliminating excess fat, providing a benefit to the overall elasticity of the skin.

similar procedure to achieve the desired efficiency should be as long, with multiple repetition of the long term.

to restore the abdomen after childbirth perfect not only a balanced and healthy diet, physical exercises, self-massage, but also to follow the recommendations in yoga video tutorials, aimed at restoring the state of the abdominal muscles during the postnatal period.

to improve the shape of the abdomen and the implementation of appropriate systems Callanetics exercises and Pilates.