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The consequences of caesarean section

The consequences of caesarean section

Almost all pregnant women characterized by a certain fear of the upcoming birth.Thanks to the modern development of medicine it is possible to select the preferred mode of delivery, even in the absence of appropriate medical indications.Many pregnant women frighten future pain during childbirth.Therefore, mothers are increasingly pushing for caesarean section.According to psychologists, birth in this way lead to the impact on the character formation of the child.Children who were born naturally, gain a strong character, strength of will, a certain persistence and patience.At birth after cesarean section in most cases, babies are pessimistic, vulnerable, experiencing problems with controlling emotions, sometimes are much scattered.

Possible consequences of caesarean section for the birth

Women who consciously decide to use caesarean section, are not even aware of the various implications of such a choice.In particular, the operation could lead to negative consequences for the health of the woman and

child.In particular, caesarean section may provoke disorders adaptation reaction, the development of diseases of the respiratory and nervous systems and food allergies, immunocompromised.

Typically, doctors are trying to dissuade a woman from performing a cesarean section.They note that the child, like her mother, falls asleep, this leads to a slowing of life processes in the body of the child.

However, in fairness it should be noted that in fact not all is so bad as many claim.First of all, you need to understand the principles and features of cesarean section.The scientific literature describes the operation as follows.Cesarean delivery is operational, performing abdominal surgery.Produced abdominal incision of the uterus, which is removed by a child.Caesarean section was originally used only in extreme cases, only if the relevant medical evidence.Among such cases is the inability of a pregnant woman to have a baby naturally - when the independent labor could lead to a threat to life and health of the woman or the child.

indications for elective Caesarean section during labor

Performing cesarean section may be scheduled.Pregnant woman finds out about this need in advance, an opportunity to prepare for future operations.However, sometimes the decision on caesarean section is taken urgently.Among the indications for elective caesarean section should be noted:

  • The large size of the fetus (when the estimated weight of the baby is over 4 kg).

  • fetal malnutrition.

  • cross-fetal position.

  • placenta previa.

  • premature detachment of the placenta during its normal location.

  • deformation of the bones of the pelvis.

  • narrow pelvis of pregnant women.

  • Defects in the development of the uterus, vagina.

  • discrepancy between the pubic bone.

  • Diseases of the nervous system.

  • aggravation of genital herpes.

  • serious problems of pregnant women with vision, with eyes.

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.

  • Oncology.

  • Severe preeclampsia.

  • gap perineum during childbirth earlier.

  • Oncology.

  • failure of the uterine scar after cesarean section, and others.

Reasons operation of emergency cesarean section to give birth

In identifying the weakness of labor in women, and incoordination of labor, acute fetal distress, clinically narrow pelvis (ata significant difference between the fetal head and pelvis mothers), a detachment of normally low-lying placenta, umbilical cord prolapse loops, incorrect insertion of the fetal head, preterm rupture of membranes or other pathologies and disorders - possibly deciding on the need for emergency cesarean delivery.

duration of this operation, the average is about half an hour.During birth the father may be present, even if the caesarean section - after agreement with a physician.

More and more today, general anesthesia inferior position of epidural anesthesia for pain relief.

apply special thread, absorbable yourself in the future.For the first time, you can climb in six hours after cesarean section.In an ordinary ward woman transferred 12 hours a day after the operation.

analgesia continues for two or three days.First, in the stomach during the first 1.5-2 hours put ice pack.Then appointed administration of drugs that reduce the uterus and the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.Prescribe a course of antibiotics.

Features food after caesarean section

During the first days after the operation the power is limited only mineral water without gas.On the second day, you can treat yourself to a light broth, liquid oat broth and tea.On the third day you can move on to the power supply for breastfeeding.

On the fifth day after the surgery to go through an ultrasound.6-7 hours a woman is discharged from hospital.House is only suitable shower, a bath, you can think about only after 1.5 months.Allowed exercise for women only in two months.

recovery of sexual relations possible after 6 weeks after giving birth, but it is best to consult a doctor.Next pregnancy should be planned no earlier than two years after the operation.

consequences of caesarean section for mothers

Note that the operation increases the risk of certain consequences for the woman.Complications during surgery faces about a third of women after cesarean section.

  • risk of infection of the uterus and surrounding organs.

  • Unexpected reaction of the female body to the action of anesthesia - for example, the rapid pressure drop.

  • risk of massive blood loss when there is a need of blood transfusion.

  • The weakening of the intestine.

Even in prosperous postoperative period the female body recovers less intense compared to the time after a natural childbirth.Duration of small bleeding, discharge be 4-6 weeks after cesarean section.You can save the joint pain for several weeks after the operation.There may be pain in the abdomen, especially during lactation.An increasing number of difficulties with breastfeeding, especially when performing a planned caesarean section.The unity between mother and child is considered to be less strong compared to natural childbirth, especially when using general anesthesia.

rare exceptions, following childbirth also conducted via cesarean section.In rare situations, it may require additional surgery.Mortality risk for cesarean section increased by 4 times.

consequences of caesarean section for the child

Certain effects of the operation are also possible for the child.

  • Planned caesarean section can be called a premature birth as planned, as a rule, in the 37th or 38th week.As a result, the child is born prematurely.

  • No internal systems start natural life of the child.

  • In 29% of the newborn baby after a caesarean section there are different diseases (jaundice, infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, diseases of the respiratory tract, stress).

  • When a planned caesarean section the risk of asthma in a child increases by 40%, while emergency Caesarean - 60%.

  • appearance of respiratory disorders (transient tachypnea) quickened by 7.2% compared with the children after natural childbirth (may require an incubator for the first days).

  • Malfunctions basic perinatal matrices baby, especially when performing a cesarean section (there is no formation of an active child's reactions to combat stress, laid the expectation of external aid; there is no stamp of unity with his mother in similar situations, in the future, there are difficulties in separatingfrom parents for independent living.

Kids after cesarean section usually develops slowly compared to children after natural childbirth. The increasing frequency of occurrence of stillborn twice when performing repeated cesarean section.

If suitable form of delivery depends on your desires, you initially think - whether you want to endanger your body and baby. If the indications for cesarean section - you need not worry, and do not be afraid.

The preferred mode of delivery, depending on the medical condition must be determined individually with the care of the woman and child.Much will ultimately depend also on the attitude and personal mood of women.It is unlikely to be useful extra excitement and experiences now need to calm, positive attitude and belief in the ideal result.