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Rhinitis during pregnancy

Rhinitis during pregnancy

Rhinitis (better known as a runny nose) gets really nasty condition during pregnancy.Statistics confirms that it is not necessary to be considered a rare phenomenon during pregnancy, the problem is accompanied by nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing.Pregnant women are usually blamed for the problem of rhinitis various infectious diseases, allergies, or a search for other causes of the problem.In fact, rhinitis and other specified events are fairly common companions of pregnancy.So even any relevant terms - pregnancy rhinitis or vasomotor rhinitis (associated with disturbances in the state of blood vessels under the mucosa of the lower nasal passage).

The disease is also known by another name - "hormonal" runny nose.It is known that the female body during pregnancy is facing drastic hormonal changes - there is a strengthening of blood flow, increasing the level of female sex hormones, causing edema of the nasal mucosa.As a result, the nose will be permanent isolation, with frequent sneezing woman and

respiratory complications.

Rhinitis during pregnancy usually occurs during the second and third trimesters.With this problem in practice forced to face literally half of pregnant women.According to its manifestations rhinitis allergic pregnant women is very similar.

Methods for the treatment of rhinitis during pregnancy

for rhinitis during pregnancy do not need specific treatment, because the nasal mucosa after the delivery returns to normal.Such a runny nose does not lead to negative consequences for the woman and child.It will not work on during pregnancy.

Continuous runny nose can sometimes be accompanied by inflammation of the sinuses Sinusitis women, because of what the increased exposure of the nasal mucosa to the impact of infections.

In such a situation you want to be sure the woman seeking advice from your audiologist.The main condition for the effective treatment of rhinitis during pregnancy - safe for the woman and baby.We have to recognize that these requirements under the most modern tools is not suitable, because they are able to cross the placenta, leading to negative consequences for the child.

This raises the legitimate question - what means are acceptable during pregnancy?In particular, it is unacceptable for the treatment of rhinitis during pregnancy use familiar before vasoconstrictor drops.After all, their action can lead to the problem of oxygen starvation of the fetus, with negative consequences for growth and development.Since under the action of vasoconstriction drops will also lead to a narrowing of the capillaries of the placenta.

When rhinitis during pregnancy, a woman may experience a variety of really serious inconvenience.Since hardly breathing difficulties can be regarded as a comfortable state.It deserves special attention, and this time - forced mouth breathing is accompanied by the danger of colds.Rhinitis during pregnancy can lead to sleep disturbances woman, because of this there is constant tiredness and fatigue.

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Acute rhinitis may be associated with an increased likelihood of an ear infection or chronic sinusitis.When the appearance of rhinitis plagued much of a pregnant woman, resulting in symptoms as sore throat, sneezing and coughing, the first thing we need to appeal for advice to Laura - to ensure no cold, allergic rhinitis, or inflammation.

safe way to treat rhinitis pregnant

If conducted survey confirms the diagnosis "rhinitis pregnant" women need the appropriate cure to relieve nasal breathing.However more preferably used for the treatment of natural products.Including the ability to perform inhalation, in which added menthol oil.Also effective help will be flushing the nose with the help of herbal infusions (chamomile, sage) or warm salt water.

How to ease the condition of rhinitis pregnant

If during pregnancy faced with rhinitis, it is possible some of the ways to facilitate their well-being.

To do this, you must follow certain recommendations of experts:

  • should increase humidity in the house - will be able to avoid the feeling of dryness in the nose.

  • Eliminate the impact of different stimuli from cigarette smoke - in the first place.

  • Drink plenty of fluids, try to abandon the consumption of beverages containing caffeine.After all, under the influence of such beverages may be a problem of dehydration.

  • Dress should be in season.Since the female immune system during pregnancy is significantly weakened.Therefore, women need to maximize care for their health.

  • Leisure recommended slightly raised cushion - about 40 degrees.

Pregnant women must always keep in mind - self and taking any drugs without consulting a doctor is prohibited.Show your care and responsibility for the favorable course of pregnancy and child development.

popular ways to deal with rhinitis

to admit that traditional medicine was able to accumulate a truly vast experience in fighting the common cold.However, it should be understood - during pregnancy are not only limited to the pharmacy, but some folk medicines.Therefore, we strongly recommend the use of traditional recipes to ensure the safety of the selected equipment - verify the matter with your doctor.

Among the wealth available today folk methods and tools for the treatment of rhinitis has traditionally draws attention to the following therapies:

  • Using drops of garlic juice, onion, carrots or beets.The juice is diluted with water or vegetable oil.

  • Nasal lavage using herbal concoctions sage, black currant leaves, eucalyptus and so forth.

  • Inhalation providing a bracing effect.In particular, it may be advised to take a breath over a saucepan of potatoes, or in water, add anise, fir oil, honey.

Note that for any inflammation in the nasal cavity there is the need for timely treatment.Because without adequate therapy may develop chronic rhinitis - this form of the disease during pregnancy poses a risk to a child's health.

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