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Repeat cesarean section

Repeat cesarean section

Today caesarean section firmly established in the domestic practice of delivery, this issue has been widely discussed and publications.Since it is a Cesarean section gave many women to give birth without serious consequences for their health and newborn.

will not deny - for all its undoubted advantages of this mode of delivery is not without certain drawbacks.In the case where the first birth for some reason were performed using caesarean section, it would be quite natural question about the likelihood of this operation and during subsequent delivery.

possible if natural birth after cesarean?

For years experts were of the opinion - if the birth of a woman passed through a cesarean section, then on natural childbirth in the future can be completely forgotten.It was a statement that this kind of delivery via caesarean section is now mandatory.At the same time the woman after the second birth, doctors offered tubal ligation or hysterectomy at all for reliable prevention of pregnancy in the future "sta

te of health".The reason for this decision was in the rumen, which increases the likelihood of fatal consequences for the women with each new caesarean section.

Article topic: How do cesarean section

Modern medicine went to a new level, including on the issue.Today, doctors do not just insist on the removal of the uterus, but also reported on the possibility of natural childbirth, despite the cesarean section last time.

Experienced professionals know many cases where the second or third baby women can give birth completely naturally, despite the Caesarean section last time.And in relation to the implementation of repeated cesarean section has changed dramatically in the world medicine.As a competent and careful approach allows doctors to take birth even fourth child.

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for such opportunities for women need only take into account the specific conditions.The basic rule - between pregnancies should not be abortion.Go between pregnancies after first caesarean should be at least three years - for the full recovery of the uterus.

physician must now configure each woman necessarily on natural childbirth, regardless of their number before.Yet not always desires may coincide with the possibilities and realities, sometimes repeated cesarean section becomes imperative.

Indications for repeat cesarean delivery

include absolute indications for caesarean section called the circumstances that become an obstacle for natural childbirth, women and for the first time, and in the future.However, indications for cesarean section can be relative - may have come directly during natural childbirth.Stop them a more detailed account.

  • clinically or anatomically narrow pelvis.When diagnosing this problem caesarean section is becoming a prerequisite for delivery.Although the practice in many European countries have achieved the possibility of giving birth without surgery, in spite of the narrow pelvis woman.

  • discrepancy between the pubic bone and the deformation of the bones of the pelvis.

  • Oncological diseases pregnant women - for example, tumors of the ovaries or pelvis.

  • malpresentation - transverse or even breech.

  • large fruits - weighing more than 4 kg.

  • placenta previa (especially in the presence of the scar in the uterus).Premature detachment of the placenta.

  • serious illness of a pregnant woman (diseases of the cardiovascular or nervous systems, diabetes, vision problems, worsening of genital herpes, and others.).

  • failure of the uterine scar after cesarean section (when not dominated by muscle and connective scar in the area).

  • problems in the child's condition (such as fetal hypoxia).

  • weak labor activity of women.

Possible risks for the woman and child with repeated cesarean section

Almost all physicians report about the possible dangers of vaginal delivery after cesarean section.However, they had little to report on the possible consequences of repeated cesarean section.Among the possible threat report only about the risk of uterine rupture, such information seriously frighten a woman, so many do not even dare to repeat the pregnancy.

before the decision to re-pregnancy and delivery after cesarean section women need to pay attention to this issue in advance to prepare for carrying a child in the future.

As we mentioned in the article, repeat cesarean surgery is much safer (for the woman and child), if, after the first operation to sustain the interval of three years.

First of all, you should always consider the possibility and hope of having a baby in the next times without performing surgery.Because thanks to modern medicine possibilities that choice for a woman to become much safer and more affordable as compared to re-caesarean section.

Almost all women scares risk of uterine rupture in the rumen, but doctors at break can save women and newborns.

Repeat caesarean section involves a great risk of uterine bleeding - often it becomes a cause of hysterectomies.Risk of re-cesarean section can be in a variety of possible complications - including injury of the bladder or intestines, anemia with endometritis, the occurrence of adhesions and other problems.

With certain negative effects of repeated cesarean section may face and the newborn.The use of anesthesia to a woman can provoke disturbances in cerebral circulation child with very low on the scale of Algar.Repeat caesarean section increases the likelihood of premature birth of children increases the threat of various diseases (up to the development of asthma).

But in any case, a woman needs a positive attitude.Despite scoring all of these potential problems and diseases, they are quite rare.

doctor will not insist on repeated cesarean section.However, it must provide detailed information about the possible complications and risks, and suggest that natural childbirth and caesarean section in your particular case.