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Valerian during pregnancy

Valerian during pregnancy

In today's market pharmacology suggested an impressive wealth of choice sedation, carried out in various forms.But our society is traditionally used to use simple drugs that seem to be most secure.Probably valerian is becoming one of the key elements in the medicine cabinet each woman.It's quite an effective tool that allows you to remove stomach pain and calm the nerves.

Valerian many years remains a popular solution for people of all ages, allowing you to get rid of possible health problems.In ordinary life, quite a popular choice, but pregnancy is traditionally brings significant changes to your lifestyle.After pregnancy becomes a special time when you need to be attentive to the use of any drug, including valerian.

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Valerian during pregnancy - can I use?

important to note that valerian does not have a strong toxic effect among all sedatives rightfully belongs to the category of the security, including the use during pregnancy.So often, gynecologists a

nd specialists prescribe the use of pills and teas from valerian, even for pregnant women.But this information is not confirmed, it is possible to regularly consume large amounts of valerian.

When you use any drug you must understand and strictly follow the correct dosage means applying it only when necessary.It is believed that with proper necessary, may even use a sufficiently large number of valerian.Yet security is often better to use valerian, rather than leave the problem without proper attention.It is proved that a great danger to the child's condition is ignored when not provided comforting than the use of valerian.

But it is important to understand that during pregnancy there is a prohibition on the use of any alcoholic liquors.Of course, in a critical situation the nervous system needs reassurance.If, then, at your disposal there is nothing but an alcohol tincture, you can afford a small dose of the drops.This use would not cause harmful effects.But as far as possible during pregnancy should abandon any beverages and drugs containing alcohol.

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valerian can drink during pregnancy?Only if necessary, according to the rules

need for sedative may occur in pregnant women often enough.Appointed by the use of sedation by doctors in cases of tachycardia, insomnia, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, increased uterine tone.Also may require sedatives and for getting rid of disturbances, unreasonable fears, nervous disorders, arising on a background of hormonal changes.It is therefore logical that occasionally have to turn to valerian.

Valerian during pregnancy - the dosage and directions for use

valerian is not always applied by a doctor.Fairly common situation where a woman alone go on the move, using valerian.In this case, it is important to adhere to a particular measure, without overdoing with an acceptable amount.In the appointment of valerian expert, we can say there is a certain reason.In this case, the doctor depending on the problem paints suitable for pregnant women dosage.But often the situation where the expectant mother decided to have a drink on their own a few tablets.To avoid unnecessary risks, it is necessary to adhere to acceptable standards - for the sedative effect would be only a couple of tablets of valerian.

Be sure to take into account the individuality of the human body.Therefore, the response to the application of the drug can vary, especially for pregnant body.There is a probability of not only allergy, but also the reverse reaction to use of the drug when it does not lead to sedation, and the excitation of the nervous system.Moreover, there is a risk of increased intracranial pressure.

Despite the effectiveness and availability of valerian, still recommend to pay attention to the use of non-drug funds origin.Sedation can be achieved by walking through the park, feeling relaxed, reception shower or various enjoyable activities, allowing to get rid of stress and anxiety.