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Thrombophilia and pregnancy

Thrombophilia and pregnancy

woman during pregnancy becomes more prone to the effects of a variety of infections, vulnerability diseases, considering it is a natural and a significant decrease in immunity during this period.So always doctors advise pregnant women to careful planning of pregnancy in the case of the presence of chronic diseases.Pregnancy planning requires a thorough medical examination, identifying the existing problems in the body to cure them timely, fully prepare the body for future childbearing.As during pregnancy, treatment of the disease is problematic, and sometimes dangerous, considering the negative effects of drugs on pregnancy and the condition of the development of the child.In his article, we consider the main danger thrombophilia during pregnancy, the possible ways of effective treatment and related recommendations of experts.

Read more about the features of the disease Thrombophilia

name got thrombophilia disorders in the female body, which lead to addiction blockages (blood clots).This causes th
e disease may be physiological or genetic glitches.

also possible the various manifestations of the disease.This disease often does not manifest some symptoms, but surgery, multiple trauma or pregnancy can provoke dangerous health problems in the background of the disease.

Thrombophilia may have several possible types of the disease.In particular, it can be inherited (congenital) or acquired disease.The cause of acquired thrombophilia are surgery and trauma.Hereditary thrombophilia acquired by inheritance or a person appearing as a result of specific mutations.In the latter case, doctors have found a violation of the body at the genetic level.In addition to the division of thrombophilia, depending on the possible causes of the disease, and another possible classification of the disease.

  • hematogenic thrombophilia. considered the most dangerous kind, especially during pregnancy.As a consequence of the disease may be a disability or even death.

  • Vascular thrombophilia. presented in this category voskulit and atherosclerosis.

  • Hemodynamic thrombophilia related to possible violations of the circulatory system.

the danger thrombophilia during pregnancy?

fairly common situation where for the first time a genetic thrombophilia manifests itself directly in the female body during pregnancy.The reason is the appearance of the third (placental) circulation.As a result of its appearance circulatory system has to face the additional burden.Besides, it is necessary to take into account certain particularly placental range, because of which increases the probability of thrombi.

Note that in the placenta are not in the capillaries, and the mother's blood will immediately fall into the placenta, which will take place between the chorionic villi, then already find themselves in the umbilical cord.Among the features of the female body during pregnancy, it should be noted strengthening blood clotting.The reason is the need to reduce blood loss during the upcoming birth or other complications (miscarriage, placental abruption).

However, it should be understood - result of increased bleeding becomes increased likelihood of blood clots.In congenital thrombophilia in pregnant women such danger is pretty high.Thrombophilia, usually for women is not a threat, but everything will change when pregnancy occurs.

In these women the threat of thrombosis is increased about 5-6 times.The main danger lies in the threat of miscarriage, which in the case of thrombophilia may be a short period of carrying a child, and in the third trimester.If a woman in thrombophilia was able to bear a child, usually occur before birth due.This period may occur in pregnancy between 35 and 37 weeks.Experts say that the outcome is favorable.

Moreover, the presence of clots in blood vessels of the placenta can lead to the problem of placental insufficiency.If this problem can be growth retardation, with its hypoxia (oxygen starvation).The body of the child in such a situation ceased to do the necessary nutrients that provokes the detachment of the placenta and the probability of defects in the development of the fetus, the threat of miscarriage and fading pregnancy, premature birth.

According to doctors, complications may occur in the period after 10 weeks of pregnancy.Data on the effects of thrombophilia on childbearing until that time there.It is believed that the disease will not affect the pregnancy up to 10 weeks.Thus in the second trimester of pregnancy, generally proceeds safely despite thrombophilia.The risk for this disease in the period after 30 weeks.Often during this period is the development of phyto-placental insufficiency, and possible severe preeclampsia.

method of diagnosing thrombosis during pregnancy

Thrombophilia and beremennost.jpg have to recognize some additional complexity and nuances in the diagnosis of this disease.As the disease in its symptoms similar to the symptoms of varicose veins.Among them it is worth noting the fatigue, the appearance of heaviness in the legs, pain in the lower extremities.Do not forget about the high cost of these methods to identify thrombophlebitis.

actually have to admit that the sense of doing the diagnosis for all women during pregnancy not.After all, the current statistics confirm - with thrombophilia faced only 0.1-0.5% of the people.Consequently, women often learn about such a diagnosis only after his unsuccessful pregnancy or after a few pregnancies, if you are under the supervision of experienced and competent professional.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to the choice of a competent attending gynecologist.What arguments can be guided by the physician to provide patient delivery of the analysis for the presence of thrombophilia.

Among them are noted several possible factors.

  • pregnancy miscarriage.If two or more pregnancies had not finished giving birth.Among the possible causes of miscarriages are called, fading development of the child, premature birth or death of a child.

  • complications during previous pregnancies: among them detachment of the placenta, fetoplacental insufficiency, severe preeclampsia.

  • appearance of hormones in hormonal contraceptives.

  • thrombotic complications in female relatives.

  • presence of such complications directly from the woman.

  • several failed IVF attempts.

If any one of these factors, they become the basis for consultation with a specialist female (genetics or a gemologist), with the passage of further investigation to identify the problem.It is assumed multistage examination, which requires a variety of tests and screenings.

How to treat thrombosis during pregnancy?

In formulating this diagnosis after passing the examination the doctor determines the appropriate treatment immediately, without delay.Prescribe appropriate therapy geneticist, gemologist and gynecologist together.

Normally, this course includes drug therapy, adherence to a particular regime and diet.The woman should strictly follow the treating physician.

The structure includes drug therapy and anticoagulation.The action of these drugs reduces blood clotting.They are appointed strictly individually - we can confidently say that there can not be a universal cure, optimally suitable for every woman.

Diet thrombophlebitis during pregnancy presented products under the action of which reduces blood clotting.Among these products are marked seafood, dried fruits, ginger and berries.

If we talk about the regime and other appointments in this case, doctors advise a systematic slow walking, and swimming sessions, the passage of physiotherapy.

Promote best effect will be self-massage sessions and a compression garment.It is not recommended for a long distance.If the woman is forced to stand for long, it is better to try to avoid such a need.In particular, we discuss the changes in working conditions with the authorities, with the transfer to another post.Also in this case, for a woman ban on heavy lifting and carrying.

Scheduled treatments and preventive measures aimed at improving blood flow, becoming the prevention of blood clots.You also need to understand that pregnancy occur in women with thrombophilia have to be a careful and regular monitoring by doctors.In this case, a pregnant woman necessarily need constant visits to the gynecologist and gemologist.

Summing up, it can be argued - should not be considered thrombophilia judgment, make happy pregnancy impossible.The situation can be corrected if required to remain optimistic and investigator recommendations of doctors.Also, be sure to understand - it is unlikely the child will be able to communicate up to 40 weeks of pregnancy.But it will become normal birth at term of 35-37 weeks of pregnancy.

Modern medicine makes it possible to avoid negative consequences for premature infants.Through the development of instrumentation and medical technology possible nursing babies born at a fairly early.Therefore, a woman should remember every day about the possible risks following the treating physician and maintaining optimism.In the case of thrombophilia woman must plan a pregnancy to reduce the risks and threats directly during childbearing.

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