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Troxevasin during pregnancy

Troxevasin during pregnancy

women during pregnancy should be extremely careful to select effective and safe medicines for the treatment of certain drugs.We have to recognize that a pregnancy is often accompanied by a variety of diseases, given the low immunity.When it is not possible to resort to the same means of effective treatment - previously used medications can be quite dangerous during pregnancy.Among the specific questions referred to the possibility of using troksevazin during childbearing.

In some cases, provided the reception of the drug, which methods may come?

Before using any medication during pregnancy, women need to arm themselves with the knowledge of each appointment of the drug.First of all, you need to understand the possible recommendations, especially contraindications to the use of this drug during pregnancy.

Intended use of the drug Troxevasin

main active ingredient of the drug Troxevasin - troxerutin.This drug is produced in two forms to choose from - capsules for internal use and gel for topical ad

ministration.The main indications for use of the drug Troxevasin - varicose veins, hemorrhoids and diabetes.

during pregnancy is quite common varicose veins, especially in women older than 30 years.Current statistics confirm - to multiparous is more likely use of this drug.Symptoms of varicose veins in most cases occur during the second half of pregnancy.The reasons for these changes are squeezing veins uterus and stagnation in them.Appointed by the passage of comprehensive treatment using troksevazin for pregnant women in the event of night leg cramps, heaviness in the legs strong, blue mesh veins on thighs, legs.

not uncommon during pregnancy is and hemorrhoids.He also becomes a manifestation of blood stasis and venous insufficiency, but in the bottom of the anus and rectum.The risk of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is quite high, as the increase in the size of the uterus leads to pressure on the veins in the pelvis.Appointed for pregnant women receiving troksevazin when a drop of blood in case of bleeding hemorrhoids and bowel movements.And while the drug is a part of complex therapy.

this drug in the treatment of hemorrhoids provides toning the walls of veins and capillaries by eliminating the inflammation of the veins and soft tissues, representing the effective prevention of blood clots.

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troksevazin Instructions for use during pregnancy

The instructions to the drug indicates that the drug during pregnancy Troxevasin administered in capsules.Thus the dosage is one capsule twice a day.For women who have hemorrhoids, and for their treatment applied gauze bandages, which are impregnated with 2% gel troksevazin.

determined by the duration of treatment individually, so the chosen physician.For the treatment of varicose veins of the pregnant woman is assigned the preparation of the Scheme 1 capsule 2 times a day, causing the gel to the area manifestations of varicose veins.Continues assigned treatment 1-3 months.Effective treatment becomes imperative to follow some rules: important for a pregnant woman comfortable low-heeled shoes, you need to control body weight, there is a ban on the wearing of gravity.

For pregnant women with diabetes is assigned to the drug for prevention.This tool should be used for preparation 1 capsule daily, with the application of the gel on the tibia.Then lie with raised legs.In that case, the duration of preventive troksevazin rate will be 1 month.

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Contraindications to receive troksevazin during pregnancy

Troksevazin.jpg The instructions to the drug indicated that use Troxevasin prohibited only during the first trimester of pregnancy.Since it is in this period there is a bookmark of organs and tissues of the fetus.Among the contraindications to the period after 12 weeks of pregnancy for the treatment of varicose veins, hemorrhoids and diabetes using troksevazin note hypersensitivity to the drug (Rutoside), renal failure, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis.Reviews of pregnant women who used the drug to confirm its efficiency.An important benefit of this medication becomes a good combination of quality and value.Although sometimes there are other reviews that confirm the side effects of the drug.

including the possibility of some side effects on the gastrointestinal tract - with the emergence of nausea, vomiting, heartburn, including external manifestations should be noted urticaria and dermatitis.Some pregnant women appear, and headaches.In this case it is necessary to abandon the inner and outer receiving this drug.However, the appointment of a doctor and the right treatment can be facilitated by the state of a pregnant woman with a decrease of heavy legs and reduce discomfort.But in any case it is not necessary to resort to self - medication can be used only if prescribed by your doctor.

It should be noted that the side effects are usually after the abolition of the drug disappear.In the treatment with this drug is not desirable to use ascorbic acid - its action will lead to increased exposure to the organism.Not recommended intake troksevazin for people with chronic kidney disease.

Troxevasin drug is classified as benign drugs, involving a minimum of negative impact to the female body, and fetal development.Many women called the drug a lifesaver, given the fairly quick and positive results.The use troksevazin not result in marks on clothing.It is also an important feature becomes affordable price with relative safety use.