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Hair fall after delivery: what to do?

Hair fall after delivery: what to do?

accomplished this long-awaited and happy day - born favorite and healthy baby.The logic in this period was to remain a problem in the past, you can think about the restoration of his form with the former regime of life.But this period is preparing not the most pleasant surprises - a woman has to face some new challenges, among which was a fairly common hair loss.Naturally, women are beginning to get nervous and worry because they do not know the likely causes of such changes, as effective ways to restore its beauty and confidence.Therefore, we decided to stop its attention on this issue, identifying possible causes of hair loss after childbirth, with the appropriate measures for the effective and safe disposal of problem.

Causes of hair loss after childbirth

often postpartum women reported that after the birth notice in the morning on the pillow lot of lost hair.In fact, this phenomenon is becoming a serious problem, in which case you need to take urgent measures to save your hair.But the woman, fi

rst of all, you need to understand - the critical norm in this regard up to 100 hairs.According to published statistics, women in the postpartum period, and can lose about 500 hair daily.Such situation is possible within 3 months after birth.After a complete restoration of the female body problem usually passes.However, this requires the appropriate care for your body.

Immediately it should be noted that the main cause of hair loss after giving birth becomes the action of hormones.It is believed that during this time women do not lose hair, but simply restored to their former shape.What do these changes?During pregnancy, the female body provides increased production of the hormone estrogen.In addition to the main function, this hormone provides a positive influence to the state of the hair - helping to stimulate the division of cells in the bulb, increasing the life of the hair.

Therefore, a pregnant woman during pregnancy is getting used to the thick hair - as a person can get used to everything good.After giving birth to normal levels of hormones, restoring the previous condition of the hair, which was before pregnancy.But it starts coming out of the old hair, which were held by the hormone, with a visual impression as if there are abrupt hair loss and thinning hair.

Another cause of hair loss after the birth of a child may be under stress, or chronic fatigue.Stress becomes the process of childbirth, during which the female body is faced with hormonal changes and severe blood loss.Chronic fatigue occurs when the constant care of a child, as a result of lack of sleep, night feedings and typical kid experiences.If a woman in this respect no helpers have to deal with chronic fatigue, accompanied by hair loss.Starts increased hair loss and weakened hair.

Another likely cause of hair loss are due to lack of calcium in the female body.After birth, it is necessary to reflect on the completion of calcium to prevent hair loss.As

help of his hair after giving birth?

If a strong loss of hair in the postpartum period, it is quite natural desire of women to reflect on the problem.To do this, you need to consider some tips to help renew and rebuild the hair:

  • balanced diet. Young women during breast-feeding are forced to give up certain foods.But such restrictions at this time must be compensated for something.Provide for your body the right amount of minerals, vitamins and nutrients can be achieved by a balanced diet every day.Multivitamins are not always enough to enable it to adjust.Specialist triholog may appoint an individual woman taking certain funds aimed at restoring and strengthening of curls.Among other things, use of calcium, vitamin B, or ascorbic acid.The action of these funds is directed at enhancing the metabolism by stimulating hair growth.His daily diet should always be supplemented with animal protein, which plays the major role in the growth of new cells, including hair.

  • use special cosmetics. Many salons can offer women in the postpartum period, a set of procedures that are designed to strengthen and maintain the condition of the hair.After all, not every woman, especially given concerns about a child has enough time to go to beauty salons and hairdressers, but it can also refer to a good master who can recommend an effective and high-quality cosmetics, the effect of which helps to strengthen hair.In the catalog of many cosmetic brand to offer special lines, the effect of which is designed to strengthen hair.Pretty effective tool steel ampoule, strengthens hair - suitable for home use.It is also important to consider that there is a living part of each hair in the follicle.Consequently, the recovery process should be directed precisely on an onion.

  • Massage scalp. this procedure can also be their own fingertips or using a brush with natural bristles or special devices, massagers.These measures significantly improve overall nutrition and blood supply to the hair follicles.For massage can be applied and oils - jojoba, burdock, lemon, flaxseed, grape seed oil (for oily hair).

  • proper washing. Therefore, when cleaning is necessary to abandon the hot water, air conditioning and washing shampoo thoroughly, without wiping and dabbing her hair after the procedure.It is recommended to use a towel made of natural fabrics.

  • quality comb. well-regarded comb made of natural bristle.It should abandon the old for the new wooden comb with thick teeth.It is necessary to comb your hair before going to bed - maintaining different directions.This method allows you to provide additional massage for hair.

  • Correction hairstyles. During the consultation with the hairdresser or stylist can be an optimal way to adjust her hair, so as not to be visually noticeable problems with the hair for the environment.You can treat the hair by shortening them - think about the haircut, promoting the growth of strong hair.Exclude at time of his life perm and hair styling.You also need to eliminate the use of ploek, hair dryer, curling.

  • recreation. postpartum women definitely need to get enough sleep, giving the body proper recovery, helping to strengthen the immune system - will notice the improvement of themselves and hair.In this case, important help relatives who will take the part of the care.

advantages and opportunities of folk remedies to strengthen hair after childbirth

Folk remedies are widely proven undoubted advantages in restoring and strengthening hair.The main value becomes natural origin folk remedies - an important condition for the period of breastfeeding.Do not forget also about the availability of national resources for everyone, without requiring costly.

We can recommend some recipes for hair restoration, from which you can choose the most appropriate:

  • shampoo made from egg yolks. To make it break fresh raw egg yolks is detachable from the proteins.Beat the yolks to be - and can be used as a replacement for shampoo.After that, it remains only to rinse hair decoction of nettle.

  • Firming Mask.To this mixed essential jojoba oil (6-8 drops), lemon (a similar quantity), olive oil (10 ml.) And egg yolk.The resulting consistency will mix well - then you can apply the composition to the hair roots, wraps mask shower cap on top - with a towel.Hair can be washed after 40 minutes, using the usual shampoo.

  • infusion of herbs. order in equal amounts taken nettle, hop cones and chamomile.Three tablespoons of this mixture pour 1 liter.of boiling water.We are waiting for an hour, until the consistency of infusion, and then can be used for washing the hair, like shampoo.The use of hops and chamomile can cause darkening of the natural light-colored hair.

  • vinegar. This tool can be used for oily hair.A 6% vinegar (1 tbsp. Spoon) diluted with warm water (one cup).This solution is used to rinse hair after each washing.

  • Whey. After washing your hair with the help of this tool you need to massage the hair roots.Next, the mask can be warmed for 30 minutes, the hair is wrapped with a towel, then rinsing the hair with water without using shampoo.

  • onion peel. to insist that a little husks, previously filling it with boiling water.This infusion is used for rinsing hair after washing.

  • Rye bread. boiling water to steam 2-3 slices of rye bread.They need to stretch to the state of slurry, with application to the hair.Mask continue to warm for 1 hour.Thereafter the head can be washed with a conventional shampoo.

  • Bow. rubs three or four bulbs on a grater, squeezing juice.This tool is used to wet the hair roots, holding for 20 minutes.Then wash off the bow with a conventional shampoo, rinsed hair decoction of nettle.

  • Burdock root. To make the broth take burdock root (3-4 tablespoons. Chopped roots).They boiled water on low heat for boiling.Broth rubbed into the hair roots through the day.Hair should be allowed to dry naturally.

Summing up, we can talk about the presence of a variety of means to restore hair shedding.But the importance given to the restoration and natural hormonal levels of the female body.It is therefore important patience and the belief that over time the health and beauty of hair certainly recover.

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