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How to cope with postpartum depression

How to cope with postpartum depression

The children in the family - sometimes so long-awaited happiness ... But often it happens that a woman becoming a mother, instead of experiencing the joy of a very mixed feelings, sometimes even contradictory.The root of possible postpartum depression lies in the multiple causes.

Firstly, during childbirth the female body in pain on the brink of a human patient.Secondly, after the birth of the baby body begins to experience a variety of problems, such as constipation, hemorrhoids, pain in the chest when feeding and during the receipt of milk tooth decay, hair loss, etc.Third, the young mother is under the yoke of a permanent sense of responsibility on the background of lack of experience.In the fourth, a woman experiencing lack of sleep.All this together can lead to serious mental disorders - post-natal depression.This state

each woman passes through different, it may last several days or several months.During this period, there is a general apathy, fatigue, lack of joy of motherhood, drowsiness, s

udden changes in mood until the tantrum.In some cases, postpartum depression takes severe.

The particular risk factors include early diagnosis of the disorder, as well as acts of violence in the family of a young mother.In such situations, it is important to immediately seek help from a psychologist, who will return to the usual mode and not risk their health or the state of the baby.

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with depression after the birth of a child can be fought in many ways.The first is possible to rid yourself of the performance of household tasks to fully do their welcome crumbs and be able to get used to it.Do not be afraid of frank conversations with loved ones, especially my husband, because he should assist in running the household and take care of your mental state for the sake of establishing a safe communication with the child.Father has to share with his wife the night shift at the toddler bed as sleep disturbance results in many female disorders.

Psychologists recommend to treat postpartum depression different way - on the contrary, to escape any work, even the most useless and easy.Plunging into the case, a young mother is distracted from their problems and stop them to inflate the power of his own imagination.

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addition, it is necessary to spend with their tithe as much as possible during his waking hours.This helps to strengthen the relationship with their child.Knowing thoroughly every detail in the behavior of infants, the mother breaks up with her anxiety and depression goes unnoticed.

great help to cope with negative emotions walking outdoors.For a young mother it is very important sometimes to leave at least 5 minutes without a child.In addition, you must eat regularly and properly, be sure to eat fruits and vegetables.Often, the depression has a negative impact on the mode of the power feeding mother, which can lead to exhaustion and loss of milk.Bon necessary even in the absence of appetite.Try to eat small portions, but at least five times a day.

We hope you will never have postpartum depression, but if this disease will capture you, feel free to use our recommendations to his success in overcoming!

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