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How to remove the stomach after cesarean section

How to remove the stomach after cesarean section

After cesarean section, many women often anoint on the appearance and condition of your stomach.There is quite natural desire to get rid of it as soon as possible.But experience shows that to deal with this problem in practice is not very easy, because there are loads of contraindications for this part of the body, given the seams.

How can I remove the stomach after cesarean section?

In his article we will focus attention on the time-tested, safest and most effective way to achieve the desired effect of getting rid of unsightly tummy.

First of all, after the birth should follow the recommendations about proper nutrition.This condition is given importance.Because thanks to a balanced and proper diet will be able to get rid of the extra kilos and restore the beautiful shape of your tummy.Try not to overeat, adhere to a fractional power - eating often, but a little.

should be discarded in a daily diet of smoked meats, sweets, pastries and fatty foods.Slimming such measures may not be enough.It is unl

ikely that the extra calories will be helpful for the woman and newborn baby.

After 2 months from the date of birth can start sessions to get rid of sagging belly.But before exercise is necessary to consult with your doctor to assess the current status of women.The skilled artisan will be able to recommend the most appropriate physical activity, and some may be totally banned.

Thus to stress after birth the woman should move gradually.Ideally, start with the best hiking, then start exercising light gymnastics, only then we can move on to the abdominal exercises.Among the best ways of normalization of the figure referred to long walks - a great opportunity to spend more time with your child outdoors.

more details about , how to swing the press after childbirth read here

For maximum benefit should go quickly, at least an hour a day.Similar walks over time will bring tangible benefits for the woman and child.

proceed to the exercises after a cesarean section

If we talk about the exercises, high efficiency to improve the abdominal muscles provide the slopes.This exercise should be done slowly to try to avoid discomfort.

If the specialist is prohibits a woman from abdominal exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles may well be the daily cleaning.In particular, for cleaning floors, you can not use your favorite mop and work with your hands and a rag.When wiping the floor should be possible to reach on hand, occasionally straining abdominal muscles.

as cute and beloved simulator may be ideally suited and the child.For this woman can put the baby on her chest, trying to raise his chest.When you exercise, you can achieve a similar effect rocking the press, reaching effectively strengthen the abdominal muscles and chest.

pay attention to another useful exercise.For its implementation a woman should stand on all fours on the floor, face-to-child, alternating drawing and relaxing the stomach, playing with the baby.

In addition to these exercises, you can show your imagination and come up with their own, original setting for the rapid restoration of previous forms, while taking care of a loved child and maintaining order, the cleanliness of the apartment.

useful solution is to buy postpartum bandage, which is also significantly help to drag away the stomach, with the gradual recovery of its former beauty.

set of exercises for the restoration of the stomach after cesarean

If you have not heard about the system Bodyflex strongly recommend know more about it, especially if serious exercise is not suitable.This system is based on the technique of proper breathing and stretching exercises to strengthen the muscles of the body, including the stomach.

If all the tried methods do not bring the desired result, some women think about abdominoplasty - surgery.This operation involves the normalization of the form of the stomach and hide the seam after cesarean section.However, you need to understand the duration and complexity of the operation, so it is used only as a last resort.

Fitness trainers are of the opinion that to get rid of stomach after cesarean section is really easy - it should stick to proper diet, moderate exercise and a positive attitude, in this case, and does not need any operation.

How to remove the stomach after cesarean section - tips

is quite useful to wear a special post-natal bandage covering the area from the chest to the hips - helps get rid belly after giving birth by caesarean section.Visually band tightens and strengthens abdominal muscles.

better to sleep on my stomach - this principle will also have a positive effect on strengthening the abdominal muscles.At rest in the stomach provides a favorable effect on uterine contractions.

can use some beauty treatments.In particular, it is quite useful scrubs and creams to moisturize and strengthen the skin.You can resort to masks made of leather.

Effective means to offer and traditional medicine - creamy mask.It is extremely easy to prepare at home.Prescription need to take increased fat cream, 20 gr.dry yeast and 2 tablespoons of honey.All components must be used to mix until the composition does not take the consistency of sour cream.Receipt of funds should be given 15 minutes to stand.Before applying the resulting mixture on the abdomen add to it a few drops of essential oils of geranium or verbena.The mask is held for 20 minutes, after which it can be washed away with warm water.

also useful to be more time in the fresh air - for oxygen saturation, with the active toning muscles and a gradual decrease in the waist.Experts recommend a walk with your child every day for at least an hour.

doctor shortly after birth allows the woman to exercise.You should also check with him the possibility to download the press.With the consent of a doctor, start abdominal exercises should be cautious, with a gradual increase in load - every week.If the classes felt pain in the area of ​​the seam, be sure to immediately stop your workout.To simplify the task, not to come up with the most exercise and avoid mistakes, it is better to look on the Internet themed video lessons.In these video materials are usually sufficient detail the exercises, allowing the abdomen to remove the post-partum period.

After healing scar and recovery of the body, you can think about a visit to the gym.The instructor will be able to offer or create an individual program for women after childbirth.

Among the most effective training is traditionally called a swimming pool.Since water treatment make the achievement of the desired effect is much more effective and safer.But it is strongly recommend to check with your doctor the possibility of swimming.Since in some cases, women swimming pool during recovery after childbirth is forbidden.

What is forbidden in an effort to remove the stomach after cesarean section?

Even with a very strong desire to restore the old form after cesarean section women should not resort to strict diets.Women after childbirth, it is important to adhere to proper nutrition, to have enough energy and strength for the upcoming stress care and care for the child.The kid also needs breast milk - so good for the body and a woman should stick to full and healthy food without exhausting diets.

should not be eating for two.Unjustified this council has long been confirmed by modern medicine.A woman should eat in a normal amount - as previously ate before pregnancy.While still in some degree measure of food during this period will increase.Try to avoid useless and too high-calorie foods.Because they can lead to more weight gain.Do not forget to read the materials and recommendations of experienced nutritionists.

Even in an effort to get rid of stomach after cesarean section is recommended that women do not resort to grueling exercise.Since the female body in this period required rest - particularly scarring of the uterus.Refusing while fully from all physical activity is not necessary.It may be some quite safe and effective ways to deal with the problems of the figures - in the form of regular walks with the stroller on the street, helpful games, home cleaning, light active dancing classes, carrying a baby in her arms, and others.

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