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Yellow discharge after childbirth

Yellow discharge after childbirth

Normally characterized by secretions from the vagina for women of reproductive age.Depending on the period of the menstrual cycle, there is a regular change of color, volume and consistency of vaginal secretions emitted.Depends on similar processes occurring in the body hormonal changes.

But in certain situations, vaginal acquire a pathological kind, which is typical for a variety of urinary infections.Therefore, the appearance of any deviations from the normal texture or color of the current situation may be a symptom of a specific problem.

Exposure to infections after birth increases several times, including for an open path to the genitals and there was a bleeding wound on the surface of the uterus.

Therefore, in this period of a woman, the greatest caution is needed, mandatory compliance with the rules of personal hygiene: change pads should be at least every 2-3 hours, after each bowel movement is necessary to wash, as often as possible to empty the bladder (immediately when the first urgeto u

rinate), giving preference to free the cotton underwear.

must be considered a definitive ban on the use of tampons in the postpartum period - to avoid the danger of infection in the uterus or vagina.It is this reason puts a ban on douching.

However, even with these rules, many women face the problem of the appearance of yellow discharge after delivery.In his article, a closer look at this phenomenon - if it can be dangerous in the postpartum period?

yellow discharge after childbirth as a physiological norm

the last stage of labor is born the placenta, the site of her former attachment arises wound.Introduced the wound will bleed until its complete healing, with the advent of lochia - bleeding postpartum vaginal discharge.Breastfeeding leads to more intense contractions of the uterus, which significantly accelerate postnatal discharge.

The average duration of lochia may be 4-6 weeks with constant change in their character during this period.Lochy initially take the character of heavy discharge of red blood with clots, but already after 7-10 days, they become slabomazhuschimi brown, appearing slightly watery mucous instead.

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Next discharge becomes yellowish, three weeks later acquiring a white-yellow.Yellowish discharge with weak uterine contractions may persist for one to two months post-partum without complications.Vaginal secret even now be mixed with blood - continued cleansing of the uterus.

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When should you see a doctor when yellow discharge after delivery?

Be sure to ask for inspection at the gynecologist if excessive bleeding after cessation of his back again.Yellow highlight the postpartum period are classified as rules of the appearance of the final stages of lochia - not with a pronounced color, without causing additional signs painful, burning, itching, or an increase in temperature.

When the yellow water after birth are considered a pathology?

In any pathological signs of the woman should immediately consult your doctor. The category of postnatal pathology yellow discharge will be treated in combination with other symptoms:

  • Fever.

  • appearance of a sharp putrid odor emissions.

  • Abdominal pain (may be given to the lumbar region).

  • Secretions become green or bright yellow.

  • selection with impurities of pus.

  • vaginal burning or itching.

Typically, the emergence of such yellow discharge postpartum indicates inflammation of the uterine endometrium - endometritis, the probability of which increases significantly after childbirth.The woman at the confirmation of the inflammation will require treatment, which should go as soon as possible.Because this disease is characterized by rapid development, so can cause certain complications in the future.

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