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Gargling during pregnancy

Gargling during pregnancy

Pregnancy involves a significant reduction in immunity woman, her body is more susceptible to outside infections and diseases.However, treatment in this period suggests its limitations and restrictions - including requires a careful and attentive to the use of various drugs.Since taking into account the decrease in immunity and development in the womb of a new life action of drugs can adversely affect a woman's body, and fetal development.Similar requirements are typical for cases of pain in the throat during pregnancy.During childbearing most preferred way to get rid of pain are gargling.The question arises - what medicines and drugs can be used for gargling during pregnancy?In his article, we will try to determine the most appropriate means, that will provide a positive effect without consequences for a woman or a child's development.

Why is there a sore throat during pregnancy?

What factors can lead to the appearance of pain in the throat during pregnancy?Immediately it should be noted that such

pain is usually a sign of colds and infectious diseases, including tonsillitis, pharyngitis, different types of angina.Sometimes there is pain in the throat when mechanical damage of the mucous membrane of the larynx.Specifically, such damage may occur when hot or ingestion of solid food.The need for treatment in a similar situation does not arise - usually the pain goes away in the near future.When feeling that starts sore throat, accompanied by malaise, fever, pregnant women need to be sure to seek the advice of your doctor.

Since self during pregnancy is unacceptable and dangerous.As a result of consultations with otolarangologa not solve your problem more quickly.To ensure the optimal course of treatment requires an accurate diagnosis - an understanding of the real cause of pain in the throat.The attending physician of the results of the inspection will be able to determine the most appropriate, gentle treatment.If possible, seek medical advice from a woman there, then we can recommend rinsing at the first sign of a sore throat.If such treatment is no risk of harmful effects for the child.

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Rinse furatsilinom sore throat during pregnancy

furatsilin.jpg Furatsilin belongs to the category of specialists the safest assets during pregnancy.Medicine provides antimicrobial effect, acting as a barrier and obstacle for the reproduction of viruses and bacteria.The properties of the medicine like the use of antibiotics.Typically, powder and tablets furatsilina provided for external use.This means in most cases, used as the basis for a solution which is used for gargling.It is also common to use the drug in case of infections of the oral cavity, in the treatment of wounds and inflamed wounds.Home precaution when using furatsilina to rinse - do not swallow the solution, stick to the treating physician and the frequency and duration of rinsing.

consequence of prolonged use of the drug may be neuritis, sometimes there is a risk of allergic reactions that manifest themselves in the form of dermatitis may appear dizziness, nausea and vomiting.So welcome furatsilina causes well-founded fear in some women.However, it should be noted the lack of scientifically proven facts the negative impact of the drug on pregnant women and prenatal development of the child.

treatment course and dosage regimen during pregnancy furatsilina

To make gargling with this drug, take 5 tablets furatsilina that will push apart and pour a liter of boiled water.Should rinse your throat three or four times a day - a course of treatment is two to three days.If you can not get rid of the pain in the throat during this period, will seek the advice of your doctor.

Gargling hlorofilliptom during pregnancy

Chlorophillipt in its composition comprises two active components - extracts chlorophyll A and B, isolated from eucalyptus.For the leaves of this tree are characteristic of the southern important medicinal properties, they have long since gained widespread to eliminate the infection of the respiratory tract.In comparison with antibiotics hlorofillipt oil, tableted or alcohol promotes the elimination cocci, especially staphylococci.Neither one of the plurality of staphylococci not able to resist the antimicrobial activity of the drug.Therefore hlorofillipt renowned for high efficiency to combat pharyngitis, tonsillitis, stomatitis, sinusitis, rhinitis.During pregnancy, for gargling recommend taking alcohol solution hlorofillipta.

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Dosage and cure hlorofillipta during pregnancy

To prepare medicines Chlorophyllipt diluted 1:10, is used three or four times a day to rinse sore throat.It is also possible to receive oil solution hlorofillipta.This solution is used in the case of tonsillitis for lubrication tonsils several times a day.Feature oil solution compared with the alcohol analogue becomes longer retention on the mucous membrane, which increases the duration of the therapeutic effect of the drug.

