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Citoflavin during pregnancy

Citoflavin during pregnancy

Among the main threats to child during pregnancy, a woman called the shortage of oxygen (hypoxia) - the state has consequences for the brain cells.Hypoxia has to be considered quite complex, not fully understood process that is accompanied by impaired transport of oxygen to the cells of the body, with the emergence of problems in its assimilation (inconsistency problem entering oxygen to the tissues to their needs it).

provoke a state of hypoxia may be some disturbances in the function of blood circulation, breathing or cause a "failure" in the exchange of substances in the tissues of the body, given the lack of vitamins for the respective biochemical reactions.Among the main risks to the unborn child it is called a shortage of sufficient oxygen supply (hypoxia) when the most vulnerable to the effects of brain cells.

Hypoxia is a fairly complex process, the effect of which leads to disturbances in the delivery of oxygen to the cells of the body, problems with his digestion.Depending on the severity

and duration of hypoxic brain damage the child may be negligible or very strong, sometimes causing disability.

Reception Cytoflavin during hypoxia during pregnancy

To prevent loss of brain cells and to normalize the child's power of the placenta, pregnant women assigned to receive the drug under the name "Citoflavin."Like all medicines, receiving "Cytoflavin" during pregnancy is allowed only if there is sufficient evidence, with an absolute absence of possible contraindications, important among which - the idiosyncrasy of the individual substances in medicines.

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The drug Citoflavin

«Citoflavin" is a complex preparation, containing in its composition vitamins of B (riboflavin and nicotinamide) Riboxinum, succinic acid.As a result of mutual reinforcement of action of these substances can achieve neyprotektornogo effect - protects neurons (brain cells) from the harmful effects.

also under the influence of the drug "Citoflavin" reducing the need of neurons in oxygen, which contributes to their normal functioning during oxygen starvation.The basis for such action ability of the drug to stimulate the activity of enzymes involved in anaerobic reactions (without oxygen) - to obtain with energy from glucose.As a result, the drug itself becomes a source of energy, prevention of lowering its level in neurons.

Reception "Cytoflavin" can significantly improve the oxygen saturation of the blood, to increase intracellular synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, the accumulation of reserves of energy for neurons, restore damaged cells, limiting the area of ​​ischemic tissue damage the baby's brain.

As suggested by modern medicine, the main cause of degradation of brain cells consist in oxygen starvation.But neurons can provide additional materials to the brain due to succinic acid in the Cytoflavin.It succinic acid is used by brain cells as an energy source.

Feature succinic acid is the ability to protect tissue cells from any negative influences.

Riboxinum be capable of stimulating the production of energy from glucose in the absence of oxygen.Riboflavin (vitamin B2) provides anti-hypoxic effect (activation of the body's processing of oxygen, with an increase in the stability of the organs and tissues to the effects of hypoxia).

Under the influence of nicotinamide (vitamin PP) activates the functioning of the antioxidant system responsible for protecting cell membranes from the damaging effects of free radicals.

All of the components in an article in the "Cytoflavin" in general, provide a positive effect on the state of the brain tissue of the child - activates the metabolism due to the accumulation in the cells of energy, improving the absorption of free oxygen cells.The action of the tool is aimed at restoring the power of the heart muscle and the brain - improving blood flow to limit the areas of necrosis.

treatment of hypoxia during pregnancy cytoflavin

This preparation provides the necessary quality for the prevention and treatment of fetal hypoxia, so found quite common in obstetrical practice.Treatment of minor hypoxia during pregnancy is performed on an outpatient basis with the help of tablets Citoflavin.Intravenous drip application in a hospital is appointed in the case of pronounced hypoxia child.