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Baralgin during pregnancy

Baralgin during pregnancy

Hardly anyone during pregnancy may please the physical pain and discomfort - but they are often the same period of satellites carrying a child, to hedge against such a risk is not possible.When the physical pain the first measure for most people welcome it becomes necessary drugs from pain and discomfort.Therefore, the modern pharmaceutical market continues to evolve rapidly, it appeared new drugs and effective solutions - to get rid of pain in the joints, the head, abdomen and others.

But it should be understood that during pregnancy is not recommended medication.However, we hasten to remind you that during pregnancy women are not protected from possible diseases may experience intermittent abdominal pain, headaches and so on. What should be done in a similar situation, do not suffer because all this time?

Therefore, we can talk about the unique position of experts on the issue - before taking any drug necessarily require consultation with a physician, as a minimum, need to carefully study the ins

tructions to the drug.You can also find information and rules for receiving the drug through publications on the Internet.In particular, it is possible to learn about the possibility of receiving baralgin during pregnancy because of this article.

Features reception baralgin during pregnancy

First of all, to consider - Baralgin is an analgesic and antispasmodic, used for getting rid of the pain during a spasm of the internal organs, and in certain diseases of the pelvic organs, painful menstruation, migraines and neuralgia, and forrelieving pain after surgery.

baralgin important to understand the ability to penetrate through the placental barrier, but the adverse effects of this drug for a child does not.Unlike many drugs baralgin components will not affect the formation of the child's birth defects are not contributing to a hereditary disease.But it's better to restrict cautious reception baralgin during pregnancy, having carefully studied the information about its dosage and recommendations for use on which the term of this drug should be replaced by another analgesic.

course baralgin reception in the first trimester of pregnancy

During the first trimester of pregnancy, experts recommend renounce the use of any drugs, as are formed during this period of the beginnings of a child.In order not to provoke a breach of this process, it is better to eliminate in your diet drugs, including and Baralgin.When the pain is better to use other alternative ways to fight it - by massage, traditional medicine, walks and so on.

Baralgin second trimester

during the second trimester of pregnancy when the placenta begins to perform its functions, the protectionchild against the penetration of toxic substances, with almost completion of the internal organs of the child - it is possible to use some drugs, but only under medical prescription.

baralgin If we talk about, you can use the tablet with severe pain, carefully read the list of possible contraindications.But with plans to use this tool at a moderate headache, it is best not to rush to his choice - first, better to limit neck massage, relaxation, lie down on the bed, and ventilation of the room.

headache during pregnancy is often caused by vasodilatation, in which case it Baralgin can only strengthen.

baralgin reception in the third trimester of pregnancy - again prohibited

in the female body during the third trimester of pregnancy begins the development of various complications in the cardiovascular system.In particular, its impact on the substantial burden on the heart, and the imperfection in the development of various small blood vessels.Consequently, in the period after the 24 th week of pregnancy may develop preeclampsia - toxicosis second half of pregnancy.

Baralgin at beremennosti.jpg Preeclampsia begins with swelling, then there are signs of impaired kidney function, increased blood pressure, resulting in possible negative consequences for all the internal organs and, above all, to the brain.When taken during pregnancy in this period baralgin, it can lead to toxic effects for the kidneys, worsening preeclampsia.

Another danger during this period may be to decrease immunity - in the form of various infectious and inflammatory diseases of urinary organs, colds.Baralgin, which comes under the suppression of the synthesis of granulocytes (granular white blood cells) can cause the development of serious condition called agranulocytosis - its main feature is complete vulnerability to the effects of any infections.

However, the main argument in favor of eliminating the use of baralgin during the third trimester - suppression under its influence platelet - platelets that are essential for blood clotting.During the preparation of the female body for future delivery, under the influence of reduction of platelets may be at risk of bleeding during childbirth.Although

be taken into account - obstetricians sometimes prescribed to pregnant women receiving baralgin at vital need for this facility.However, such measures may be taken only in a hospital under mandatory supervision by a doctor.

Contraindications to receiving baralgin

baralgin forbidden to use during pregnancy in case of hypersensitivity to the components of the female body of the drug.It is also necessary to reject him with severe diseases of the kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system, where there is a violation of the work of these bodies.

Baralgin is particularly dangerous at reduced blood pressure of a pregnant woman.Since it is under the influence of baralgina will further increase, which is why there is a threat of collapse and loss of consciousness.Perhaps some women "galloping" blood pressure - periodically reduced, increased, in this case too it is necessary to abandon this drug.Perhaps the appointment of a woman during pregnancy baralgina a physician consultation or female obstetrician-gynecologist.

side effect of pregnancy baralgin

appoints Baralgin during pregnancy should be extremely careful, because it can provoke certain side effects.It should take into account the differences in the mechanism of these adverse reactions.

immunological disorders that can occur in the background baralgin course, can cause reductions in white blood cells, platelets and red blood cells.The probability of these side effects did Analgin banned in some countries of the world - its structure is similar to baralgin.But it Analgin in some countries has been completely discontinued.

sometimes possible sharp decline in blood pressure - given the development of pronounced relaxation of blood vessels.This reaction is most common in the case of rapid intravenous administration of the drug, when the drug directly into the systemic circulation.

When kidney disease may cause urinary retention in a pregnant woman against the backdrop of the introduction of this drug.It takes such a state of their own, without the need for treatment.Baralgin, like any medicine, can cause an allergic reaction, which will be manifested as skin rashes, asthma, weeping rashes, etc..

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alternative drugs instead baralgin during pregnancy

AtPregnancy is possible to use other drugs, provides a strong antispasmodic effect, with a reduction in pain.Among these drugs should be noted Drotaverine, papaverine or Platifillin.

to reduce the temperature during pregnancy, you can use a combination of dipyrone and Demerol - they reinforce each other's action.From NSAIDs during pregnancy must be abandoned.As can provoke premature closure of the arterial flow of the child - in particular, do not use them on terms after 32 weeks of pregnancy.In any case, the final decision on a suitable preparation should be made by the attending physician taking into account the problems of pregnancy and the individual characteristics of the female body.