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Rotokan during pregnancy

Rotokan during pregnancy

When the disease of a pregnant woman is quite naturally becomes a matter of choosing appropriate and effective enough safe drugs, of drugs for effective treatment.As well it is known - medicated preparations in the majority of cases involve individual contraindications to receive during pregnancy.In his article, we will pay special attention to the peculiarities of modern combination of anti-inflammatory herbal formulation called Rotokan - known medicine for the treatment of throat.In particular, consider the basic properties of the drug, especially the correct reception during pregnancy.

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As we have noted, the drug Rotokan provides an excellent anti-inflammatory effect, with the content in the structure of certain medicinal herbs.Among them should be noted the flowers of yarrow, calendula, chamomile pharmacy.Rotokan preparation is in the form of liquid extract.Medicinal properties of the drug - the ability to withstand the process of inflammat

ion, allowing healing, disinfection, pain relief.Herbs in the composition of the drug helps to restore damaged membranes in the throat, eliminating the inflammation of the mouth.Widespread use of this drug as a combination treatment in case of gastrointestinal diseases.Using this preparation is provided as a solution.

Formulation Rotokan

of the drug include chamomile flowers, calendula, yarrow grass and some auxiliaries.

Rotokan Indications for use during pregnancy:

include indications Rotokanom experts call:

  • aphthous stomatitis.

  • necrotizing gingivostomatitis.

  • Periodontitis.

  • Tonsillitis (angina) (as part of combination therapy).

    There are also indications for its use in gastroenterology (as part of combination therapy):

  • gastro.

  • Chronic colitis.

  • chronic enteritis.

Side effects and contraindications to the drug during pregnancy Rotokan

The only side effect of the drug can only be allergic reactions.


  • Severe disturbances in the kidneys.

  • Individual hypersensitivity to the components in the composition of the drug.

  • Alcoholism.

  • Abnormalities in liver function.

  • brain disease.

  • Traumatic brain injury.

  • Pregnancy.

  • lactation.

  • Age man to 18 years.

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Instructions for use during pregnancy Rotokan

Immediately it should be noted - in the instructions to the drug indicated the undesirability of use of this drug during pregnancy and breast-feeding a baby.However, such a warning applies only if the domestic application of the solution, given the content of ethanol in the formulation.If we talk about gargling with Rotokan, the drug is completely safe during pregnancy.Naturally, the presence of allergy to one of the components of the drug should abandon its use.But if a woman doctor prescribes this medication, do not worry.Especially for gargling will need only one teaspoon Rotokan one glass of water.As a result, ethanol will not enter the body of a pregnant woman.

Rotokan solution should be prepared immediately before use.Treatment is recommended to start first with the lowest dose, to avoid potential allergic reactions.

Gargling Rotokanom during pregnancy

Gargling Rotokanom2.jpg To prepare the means to add to the warm water a teaspoon Rotokan, with careful stirring of the tool.Type in your mouth a little liquid, thoroughly rinsing the throat for a minute.Recommended for 1 session to use a solution of 1 cup.Rinse recommended to four times a day, 30 minutes before meals or 20 minutes after receiving the last meal.In the absence of allergic reactions, can be used to reflect on the increase in the dose - the solution prepared with 2 teaspoons of the drug.

Inhalation via Rotokan during pregnancy

the presence of a person nebulizer, a special device for inhalation, the drug may be used in this way.Medicine in the form of microscopic particles for inhalation delivery to mucosal respiratory suction with easy, promoting more effective action than with internal use.Such inhalation ensure maximum efficiency in the case of respiratory diseases.To prepare the solution for inhalation of the drug should be dissolved pharmaceutical with Rotokanom saline mixed in a ratio of 40: 1.It is also important to pay attention to the choice of a sterile container.

to conduct one procedure inhalation only need 4 ml Rotokan.It should also be added that the drug acts directly on the area of ​​inflammation.Therefore, there is no absorption of the drug into the blood, and will provide a direct effect on the inflammatory focus.Through the use of inhaled drug-drug Rotokan can get deep into the respiratory tract, quality watering inflamed organs - to speed up the healing process.The indications for the use of inhaled Rotokan are certain diseases, including cough, pain in the throat and runny nose.