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Postpartum endometritis

Postpartum endometritis

Even in the normal course of labor after their woman needs special care to treat their health status.During this period, the young mother often faced with a variety of diseases, including experts pay attention to endometriosis.In our article we will focus attention on the issue, a detailed look at the features of this disease, its possible manifestations and effective treatments.

signs of endometritis in the postpartum period

disease endometritis is an inflammation of the endometrium - the tissue that lines the uterus.Perhaps the disease with acute and chronic leaks.Chronic and acute diseases have similar symptoms of endometriosis, but they are in chronic little "blurry", not showing so expressed.Consequently, there are certain difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic endometritis.

Among the possible symptoms of acute endometritis experts call the appearance of pain in the abdomen radiating to the sacrum, fever, general weakness, isolation saniopurulent consistency.Speaking about the

selection, every woman should be aware of - the duration of heavy spotting is a couple of days.Then, their volume is reduced significantly, reaching a state of "daub".Evolution ceased on time for 8 weeks after childbirth.Selections on the background of endometritis are bloody and heavy all the time.

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Symptoms include chronic endometritis called bleeding at intervals character (sometimes increasing, then weakened), fever, and pain during bowel movements.

Causes of postpartum endometritis Endometritis

can be caused by contact with the endometrium of microorganisms in the period after delivery of the placenta.Contributing factors include the occurrence of endometritis prolonged labor, preeclampsia, women age 19 or older than 30 years with the first pregnancy, premature discharge of amniotic fluid, infection with microorganisms that are sexually transmitted, placenta previa.

are at risk of infection endometritis women who were abortion complications in the case of previous pregnancies, in the presence of foci of chronic infections.

way to diagnose postpartum endometritis

As a specialist can identify the problem endometritis?First of all, the results of gynecological examination.Among the characteristic features called uterine enlargement, the emergence of pain on palpation, vaginal bleeding.

confirmed diagnosis of endometriosis and pelvic ultrasound results.Through this method, the identification of possible adhesions in chronic endometritis - they lead to problems of infertility and miscarriage.

General blood test is also used to detect endometriosis.Symptoms of the disease in such case, there is a high concentration of leukocytes.

Endometrial biopsy - diagnostic method is to study the particle inner uterine membrane under a microscope.However, this method is quite rare.

diagnosis of chronic endometritis form as a result of normal inspection is more complicated.To cope with this task can only be experienced.

Methods for treating postpartum endometritis

Acute endometritis after childbirth should be treated in a hospital.In most cases, revealed signs of endometritis late, as a result of long-term treatment is required.The course of treatment based on the use of antibiotic therapy - intravenous or intramuscular injection, mechanical cleaning of the uterine cavity, anti-inflammatory drugs, detoxification.There is also the use of vitamin supplements and immune modulators.Comprehensive treatment also involves physiotherapy - infrared laser therapy, UHF.

Treatment of chronic endometritis form built on a phased course.You first need to treatment of sexually transmitted infections.Next, a woman undergoing hormone replacement therapy, with the removal of adhesions in the uterine cavity.

prescribe a course of antibiotic treatment depending on the type of infection that triggered the disease.In a situation where the disease originated from the impact of the virus, it is envisaged to receive antiviral drugs and to enhance the activity of the immune system of the female body.

In the course of hormonal treatment of chronic endometritis include oral contraceptives.They are usually prescribed by the doctor in the course of three months.

To remove adhesions used surgical method with the obligatory anesthesia.Running through the identification of adhesions giteroskop with further dissection.

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Folk remedies in addition to the basic treatment of endometritis after delivery

In any case, do not give up features conventional therapy for the treatment of postpartum endometritis, but you can enhance the effect by adding to yourdiet of traditional medicine.In this case, it will be able to improve the efficiency and speed of the source of infection and treat the symptoms of postpartum endometritis.

include popular folk remedies to deal with postpartum endometritis note:

  • laurel. Boil water in a bucket of laurel leaves (20 gr.).The resulting broth is diluted with cold water - hip baths take about 20 minutes.

  • Herbal infusions. mixed in equal parts marshmallow root, Rhaponticum, clover, wormwood, cottonweed, nettle, lavender, pine buds, thyme, blueberry leaves, pochechuyny grief, mother and stepmother, bearberry, endive, marigold, saxifrage, angelica, dandelion.Thoroughly mix the resulting collection and must crush it into powder.On 3 cups of boiling water pour 2 tablespoons of herbs - broth need to leave for half a day, then strain.Infusion take 1/3 cup inside - 3 times a day.The treatment lasts for 2 months.

  • Plantain.For this 1 tablespoon of dry plantain boiled water - give the broth brew in a thermos for 2 hours.The beverage filter and it 4 times a day on an empty stomach drink 1 tbsp.spoon.

  • St. John's wort. Brew dry grass (1 tbsp. Tablespoon) in 200 ml.water, boil the infusion for 15 minutes, drink the broth strained - 50 mL.3 times a day.This drug is contraindicated in hypertensive patients.

  • yarrow and wormwood. In a saucepan pour 200 ml.water, 1 tbsp.spoon yarrow and 4 tbsp.spoons of bitter wormwood.The resulting mixture is placed in a water bath - keep for 15 minutes.The broth is filtered and drunk 3 times a day on an empty stomach.

Prevention of postpartum endometritis

Prevention of postpartum endometritis is responsible attitude towards their health, thorough compliance with the rules of hygiene and timely treatment to the doctor in the case of the first signs of discomfort, pain, certain disorders in the pelvic organs.

much more effectively and efficiently spend time and effort for the prevention of postpartum endometritis, than to take a long and difficult course of treatment.

include effective means of preventing postpartum endometritis is a series of measures:

  • careful study of the state of women in the susceptibility to bacterial infections.

  • timely elimination of infections, especially those related to the sex organs and pathways.

  • Mandatory adherence to the rules of personal hygiene during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

  • Information training for women - tips on caring for a newborn.

  • Joint finding a woman and baby after birth, early breastfeeding.

  • undergo regular medical examinations and inspections - including the US, the collection of relevant analyzes and so forth.