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Diet after childbirth

Diet after childbirth

known fact - during pregnancy weight women usually increases significantly.This weight gain generally is in the range 6-20 kg.Therefore, it is desirable, but it becomes quite difficult to get rid of extra kilos after birth.Yet this possibility does not have to be considered impossible.To restore its former beauty and shapes, you just need to take certain measures and to make some adjustments to your eating habits.And most importantly - combined with the measures undertaken and a positive attitude, belief in the optimal result.

where to start a diet after giving birth?

First of all, you need to consider the organization of the correct, balanced diet of its power - in order to achieve a perfect result without negative effects on your body and the baby's condition.Since the power of women in this period directly affects the quality of breast milk, which will depend on the health and well-being of the child.

Hence, a balanced diet during this period should be sure to include healthy foods.Stop attentio

n to the list of these products in detail.

First of all, diet and diet menu should include a variety of fruit and vegetable food, daily consuming dairy products.Therefore, you need to eat more vegetable dishes, but they should be eaten raw or steamed.Among the first assistant to effectively eliminate extra kilos marked variety of salads made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

In this respect, the only exception are bananas and potatoes.They are considered a fairly high-calorie foods that we can not recommend for weight loss after childbirth.

In the category of dairy products can be recommended to drink kefir and eat cheese every day.It is also necessary to consider the benefit of these products for breastfeeding, with the content in the structure of a protein having great importance for the proper and healthy diet.

second important condition for weight loss after childbirth - the presence in the diet of chicken without skin and veal.Both of these products must be used in baked or boiled.Fish should choose low-fat varieties.If possible, go to the light vegetable soup, combine the meat with salads, giving up fried and fatty foods.

useful third condition - to the effectiveness of weight loss after birth is recommended to limit your diet usual amount of flour and sweet.It does not need to completely abandon the bread in principle - allowed 100 grams.bran bread and 100 grams.pasta, wholemeal, once every 3 days.Instead of cakes, ice cream and other similar products should choose berries, fruits, dried fruits and honey.They are also able to please your taste, but providing much more useful to the body and promoting effective weight loss after childbirth.

Features diet to diet after birth

optimal variant of such a diet - eat at least four times a day to ensure the useful effect of diet and the process of lactation.This is necessary to avoid the feeling of hunger, though erratic snacks - not a solution.Among the best products for these snacks can be called yogurt, yogurt and granola, which can be prepared in minutes - at the same time ensure long-term feeling of satiety.

strongly advised not to eat after 19.00 hours.You can treat yourself to a night glass of kefir or milk.

What can you drink a diet after giving birth?

through an adequate amount of water in your diet during this period may increase the metabolism process, much more effective and rapid process of losing weight.Therefore, we can recommend a day to drink at least 1.5 liters of water.You can include in the diet of a variety of water, juices and fruit drinks - the main thing that is not sweet.Quite an effective tool for weight loss becomes and green tea.

Subject to all of the rules and recommendations in your diet, soon you will notice a good effect - stopped gaining weight gradually getting rid of the extra kilos.Suffice it to three months of food to regain his form and you can think of other power supply system - which together with the implementation of the exercise will allow to achieve even better results.But such a method may be used, provided the weight for three months failed to normalize.

Among the new diets and food systems for this effect can pay attention to diet Kim Protasov, a system of "minus 60 Catherine Miromanovoy" vegetable diet or separate power supply.Yet first and foremost condition for optimal results - originally to normalize food, thoughtful correct and healthy foods in your diet.It should also be possible to walk more regularly, move - the best result is achieved by combining a healthy diet and appropriate exercise.

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