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Progressive Pregnancy

Progressive Pregnancy

We have to recognize that not always the pregnancy is without complications, and certain problems.Waiting for the baby is born can sometimes be accompanied by some unfortunate circumstances and different challenges.Among such problems should be noted ectopic pregnancy, which can lead to disastrous consequences.In his article, we will pay special attention to this issue, identifying possible processes in the female body, progressive methods of diagnosing pregnancy and the necessary measures to minimize the risks.

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ongoing pregnancy is ectopic pregnancy, the pathology of its normal course of it.Progressive Pregnancy is accompanied by certain processes in the female body, which are characteristic for uterine pregnancy only in the early stages.

in the ovary starts the development of the corpus luteum.Formed in the uterus decidua, no different from the shell with the intrauterine pregnancy.It occurs slight soft

ening of the uterus, which increases in size.

in female body symptoms inherent in the normal course of pregnancy.Among them should be noted the delay of menstruation (sometimes this symptom if an ectopic pregnancy does not occur), breast tenderness, even the production of colostrum.Also, similar changes occur and the nervous system are not particularly distinguished from normal pregnancy - along with the advent of drowsiness, irritability, tearfulness and mood swings.

also possible manifestation of skin pigmentation, cyanosis of the mucous membranes of the vagina and cervix with the advent of decidual tissue.Perform vaginal study allows you to clearly identify the softening of the uterus and its neck.However, after a period of 6 weeks of the pregnancy progressing lagging behind the size of the uterus from the normal values.In this case, a gynecologist already reveals signs Gubarev and Horvitz-Gegara.

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Signs ongoing pregnancy

should look into the possibilities of self-revealing signs of ongoing pregnancy.We have to recognize that such a diagnosis during early pregnancy is quite problematic.Sometimes pregnancy is accompanied by cramping progressive, recurrent abdominal pain.It is also a sign of ongoing pregnancy can sometimes be a small increase in erythrocyte sedimentation rate - these changes are determined by the doctor according to blood tests.

We have to recognize the difficulty of diagnosing ongoing pregnancy during the early periods of gestation.However, there are some features that are more specific signs for ectopic instead uterine pregnancy.

Among them noted the appearance of tumor formation on the side of the uterus - is revealed by the results of palpation gynecologist, also handed examination.Such education is throbbing and painful.

Quite often complicated by ongoing pregnancy detection by the fact that change is possible and old pipes - the appearance on the background of the inflammatory process, transferred the female body before.Therefore, there are corresponding differences in the complexity of the "pregnant" tube from swelling, inflammation of the ovaries.

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delivery of the analysis for the diagnosis of advanced pregnancy

Particular attention should be nominated analyzes to identify ongoing pregnancy.In addition to increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate, a sign of ongoing pregnancy may be reduced levels of human chorionic gonadotropin.

Also considered signs to determine the exact diagnosis of the doctor collects history - information on the regularity of the menstrual cycle, the possible inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, childbirth, abortion, infertility and other long-term.

as women go through ultrasound or laparoscopy.The uterus is a woman on the background of ongoing pregnancy ceases to increase its size to six weeks.The developing fertilized egg in the tube will continue its further growth.It is up to 12 weeks of pregnancy in size will be like a goose egg.

Because in suspected cases of ectopic pregnancy, a woman urgently admitted to hospital.She was in the hospital may be provided at any time to surgery.

Every woman should understand that pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby, and possibly after an ectopic pregnancy.Suppose that the odds for this are decreased, but they still remain.To increase the chances of such need at least six months after the ectopic pregnancy is to use oral contraceptives for the prevention of conception.