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Stitches after birth

Stitches after birth

unlikely that the seams have to be considered a welcome phenomenon - the problem becomes troublesome and, unfortunately, quite common.Statistics confirm that the problem had to face almost every third woman.However, she listens to the opinions of friends who are starting to talk about the various risks and dangers differences seams.All this makes a woman in a hurry to look for a variety of information, which would avoid these problems.

Just note that there are different mandatory rules for the care of scars after childbirth.But above all, we should understand the types of joints in which situations can be imposed.

Stitches after birth - caesarean section

already from the title everything becomes clear.If caesarean section joints are an inevitable phenomenon.The incision is performed in the lower segment of the uterus, the size of the order of 12 cm.

Stitches in childbirth uterine cervix at

overlay is made in case of rupture of the uterine tissues during natural childbirth.The reason for the ga

p in such a case becomes insufficient disclosure of uterine cervix, and premature ejection of the child when the fetal head will press against the uterine cervix, which leads to its disclosure.

Genera with stitches in the vagina

there is a rupture of the vaginal walls in situations similar to the uterine cervix.

Stitches after birth perineal

most common are tears of the perineum.There are gaps of various kinds, the occurrence takes place in different situations: in the case of premature childbirth, fast delivery, pelvic offer the child and others. Possible break posterior commissure of the vagina (first degree), the pelvic floor muscles and skin (second degree), muscle, skin and wallsrectum (third degree).There may be artificial perineal tears: for rassekaniya perineum using a special tool from the posterior commissure of the vagina to the anus in the midline.

internal stitches after childbirth - how imposing

Sutures may be placed in several ways.Increasingly, in recent years widespread use of sutures used in the field of cosmetology.Over time, they will be invisible after healing.But the seams for any need the same techniques and responsible care.Sutures differ only on the materials used.

When choosing a non-absorbable filaments require removal after two to five days.Such procedures can be avoided thanks to a bioresorbable material.The most common materials are Vikram kedgut and maxon.There is a complete resorption of these yarns without re-intervention of a doctor.

Care stitches after childbirth

Usually stitches in the vagina on the uterine cervix does not begin to disturb a woman, without the need for special care.You just need to follow the rules of personal hygiene, avoiding heavy lifting.Sutures made yarns, own absorbable three weeks.There is a painless and rapid healing of scars.

In a separate attention needs stitches, imposed after cesarean section.Caring for them during the first days it is provided by a nurse.Every day for postoperative suture is processed using antiseptic solutions, with the imposition of a sterile dressing.Nonabsorbable thread removed a week later, but the procedure is to continue.

take the first shower is possible only a week after the operation, and the joint should be washed with care (not allowed to rub a washcloth).Women giving birth even after surgery have to suffer the pain to get rid of them first used a variety of painkillers, then require the use of post-natal bandages, you can tie the stomach diaper.A woman for two months should abandon the heavy lifting that the seam is not broken.

special care need the external crotch seams.Care for such wounds is quite difficult.Artificial incisions will heal much faster and easier, given the straight edge of this section, which has a positive effect on the seam, to form a pretty aesthetic scar.

Processing stitches after childbirth, and other tips for protection against bacteria

for speedy healing of wounds of any basic condition becomes maximum protection against a variety of bacteria, ensuring peace.The most difficult to achieve the necessary aseptic conditions is in the perineal region.It is not bandaged, and the postpartum discharge becomes an additional challenge.In this case, careful attitude to their personal hygiene:

  • Replace gaskets every two hours.

  • Disclaimer slimming underwear.

  • Only free c / b lingerie.

  • seams Washing with soap and water every morning and evening.

  • After washing must be dried with a towel crotch.

  • to wash with clean water after every trip to the toilet.

  • the seams using antiseptic every day.

Postpartum perineal sutures will disturb a woman a few weeks.Sometimes there is pain and much discomfort.The main problem is to ban a sitting position.At least a week will need to do everything half-sitting, otherwise there is the likelihood of broken welds.A few days later allowed to sit on a hard chair only one buttock, but with time it will be possible entirely.During this period, avoid constipation, given the pressure on the perineum.

due to scarring of the perineum there is the discomfort and pain during sex even for a few months after healing.Because of the scar that appears there is a narrowing of the vaginal opening.To avoid problems, you should stick to a comfortable posture, and consider the use of ointments from the scars.

discrepancy stitches after childbirth - a major complication

most dangerous and unpleasant complication lies in the discrepancy between the seams.The problem may occur for various reasons - as a result of any sudden movements, and festering stitches early sitting down.

Bleeds seam after childbirth and other symptoms of complications:

  • constant pain at the joints.

  • Bleeding sutures.

  • swelling wounds, and painful sensations.

  • severity in the crotch.Usually it occurs because of the accumulated blood in the injury site.

  • Fever.

In each of these cases required medical attention.As a result of the inspection of joints, he can determine the best treatment.If detected inflammatory complications, the doctor will prescribe the use sintomitsinovoy emulsion or ointment Vishnevsky for several days.An effective means for wound healing becomes Levomekol.

for speedy healing of joints may be some simple exercises.To improve the flow of blood, enough tension and relax the muscles of the pelvic floor.The most effective option - to "delay the stream of urine," when there is a reduction of vaginal muscles.Delay voltage must be six seconds with a further relaxation.Exercise may be repeated several times daily, alternating tension and relaxation of five to eight times.

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