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Than to treat throat during pregnancy

Than to treat throat during pregnancy

Pregnancy is accompanied by a weakening of the immune system, the body which is more susceptible to the effects of various external infections, viruses and diseases.The reason is to decrease immunity, so there may be some complications of pregnancy under the influence of any respiratory disease.But it is understood that a pregnancy imposes a large number of prohibitions and restrictions on the methods of treatment during this period.If certain medications before yielding results, with the onset of pregnancy they can become one of the prohibited, given the negative impact of the woman's body and the child's condition.

For pregnant women can not be treated by conventional means - the appropriate treatment and safe medicines must be determined individually and carefully in consultation with your doctor.Since the physician will have to consider the impact of certain drugs on the body of the woman and the child.The exception does not become, and drugs used to treat throat.

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Why sore throat during pregnancy

for a speedy recovery affects correctly picked a course of treatment, which is made depending on the diagnosis and characteristics of the female organism.Leads to the appearance of sore throat during pregnancy can be a variety of factors.Therefore, for the effective and safe treatment is necessary to accurately determine the diagnosis - the cause of the pain.For that purpose a consultation with a doctor and appropriate studies.

Among the possible causes of pain should be noted:

  • Pharyngitis.

  • bacterial infections.

  • Tonsillitis.

  • allergy.

  • angina.

The cause of the sore throat may be not any disease, and the possible environmental conditions: in particular, high concentrations of cigarette smoke may cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the throat may be mechanically damaged mucosa when throat stuck a bone or a piece of breadincluding pain may cause a low degree of moisture and a very dry air in the room.In the absence of other signs of the disease, we can say with confidence - the reason is precisely these factors.In this case, a pregnant woman should carefully approach the analysis of the situation by getting rid of possible factors leading to pain.After the diagnosis the doctor can determine the appropriate safe and effective treatment during pregnancy.

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rules and recommendations for the treatment of throat during pregnancy

usually causes inflammation of the tonsils are Staphylococcus and Streptococcus.We know them very negative impact on the health of the child, and therefore requires timely action aimed at the effective protection and treatment is the first sign of the disease, using for this purpose only safe drugs.

Than to treat throat with beremennosti.jpg When the first sore throat is desirable to rinse through the salt or soda solution.For this is taken one tablespoon of salt or sodium per 500g.of warm water.When such treatment is formed in the oral cavity the alkaline medium, excluding multiplication of pathogenic organisms.Recommended alternating rinsing with salt and baking soda together with rinsing by the vegetable broth.Among the plants with anti-inflammatory action should be noted eucalyptus, chamomile, wild strawberry leaves.In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect, it should be noted a reduction in pain in the throat due to this broth.Optimally, if it will be possible to rinse in the 1st day of illness throat hourly, during the 2nd day - it is every two hours.

As part of comprehensive treatment during pregnancy can pay attention to the use of inhalation.For their preparation can be applied already considered folk remedies, including eucalyptus and chamomile.

In addition to using local methods, you can pay attention to the washing of the whole body from infection or virus by copious drinking.In particular it will be useful to supplement your diet tea with honey and herbs, citrus juices, fruit drinks, broth chamomile for solving this problem.Also, you can speed up the healing process by doubling the daily dose of vitamin C, given its excellent barrier properties for the body during pregnancy.During treatment for themselves should be possible to eliminate the mental and physical stress, the body was due to the charge of strength for the effective protection and the fight against disease.

Medication throat during pregnancy

When a sore throat in any case it is necessary to abandon the use of drugs, unless they were appointed to their doctor.Completely forbidden to resort to self-medication, guided only by the advice and opinions on the Internet of her friends.Since only an experienced doctor can determine the appropriate safe and effective treatment using the appropriate medication drugs.This list of acceptable of drugs during pregnancy is limited to a very narrow list:

  • categorical ban on the use of antibiotics.

  • need for the utmost caution in the use of fitomikstur considering a ban on the use of drugs containing alcohol or liqueur immunostimulants (liquorice, lemongrass, echinacea, devil's, ginseng, Rhaponticum, Rhodiola rosea) - their action leads to an increase in pressure, increasing the burden on the heartwomen.Increased heart rate, increased stress for the cardiovascular system of the fetus in the womb.

  • Vitamin complex drugs to improve immunity.

Regardless of the desire to get rid of more severe pain in the throat, self inadmissible - the necessary measures should be taken only when prescribed by the attending physician.Therefore, if possible better to be patient, that the admission of drugs that may have some impact for the prenatal development of the child.

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Rinse and pills against pain in the throat during pregnancy

to treat throat during pregnancy can be used as tablets and other pharmaceutical drugs.Among them can be mentioned a number of drugs recommended during pregnancy.Among these drugs recommended during childbearing, it may be noted Ingalipt, Lizobakt, Givalex, Faringosept, Kameton.But in any case necessary to avoid self-medication, self-appointing himself any medication or additional funds.This task should be engaged in the attending physician, who will select a course of treatment and drugs individually.Among the most preferred embodiments of the treatment of the throat it should be noted classical, commonly known Faringosept.He established himself absolute safety for the state and development of the child.It produced the drug in the form of a lozenge, providing a local effect, without absorption in the human stomach.

Than to treat throat with beremennosti2.jpg well known that many pregnant women seek to completely eliminate the pills during pregnancy.Just say that it is their choice that deserves the right to life.An excellent alternative in this case may be gargling.In addition to considering our soda-salt solution can be made and other rinse.In particular, pay attention to the sea salt and various folk remedies.In particular, for the treatment of throat gargle may Excellent garlic.To do this, we take three cloves of garlic, you want to chop and pour boiling water (one cup).Give the resulting solution of the present, you can drain the.Gargle this means 4 times per day.

effective treatment for throat becomes as red beet juice.To do this, rub and squeeze about 200 grams.juice, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar.Such a solution to rinse the throat to be five times a day.Excellent solution becomes a solution of hydrogen peroxide.To make it in 1 cup warm water add one teaspoon of peroxide.

completely safe treatment for throat during pregnancy furatsilina suitable solution.It is characterized by antimicrobial effect, becoming the prevention of reproduction of viruses and bacteria.By its action, the solution is similar antibiotics.To prepare suitable furatsilina 5 tablets which repel and poured a liter of boiled water.

What means are prohibited against a sore throat during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should be considered contraindications to the use of thermal treatments, including hot foot bath and mustard.Prohibited soar feet as under the influence of the large influx of doses of the blood supply may decrease placental blood.This results in a problem of a shortage of oxygen in the body of the fetus.With the loss of voice (indicative of an advanced stage of the disease) does not even have to try to whisper - this can harm the throat.In such a situation requires competent assistance from the otolaryngologist.In any case, treatment of the throat during pregnancy should start as early as possible.The main focus during the childbearing should fall to rinse.It is important to understand the treatment should be carried out as intended and mandatory medical supervision because self can lead to complications.

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