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Fever during pregnancy

Fever during pregnancy

After a delay menstruation experienced women often wonder - if the pregnancy has not occurred?If a woman is planning to deliberately conceiving a child, choosing the most favorable days for this already after 1-2 days from the alleged conception just want to decide - whether or not a pregnancy?

This impatience on the part of women is quite natural.As to the final confirmation had to wait a long time - to delay purchases and monthly pregnancy test.

What signs might indicate the success of conceiving a child?There are various symptoms - sufficiently accurate and ambiguous.Among them are experts pay attention to a fever during pregnancy.In his article, we will try to determine whether this symptom deserves attention - whether such changes indicate the ensuing pregnancy?

Chills during early pregnancy

should understand the individual characteristics of the body of each woman.Therefore, the response to the onset of pregnancy in a woman's body vary considerably.For some women, pregnancy may not be accom

panied by any changes in the early stages of pregnancy is not accompanied gestation toxicosis.

Others also occurs with the onset of pregnancy anxiety, the body carries the characteristic symptoms of pregnancy.Sometimes this period is accompanied by irritability, a woman becomes a real neurotic.

In the third case after 6-7 days from the moment of conception, women feel weakness and malaise with fever and chills appearance.Such changes are clearly alarming woman.After all, she sincerely believes that just caught a cold, not even knowing about the pregnancy.

What should a woman do in this situation?Use cough or antipyretic drugs?Do not succumb to panic and unrest, because these phenomena may simply be a sign of ensuing pregnancy, not treating colds.

What symptoms accompany pregnancy?

According to experts, the optimal temperature for the existence of the ovum becomes a figure of 37 degrees.Consequently, the basal temperature in healthy women before the onset of ovulation is always increasing.Similar changes occur in the body by the action of the hormone progesterone.

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If held conception of the child when pregnancy occurs, there is a rise in the general level of progesterone in the blood.For comparison, during the monthly amount of progesterone in the blood decreases.Therefore, we can say that the natural reaction of the female body to such change is not only increasing the basal body temperature, but also an increase in the overall temperature of the body.Because of this, there are signs of pregnancy in the form of a feeling of chill after a week from the time of conception.

appearance of a fever during early pregnancy

Chills at beremennosti.jpg Therefore, in the case of suspicion of a pregnancy immediately succumb to unrest in the chill does not mean thinking about different teas, inhalations and preparations to deal with an imaginary illness.No need to rush to resort to medication and folk remedies.

In the case where the appearance of weakness and chills really indicates pregnancy, they will in time completely independently, without additional effects.

But regular walking outdoors at this time can really recommend - they will be quite useful.

appearance of chills when missed abortion

always important to adjust itself to the positive and believe only in the best.But we have to recognize that sometimes there are situations when the fever does not indicate a pregnancy.Since fever may also be a sign and missed abortion.This condition is typical for pregnant women during the later periods in the first trimester.

testify to this pathology can be several signs.Among them should be noted the termination of toxicity, if it was previously, and the disappearance of the swelling of the mammary glands, decreased basal temperature.

have similar symptoms, usually after 3-4 days since the fading of the fetus.Himself fever occurs in two to three weeks after fading pregnancy.Chills in this case is a result of the ensuing intoxication.It is often also arise bloody vaginal discharge.In this situation, women need urgent appeal consult doctor.

When fever reported the threat to pregnancy

When the chill without the above signs of fading pregnancy requires submission of detailed analysis of blood.It is likely that a fever can be a sign of lack of micronutrients - self-prescribe these drugs can not afford.

chills often occur during pregnancy among women who have a child before conception had certain vegetative-vascular disorders.This condition does not represent a threat - but nevertheless necessarily consult with the doctor.

A woman requires mandatory monitoring of their blood pressure.There is a fever due to an increase in blood pressure - it is a dangerous symptom.

may be situations where a woman has a fever occurs because of excessive excitement.This state is very unfavorable during pregnancy.

But in any case, chills succumb to unrest and panic is not necessary - keep calm and consult a doctor.Do not engage in self-treatment staging and selection of treatment.