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Adhesions after cesarean

Adhesions after cesarean

According to statistics from several sources, with caesarean section during labor have to face every fourth woman.That this operation allows many women to give birth to the light, with the woman in this period may be under general anesthesia.Features Caesarean section, in many cases it is very important and useful, but still the operation involves serious consequences and risks.

cesarean section allows you to have a child is selected for certain medical or psychological reasons.Among the most serious complications of any interference in the integrity of the soft tissue is called adhesions.

Nature origins and characteristics of adhesions after cesarean

Adhesions are certain natural protective reaction of the organism.Any body after surgery begins to recover on their own.There is formed healing wounds - shaped scar (due to contraction of the skin).But these scars sometimes appear not only on the organ undergoing surgery, but also between adjacent bodies at the site of the operation (in the case of c

aesarean section in this place becomes the abdominal cavity).

In particular, the "glue" between a caesarean section may bowel loops or other pelvic organs.Such scars are formed between the internal organs and are called commissures.

What is the risk of adhesions after cesarean section?

Adhesions after caesarean section appear to the natural protection.These thick scars (formed from connective tissue) become a barrier for inflammatory or purulent processes in the pelvic and abdominal cavity.

However, it should be understood that there will be adhesions and become an obstacle to the normal functioning of internal organs.There is a violation of mobility "spaennyh" intestinal loops, the result is a problem of intestinal obstruction.

spikes after a caesarean section may affect not only the intestine, but also the uterus, tubes and ovaries her.With such a development situation, the woman will have to face the secondary infertility.Adhesions are a barrier to the egg, which is trying to get into the fallopian tube.Also, adhesions may prevent the sperm from reaching the egg or embryo is not able to move to the site of implantation in the uterine cavity.

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Symptoms of adhesions following cesarean

If adhesions organs and tissues do not receive enough oxygen and nutrition.Consequently, such violations will certainly find its manifestation.An indication of adhesive processes may be the appearance of pain in the pelvic area, problems with digestion and bowel (in the form of diarrhea, constipation, bloating).Congestion can provoke a decrease immunitetazhenskogo the body, making it more susceptible to various infections and external influences.

therefore important after cesarean section to be examined, so that the doctors were able to identify or exclude the presence of adhesive processes.

Methods for treating adhesions following cesarean section

suitable method of treatment depends on the degree of "gravity" of the identified adhesions.In the case of running and pronounced adhesion process for the treatment of the problem may require a new surgery.Because of this, some formed a vicious circle.Namely - surgery to remove adhesions resulting in the formation over time, the new ration.

Rough adhesions usually are cut by a laser - an operation called lazerotoropiya.Either lesion can be operated water pressure (akvadissektsiya) or electrotome (scientifically electrosurgery).

prevention of adhesions following cesarean

much safer and more effective to prevent the occurrence of adhesions than later to deal with their treatment.Moreover, to achieve this result is really difficult, especially after a caesarean section.The basis of prevention of adhesions becomes movement.The earlier a woman begins to move after the operation, the greater the likelihood of successful prevention of adhesions.Another effective means of safe disposal of adhesions become physiotherapy.But assign any therapeutic or prophylactic measures should only doctor.