Gargling miramistinom during pregnancy

miramistin.jpg to develop this tool even in the Soviet period, its purpose was the protection of astronauts from the effects of a variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi, in a closed room.Today, the drug is mainly used in the fields of obstetrics and gynecology for the treatment of women.In these industries, it is used to get rid of inflammation and infectious diseases.Assigned to receive Miramistin for pregnant women, taking into account the security of the funds for the female body, and fetal development.The corresponding assertions were confirmed by the results of numerous scientific studies.An important feature of the drug - practically does not penetrate into the systemic circulation.Therefore, thanks to this advantage may be referred means safe during pregnancy, but should be administered by the attending physician.The main functionality of the tool becomes antiseptic.

Under the influence of the preparation is the destruction of streptococci and staphylococci, as provided by the defeat of pathogens of various sexually transmitted diseases, yeast.Miramistin the treatment is common in the case of laryngitis, sore throats and tonsillitis in pregnant women.In the field of otolaryngology actual property miramistina becomes its antiviral effect.Issued active drug in solution and forms a spray.The tool provides a fairly intense action, so some prefer to abandon his admission, adhering to the argument - the action of the drug can kill beneficial bacteria.Rinses are not recommended to dilute.Although before you use it will be useful to carefully read the instructions to the drug, consult your doctor.It should be clarified, and the most appropriate dosage of the drug individually.

Rinse salt against a sore throat during pregnancy

Among the most effective tools in the treatment of sore throat during pregnancy called rinse with sea salt.To prepare the solution is taken 1 teaspoon of salt, which is dissolved in a glass of warm water.May be added to the solution and two drops of iodine.Such a solution is recommended by experts to disinfect a sore throat will help get rid of the swelling and healing of irritated mucous membrane.

duration of such rinse should be approximately 5 minutes.When a longer rinse succeed and accelerate the healing process.Immediately after the rinse time should not drink, eat, to contribute to a more prolonged exposure to sea salt used by the microbes.It is also important to take into account - do not need to use very hot solution for rinsing.Because otherwise, in place of effective treatment can cause burns and irritation of the mucous so.If there was no sea salt with the sore throat, gargle can recommend the standard of iodized salt.In this case, the effect of rinsing is reduced, but still some use will be provided.

Rinse soda from a sore throat during pregnancy

It is also important to consider that soda during pregnancy implies a certain spectrum of activity.Including rinse may be used for the treatment of thrush, heartburn and angina.If used gargling using a soda before pregnancy, you can stick with the already familiar scheme.This ash does not lead to negative effects for the child, providing benefits to the patient's throat.

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Method of preparation and dosage of soda solution

To prepare the solution rinse, take 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda and dissolve in 250 g.warm boiled water.Gargle 4-5 times a day.If sore throat pregnant woman can use a soda-salt solution.To do this, take 1 teaspoon of salt and soda, dissolve them in a glass of warm water.

Gargling with sage pain during pregnancy

With all the benefits of sage among traditional medicine, it falls into the category of banned drugs for domestic take during pregnancy.Since Sage is one of the herbs that cause uterine contractions, causing a risk of miscarriage.Sage also leads to hormonal exposure for pregnant women, increases blood pressure and estradiol.But it does not mean that it is possible for nine months to forget sage.Because it can be used for gargling.

Method of preparation sage against sore throat during pregnancy

To prepare the solution should take 1 tablespoon of herbs, which is boiled water.Infused solution for half an hour.Then drain and means need to be used for gargling.Rinse recommended two to three times a day.There is an opinion of doctors that women during pregnancy should be resorted to different rinsing during the day to effectively eliminate the pain in my throat.In particular, it is possible to use sea salt at dinner, at lunch already - miramistin evening to choose the solution furatsilina.In any case, the choice of a particular means a woman needs to listen to the reactions of own organism.When the discomfort and bitterness resulting from the rinsing sage, you can think of other analogies that do not lead to such problems.