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Novopassit during pregnancy

Novopassit during pregnancy

Pregnancy is accompanied by many changes and new experiences, including the sudden appearance of depression, mood swings, tantrums and whining.The reason for this change is to weaken the body's immunity and hormonal drastic restructuring.If you are unable to normalize their nervous system and emotions, there is the probability of a troubled child who will experience sleep problems.Therefore, during pregnancy, women may be given the use of sedatives.Therefore, there is a natural question - what drugs can be taken during pregnancy.Particular attention should be paid fairly common drug Novopassit - whether it can be used during the period of gestation of the child, what are the indications and contraindications, public opinion is shared by experts in this matter.

Purpose and characteristics of the drug Novopassit

First of all, try to understand the features of this drug.It is hardly necessary to once again talk about the extreme instability of the female psyche during pregnancy.In particular there may

be serious problems with sleep, there are difficulties with the desire to focus on growing the conflict situation in the family, frequent quarrels and misunderstandings with the inner circle.To normalize the condition and general psycho-emotional background of the pregnant woman, the expert has to secure an appointment sedatives.

be recalled to ban the use of any chemical nature of sedatives (tranquilizers) during pregnancy.

As a consequence of the action of these drugs may be irregularities in the formation of the nervous system of the fetus.Particular danger of receiving these funds entails during the first trimester of pregnancy.However, there is a very limited list of sedatives, the use of which is permitted during pregnancy.Among these funds allowed Novopassit called and presented in modern pharmacological market in the form of a solution or a pill.

origin and composition of the drug Novopassit

Novopassit - the pharmaceutical plant.This preparation involves differences in its composition compared with other sedatives.Among the components of the drug should be noted passionflower, valerian, lemon balm, hops, hawthorn, St. John's wort.Due to this combination of herbs is possible to provide a direct soothing effect, but also the indications for its use are available for the treatment of gastropathy and urticaria, dermatitis, and dermatitis, and is assigned to women during the premenstrual period.

However, before using this product you need to understand a number of features of this tool.Allowed the use of valerian during pregnancy.Hop cones in the composition of the drug can affect the body for hormonal.Passion, like valerian, is safe for use during pregnancy.But St. John's wort deserves special discussion.The conducted experiments on animals have established the presence of St. John's wort for the risk of spontaneous abortion.When you save the pregnancy-born infants were deviations varying degrees, they were very weak.Conduct similar experiments on humans it is impossible, but it is understood the similarity of the biochemical processes of pregnancy in humans and animals.Therefore, forget about feedback Hypericum pregnancy in mammals can not.

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Can I use the drug Novopassit during pregnancy?

None of the pregnant women would not resort to the use Novopassita permanently the whole period of gestation of the child.So we do not talk about the Bude systemic effects of the drug on the body of a woman, pregnancy or child development.Yet it is strongly recommended that extreme caution taking this medication without resorting to self, just guided by reviews on the internet or advice of their relatives.It is important to understand that pregnant women are not allowed to use Novopassit in case of problems in the gastrointestinal tract, myasthenia gravis, you are hypersensitive to any component of this medication.If the doctor prescribes taking this medication, it shall indicate the appropriate dose and treatment regimen individually.

In most cases, appointed by the reception of a sedative or a tablet to 5 ml.solution three times per day.It is forbidden to determine the dosage of the agent.Sometimes during pregnancy disclaims any pharmacy resources.In certain situations, a simple approach is acceptable.Alternatively, the reception can be noted Novopassita brewed overnight balm or motherwort, is also more outdoor activities, or other activities that will be useful and pleasant for the woman.Summarizing, we can talk about the admissibility Novopassita during pregnancy in reasonable doses, guided by the purpose and the recommendations of the attending physician.But it is the best option - the woman she will be nervous and do not give in to emotions over nothing, it is not needed to use any sedatives.

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