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10 recommendations how to lose weight after giving birth

10 recommendations how to lose weight after giving birth

Most women who are mothers, during pregnancy or immediately after birth gaining extra weight.If the appearance of excess weight was justified during pregnancy, after giving birth to him there is a desire to leave.However, towards the realization of this desire often arise obstacles to get around that is not so easy, and the testimony of weights every day drive in melancholy and depression.

first objective criticism at us after the balance - the mirror.Look objectively at your form and try to analyze what you're concerned about - the extra fat or puffiness?Everyone knows that the body is 90% water and residual swelling after giving birth can be easily explained: in the cells of the body after is kind of liquid that the kidneys do not have time to withdraw.The body just in case protects themselves from dehydration and keeps NZ to produce breast milk.This is a normal functional state, which should not cause misunderstandings.Just be patient, the body will return to normal in a couple of months alone, es

pecially if you make the right bet on an intensive breastfeeding on demand.In other cases, we need to consult a doctor, including endocrinologist.

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Experts recommend the following ways to get rid of excess weight after delivery:

  • drink water (as paradoxically) of up to two and a half liters a day.It refers to pure water without gas, which can be acidified natural lemon juice.Ideal to use spring water or melted snow because it perfectly removes toxins, without creating new problems for the body.

  • You can always have a snack at the slightest feeling of hunger.But not Think advertising McDonald's and fast food.Bypassing the eatery with pastries and shawarma.Suppose you have in your stash with them will be healthy foods.Nobody bothers to pour in a mixture of raisins duty bag with nuts or biscuits wholemeal.

  • Diet - is in fact a bit of everything.It does not interfere with lean meats and chicken breast.

  • bread to eat can and should be, but it's better if it's black and whole grain bread.

  • Do not believe the advertising.Mark on the product, "low fat" has nothing to say, most likely advertisers you throw on the full program.Read carefully the composition, where the fine print written all the harmful ingredients that you did not what to eat.

  • Café better not to go, but if it happened, grab a salad instead of potatoes and hamburgers, will be more whole.

  • Body weight should be moderate exercise.Very effective with a child walks in the fresh air, not the notorious stroller and baby backpack or a sling.Very easy to explore the Internet, how to roll up a five-meter piece of cloth.Walking arm in arm with the mother the baby will bring pleasure to both of you: crumbs and well, and you lose weight to good use.Start by walking for 10 minutes, if you like, increase the time and distance.How do you, together with the baby tolstel so together and lose weight again.

  • use the moment when you can take a walk instead of the machine chooses the route on foot, instead of the elevator - climbing stairs.

  • Breastfeeding helps burn about 500 calories per day, while the child is eating and gaining weight, mother actively lose weight.

  • If there is an opportunity to leave the baby on someone should spend free time to myself at the gym and fitness center.

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Stop worry about excess weight and torment himself with pity because of the lost pieces.Engage in a purposeful and methodical way.Quick results will not be immediately evident if the weight gaining nine months in the past month, he will not go away immediately.But for half a year or a year you are sure to become more coherent and will again be able to wear your favorite clothes.