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Hormonal failure after birth

Hormonal failure after birth

Pregnancy with further delivery is a natural and completely natural process, but still results in a significant "shake-up" for the female body.The whole period of pregnancy there is a reorganization of the body of the future mother, creating the necessary conditions for the development and formation of the unborn child.But after the child's birth will again be faced with changes in the woman's body, with a kind of "jerk" - to adjust the overall recovery and the necessary processes in normal mode.

refers to the situation of women hormonal background.It is well aware that pregnancy leads to serious changes in the overall hormonal pregnant.But already in the first months of independent rebalancing occurs after childbirth.In cases where such a recovery for some reason did not happen, experts have concluded a hormonal imbalance or hormonal failure - if this state noticeable deviation from normal main hormones estrogen and progesterone, can shift this ratio in any direction.

hormonal failure after deliver
y - a common phenomenon

We have to admit that today the emergence of hormonal failure after delivery has become quite common.The woman almost does not listen to your body during the first two months after delivery, because all the attention and attendant care are sent to the child who gave life.In addition, frequent phenomenon become postnatal disorders of hormonal balance.Just in most cases, recovery takes place independent of the hormonal balance without the need for outside intervention.

However, in some situations, for various reasons, there is no self-restoring hormone balance of the female body, the failure persists after this.In this situation, a prerequisite for becoming a competent specialist advice, as there may be different consequences arising hormonal failure.Including the possibility of some unwanted consequences of failure - there are problems in the formation of breast milk or depression.

hormonal failure after birth - the symptoms of the problem

So, what symptoms may indicate possible problems with hormonal?Signs of hormonal failure may be frequent manifestations of headaches and dizziness, insomnia, racing blood pressure and edema.Frequent companion of hormonal imbalance are also irritability, apathy or depression.

The presence of a variety of hormonal problems may indicate evidence of excessive sweating, fatigue, decreased sexual desire.As a result of hormonal imbalance also suffer hair - failures lead to the appearance of unwanted hair on the body, increasing hair loss on the head.Often hormonal failure as a cause of weight problems, including the appearance of excess weight at a normal diet or excessive weight loss.

Most of hormonal problems that can be found after the cessation of breastfeeding - a noticeable change in the general character of menstruation, menstruation pain passes.The emergence of such symptoms (heavy, painful menstruation more than a week) can uniquely indicate significant risks of hormonal disruption.These signs, together with the previously listed are quite sufficient to the need for referral to a specialist

is important to determine whether you can talk about hormonal failure to meet the specific features.To this end, a special analysis is performed, which is appointed by the results of the consultation.Through this analysis it is determined by the state of the major systems and organs, general well-being of women.As a result of the set of information the doctor selects the best cure.Just note that to get rid of hormonal failure requires a sufficiently long period.But

necessarily require treatment by hormonal failure, as further problems with balance necessarily lead to certain health effects.Some drugs should be appointed solely on the recommendations of experts, in each case individually select the most appropriate treatment, pharmacist pick the best drugs will not do.Accordingly, the failure to take into account when hormonal only necessary advice of a doctor, not the pharmacy staff advice or their girlfriends.Treatment should be organized on the recommendations of experts, under the mandatory supervision.