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Breastfeeding after caesarean section

Breastfeeding after caesarean section

One of the most important and the most common problems among women who have a caesarean section will invariably referred particularly forthcoming feeding her child.After all, quite a widespread belief that a woman can not properly establish breastfeeding the baby, because the milk is too small or it does not come at all.

Lactation in this case involves some special features.But with advance knowledge of all relevant information, postpartum women will be much easier and safer.Immediately it should be stressed - is dependent breastfeeding baby is not the chosen method of the upcoming birth, and from the desire of the woman to breastfeed.This issue should be given special attention.

We need to put more baby to the breast

Contrary to popular belief, after cesarean section may be the success of breast-feeding the child.This preserves the probability of the first feeding directly operating in the case of the operation with a local anesthetic.With such a feeding will have to wait when a caesarean section

was performed under general anesthesia, or when the baby needs medical care.

In any case, you need to pick up the child from the children's ward when he will come back to normal and you will be ready for it.Since there are various factors that can complicate the attachment of the baby to the breast.In particular, the usual sense of fear, too, can be considered one of the most common reasons for unsuccessful feedings at first.

Breastfeeding for even a sleepy baby

Sometimes the appearance of milk in women after cesarean section is possible only after 5-9 days after birth.The reason becomes the use of general anesthesia.In fact, great effort will be needed to establish breastfeeding compared to natural childbirth.In this case, it will be useful to follow some recommendations that will be discussed in the article.

should ask for help from your doctor, if you prohibit breastfeeding in the postpartum ward.Bringing a child should.Frequently used drugs after cesarean section, which normally coincide with breastfeeding.It should ask this question your doctor.Record information about preparations for the future.The child sometimes during that allotted for feeding, can sleep.In this case, it must be to wake for breastfeeding.

Since milk production in women depends not only on the desire and confidence of the mother, but also directly from the activity of sucking baby.Therefore, at any time when you bring a child should be put to the breast for feeding.This can be fed babies breast milk, even in a dream.

Patience!The child's condition after a difficult birth can be normalized slowly.When using sedatives, while feeding the baby a few days will be enough sluggish.

experience is not necessary.A child does not need a large amount of food.First of all, he needs love and affection.So just press the baby, talking affectionate, gentle words - the child can hear the heartbeat of his beloved mother.

No need to feed the baby with glucose water or weak tea is sometimes made to calm the baby.As a result, appetite decrease, the child will refuse to breastfeed.Also, a child can get used to feeding from a nipple, it will decrease the activity of sucking up to the complete abandonment of breastfeeding.

More frequent breast-feeding allows the child to adapt more to breastfeeding after a cesarean section.Lactation is based on a fairly simple mechanism - for frequent or intensive sucking activity increases the amount allocated to the child.Feeding every three hours as it was before, now it moves into the past.

Thoracic supplementation to newborn

In case of loss of the baby weight, do not need to worry about it and try to finish feeding.After all newborns face weight loss, regardless of the chosen method of delivery.Determined to finish feeding the need of the child, taking into account the frequency of urination.During the first three days of urination can be doubled, 3-6 days - 4, further 6 to 10 times.If these rules are violated, it is necessary to reflect on the need for supplementary feeding of the child.

to finish feeding weakened and premature children, may even use your milk.Child in sucking limit should not be.After all, the baby will be much calmer, the woman begins to arrive milk.After a Caesarean section in a child may be other problems with breastfeeding.They depend on the condition and health of the woman.Such deviations compared to natural childbirth usually have no special differences.