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Hemorrhoids and childbirth

Hemorrhoids and childbirth

Among the most common diseases faced by pregnant women, traditionally called hemorrhoids.The disease can develop during pregnancy, taking into account certain factors.If there are in pregnancy generally prerequisites for this disease, after childbirth will be not avoid this problem - because when a woman has to vain attempts to push much that contributes to the formation of postnatal hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids is a disease of blood vessels - expansion / inflammation of the veins or vascular plexus in the rectal area.Hemorrhoids in everyday life usually occurs as a result of a sedentary lifestyle and eating disorders leading to frequent constipation.Postpartum hemorrhoids formed for other reasons, with few prerequisites.

causes of hemorrhoids after childbirth

primarily due to hemorrhoids after childbirth stagnation of blood in the veins of the pelvis.The reason it becomes a gradual squeezing of the uterus vein constantly increasing, which leads to disruption of the normal outflow of blood.Importance

is also given to the restructuring and hormonal: generates a large amount of progesterone is to relax all the organs and blood vessels.When relaxing vein walls will be much easier to stretch.

Progesterone relaxes not only vessels, but also the intestine.As a result of its normal emptying will be broken.It progesterone often causes constipation, resulting in hardened stool, a woman has to make an effort.Also as a result of hardening of the stool grow vascular plexus stretch of wall.

important to note that many pregnant women hold quite sedentary lifestyle without exercise.This situation causes stagnation of blood in the blood vessels and organs of the pelvis, in conjunction with other factors formed and hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoids hemorrhoids after childbirth can be external (when part of the rectum in the form of drops or nodule gets through the anus) or internal.But in any case, a woman will notice even the first manifestation of the problem.For hemorrhoids after childbirth certain characteristic burning and itching in the anus, resulting discomfort can not properly empty the bowel.

treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth

In view of these symptoms should immediately have to seek the advice of a specialist.If you do not will be given due attention to the problem, it will continue to only get worse.As a result, a high probability of hemorrhoidal "bumps", which is accompanied by pain during bowel movements, appearance of mucus and blood during the evacuation.

After survey specialist appointed treatment regimen with consideration of the severity of disease, patient characteristics, and specific symptoms of the problem.Completely banned own attempts to treat hemorrhoids after pregnancy.After all, the greatest caution is needed to use any medical drugs during lactation.All used drugs will penetrate into the breast milk affecting the baby.Therefore medications for hemorrhoids after pregnancy should be taken only on doctor's recommendations, compliance with treatment regimens and related instructions.

To increase the effectiveness of treatment requires appropriate changes in diet.Need to add more foods containing fiber.Diet should be based on fruits and vegetables, is recommended as wholemeal bread, lean meat, fish and dried fruits.Products that contribute to flatulence should be possible to exclude from your diet.Also, there is a prohibition on the use of beans, cabbage and rye bread.

Effective treatment is important to avoid the problem of constipation, for it is possible to use laxatives and enemas oil.It is unacceptable to make an effort during emptying of the bowel, so as not to contribute to the loss of the vascular plexus.

limit value assigned to personal hygiene.Be sure to wash with cool water after each bowel movement, wipe the anus should be damp cold cloth.Often it is cold lotions avoid pain, complementing their effect may be as rectal suppositories and ointments prescribed by a doctor for anesthesia.

decisive factor for the prevention of postpartum hemorrhoids - due prevention.In any case, better to prevent disease than to engage in its treatment.Prevention should start hemorrhoids during pregnancy.Experts among the possible means of preventing mark observance of the diet, physical activity, preventing constipation, the rejection of a long stay in the upright position.

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