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Umbilical hernia in pregnant women

Umbilical hernia in pregnant women

We have to recognize that all pregnancies rarely occur entirely without complications, the possible pain, discomfort and other troubles.Among the relatively common problems during pregnancy is necessary to call the presence of umbilical hernia.We will try, in his article to understand the peculiarities of the disease, recommendations for pregnant women in this case, and expert opinion.

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Umbilical hernia is a pathological process in which the abdominal organs protrude as a result of weakening of the muscles of the umbilical ring.It should also be borne in mind that at risk of umbilical hernia is part of every woman.It increases the likelihood of umbilical hernia in case of repeated or multiple pregnancy, polyhydramnios or large scale of the child, as in the age of mothers over 30 years old.

In any case, do not need to succumb to panic and experiences in identifying umbilical hernia.If the hernia was even before pregnancy, you need to seek help from the su

rgeon before revealing its features.The doctor will watch the woman, appointing, if necessary, appropriate therapy aimed at reducing the risk of possible complications.

Note that umbilical hernia during the first trimester is not formed.In this regard, particular danger involve second and third trimesters.Since going on intrauterine growth of the child, with an increase in size of the uterus, increased intra-abdominal pressure.Under the influence of such muscles weakened and not able to hold the organs - the consequence is the protrusion of a hernia.

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Symptoms of an umbilical hernia during pregnancy

should be considered very typical symptoms of umbilical hernia during pregnancy.Among them should be noted rounded or oblong education in the navel.Perhaps a simple fix like protrusions, if a woman takes a horizontal position or with gentle pressure.But it is important to understand the impossibility of such reposition during late pregnancy.There is an increase of the education that will pulse during the attempts, especially when coughing.Characteristic pain attacks are when fetal movement during late pregnancy.

Symptoms of an umbilical hernia during pregnancy depends on the size and contents of the protrusion.When protrusion of the greater omentum, which was originally a woman faces the problem of a hernia defect, which is complemented by pain later.

When protrusion bowel loops, there is a likelihood of constipation, nausea, rumbling in the stomach, leisurely pain in the navel and other discomfort.

Under the influence of its volume growing uterus will displace the abdominal organs up.In fact, the hernial sac in this case will remain empty.Therefore, for this reason, palpation will feel the bulge in her emptiness, clicking on it will be followed by light cotton.

Consequently, during childbirth usually does not occur impairment of a hernia.Umbilical hernia during pregnancy is not an indication for cesarean section.

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methods of treatment of umbilical hernia during pregnancy

main form of treatment for umbilical hernia for healthy people is to perform the operation.When umbilical hernia during pregnancy are contraindications to surgery, given the possible negative consequences of drugs during surgery or in the postoperative period.Practice proves that the hernia after birth, usually pass on their own.Therefore, the main principle of treatment of this pathology is the choice in favor of compression underwear.Through it is possible to reduce muscle tension.Use a bandage is only in consultation with your doctor, taking into account the need for appropriate skills for fixing wearing it.Improper wearing a bandage may be accompanied by disorders in child development or improper placement of the fetus in the uterus.

Danger umbilical hernia during pregnancy

main danger of a hernia during pregnancy is in the form of infringement of hernia sac with its contents.It increases the risk of a similar infringement during exercise or constipation.The consequence of these changes may be tissue necrosis.Also characteristic of this complication vomiting, nausea, sharp pains in the navel, the prolonged absence of gas and stool.

When not expressed in the early symptoms of a hernia may be a complication - peritonitis.To avoid such complications, the woman during pregnancy, be sure to consult a surgeon.An experienced professional can provide detailed information on the necessary measures for women by introducing certain restrictions and prohibitions.Do not leave this innocent pathology during pregnancy without attention.Because it leads to the threat of certain consequences on the need of regular medical supervision.

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Infringement umbilical hernia during pregnancy

usually manifested impairment of umbilical hernia during pregnancy as a sudden severe pain in the area of ​​the navel, with the inability to reposition hernia.It is extremely important that the woman knew in advance about the fact of a hernia at.You will need regular follow-up in women's consultation - to identify all existing diseases that can cause complications during pregnancy.Among other things, a special sign of a problem it becomes impossible to feel a boost in cough infringement.

But sometimes smoothed possible signs of the disease, the pain is minor, so can be regarded as another problem.Because pregnancy may be associated with different states and pathologies.Therefore, the woman in this case, it is strongly recommended to be supervised by the surgeon, following his instructions and recommendations.Also, the surgeon is usually talks about the possible signs (which are sometimes not very pronounced), which are evidence of infringement of an umbilical hernia, and symptoms indicative of the need for treatment in the ambulance.This condition is essential, because it is better to perform the operation strangulated hernia as soon as possible before the onset of tissue necrosis of the internal organs.

Umbilical hernia at beremennyh.jpg in pregnant women in the strangulated hernia may cause symptoms of "acute abdomen."This concept includes a group of diseases of the abdominal cavity, there is an acute, with a possible threat to a child's life, with the necessity of emergency surgical care.

Among these diseases draws attention to acute cholecystitis, acute appendicitis, ileus, acute pancreatitis, hernia incarceration, including the umbilical hernia.In addition to the dangers to women, the presence of acute diseases of the abdominal cavity leads to a negative impact in the treatment of pregnancy, with the threat of its premature termination - in the form of premature births and miscarriages, there is a risk of fetal death.

difficult to diagnose infringement can vagueness manifestations, also in full-term pregnancy, when the symptoms of infringement of an umbilical hernia combined with symptoms begin delivery.

When strangulated umbilical hernia is necessary to perform immediate surgery under endotracheal anesthesia.It should be added that strangulated umbilical hernia does not constitute a reason for termination of pregnancy, the operation and the postoperative period, as a rule, are not accompanied by complications.

In the absence of strangulated hernia, it is advisable for a woman to wear a special high-band, eliminating denominated exercise, Umbilical hernia during pregnancy and even in case of its infringement are not a tragedy, taking into account the effective and safe opportunities of modern medicine.