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Pektusin during pregnancy

Pektusin during pregnancy

Pektusina know about tablets since their school years.After all, the parents gave me these pills for the night when, during a cold cough was particularly strong and bothersome.And since then, the memories remain as effective in this case acted in these tasty tabletochki.Probably, many of our readers can also recall data tabletochku title.

Pektusin drug use during pregnancy

With the onset of pregnancy becomes quite natural question about the possibility of using Pektusina during childbearing.In his article, we decided to give this issue a more detailed account, considering the recommendations and opinions of experts.First of all, it should be taken into account - Pektusin be used during pregnancy as an effective adjunct in the treatment of various diseases of the human respiratory tract.For this product is characterized by anti-inflammatory, local irritant and antimicrobial action.This drug in its composition comprises menthol and eucalyptus oil, their use is allowed during pregnancy.However, it sho

uld be remembered - if a person has an allergy to the components contained in the product, it is recommended to think over the choice of safer drugs for cough.

The preparation Pektusin Menthol is a component that provides an antiseptic effect.For menthol characteristic antibacterial effect, contributing to the local anesthetic effect, making it easier expectoration of sputum when you cough.Eucalyptus oil suggests similar properties, but it is considered very allergenic components.Also, for the sake of justice it is necessary to note the content of eucalyptus oil in the composition of the drug, so it is quite common to use Pektusina at relieving pain in the throat that occurs during a violent coughing fit.It is also quite common effective use of this drug to alleviate sinusitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, tonzillityi other infectious diseases.

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Instructions for use Pektusina pregnancy

The instructions to Pektusinu provides information that is assigned to the use of this drug during pregnancy only under certain conditions - when the anticipated benefits of the funds will exceed the likely dangerfor pregnancy and child development.We will try to find out more in the rule - what it means.To be precise, the use of certain drugs should be used Pektusin with the utmost care - must first be used to understand the interaction of drugs should consult a physician.

As in the case of diseases of the upper respiratory tract is quite common appointment of certain drugs with potent anti-inflammatory effect, in this case the use Pektusina would be only a "drop in the bucket."In any case, strictly forbidden self-appointing themselves the medicine - you need a doctor's appointment.Accepted Pektusin subligvalno - put the medicine under the tongue until completely dissolved.In the treatment of cough should not be used more than 4 tablets a day.After resorption of the tablets is desirable after some time did not drink or eat - to achieve maximum effect from the treatment.Apply the ointment Pektusina 3 times a day into the nasal passages.Yet it should be understood that determines the most appropriate course of treatment with the drug alone physician, depending on the response of the patient and degree of the disease.In most cases, a period of use Pektusina rate is approximately one week.

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Contraindications and side effects of receiving Pektusina pregnancy

Official statistics show that Pektusin in most cases transferred to the human body is good, but still sometimes the reception can be accompanied by symptoms of an allergic reactionas urticaria and pruritus on face.When these symptoms after using the medicine you need to give up its future administration, reporting any symptoms to their doctor.Also, special attention should be given and possible contraindications to use Pektusina - should give up this drug in case of allergy to any of its components, with stenosing laryngitis, asthma (especially during exacerbations), and diabetes mellitus.Summarizing the article, you must add - Pektusina action does not affect the reflexes.Therefore, we can not worry about the people, driving a car or complex mechanisms - consequences arise.However, you need to understand to use any medication during pregnancy is possible only with the utmost caution, following the mandatory rule of "Seven times measure - cut once."Therefore, if there is a safe for pregnancy and child treatment alternatives is better to make a choice in their favor.But all these questions in any case should be discussed with your attending physician.