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Contraception after giving birth

Contraception after giving birth

Female body after birth needs the full recovery of its energy and resources.It is important at this time to consider reliable contraception on pregnancy, so the body the brain to normalize its status, and the need to have enough time to nurture their already born children.According to gynecologists, should be to give your body a break between pregnancies for at least three years.To do this, you need to consider a reliable and effective method of contraception to prevent the onset of re pregnant in the near future.

chance of pregnancy after delivery

Do not rely on the opinions of grandmothers and mothers who claim that pregnancy during breast-feeding can not occur.In fact, breastfeeding temporarily weakens the ability to conceive a child of the female body, but eliminate it can not.Therefore, there is likely a new ovulation after childbirth.Therefore, in any case, the issue should not be postponed for a suitable choice of contraception.As a consequence of this delay may be repeated pregnancy.But the

body is not enough time to recover, to save energy and resources, so now is again unwanted pregnancy.

During the first month after birth will shrink the uterus, finding old form.Ovarian restored traditional cycle of production of female hormones necessary for conception.Women who do not breastfeed are restored menstruation after two to three months after childbirth.However, there are situations when menstruation begins before - after 4-6 weeks after the birth of the child.This indicates that the egg has matured two weeks ago - after that a woman's body is once again ready to attack another pregnancy.If the woman or the baby to finish feeding resorted to night feeding, restoration of the menstrual cycle is faster.This is due to the unreliability and the natural form of contraception in lactation amenorrhea - by breastfeeding.

modern methods of contraception after childbirth

First of all, we strongly recommend you consult a gynecologist to determine the appropriate method of contraception from a wealth of modern facilities.In fact, the modern market of contraception can offer a variety of different means.Stop more detailed attention to each category of contraception.

Natural methods of contraception. This category includes the calendar method and the measurement of basal body temperature.It is important to eliminate the use of these funds until the full resumption of the menstrual cycle.Because otherwise there is no possibility of calculating the period beginning ovulation.It should measure the basal temperature every day, as this temperature depends on the nightly feeding of the child, and the high reliability of the measurement is not always possible to provide.Also, it does not have to be considered sufficiently reliable, and the calendar method of contraception.He's not one of the effective means even with a regular menstrual cycle.

Vasectomy - male sterilization method. possible to perform a vasectomy for a man at any time.But few men are willing to volunteer to go on this way.Acceptable This method can be for couples and men, just confident - that in the future they plan children will not.It is also necessary to consider the irreversibility of the process.

tubal occlusion - female sterilization .This method of contraception today, experts call the most effective.However, it should take into account the irreversibility of this process, it is performed for patients older than 35 years or for certain medical conditions.Perform this method only under the influence of emotional stress is unacceptable.

Barrier methods of contraception are among the most common use among couples.They are applied in the form of a cap, a condom or diaphragm without affecting the process and the quality of lactation.It should be made more precise by a specialist and aperture size of the cap, as used before birth may change.Using Aperture allowed only six weeks after birth.Condoms are probably considered the simplest and most convenient method of barrier contraception.

IUD for contraception after delivery .These funds do not affect the process of breastfeeding.Acceptable their use during lactation are considered sufficiently reliable.Intrauterine device after childbirth without complications can be administered in the postpartum period.The optimal period of initial use of these funds - six weeks after the birth of the child.

Intrauterine devices (IUDs) entered a woman gynecologist, if there are no contraindications - in particular, if there is no erosion, inflammation.

Combined oral contraceptives after childbirth. These funds are used during breastfeeding is strictly prohibited.Under the action of these agents is reduced production of breast milk, they can also lead to consequences for the normal development of the child.Start data usage tablets during lactation is possible only after the cessation of breastfeeding.If a woman is breastfeeding, the use of these funds is permissible only three weeks after birth.

Progestin contraceptives after childbirth. These funds do not affect the process of breastfeeding and duration of lactation.Their action does not lead to negative impacts for children's health.They have proven to be the most convenient form of protection from unintended pregnancy.It is recommended to take the tablets one and a half months after birth for breastfeeding women not to breast - 4 weeks after the appearance of a baby into the world.

Before using a specific means of contraception after childbirth always be sure to consult with your gynecologist, who led the pregnancy.He will be able to choose the preferred means for a woman, and a method of contraception, given the characteristics of the organism, the state of the female reproductive system and other factors.

Spermicides as contraception after delivery

tablets, creams, gels or suppositories provide local spermicidal effect, which is detrimental to sperm.This contraception can be applied against the background of breast-feeding or independently, or together with the barrier means.The advantage is the use of spermicides regreasing appearance when present in the vagina dryness.When following the instructions given spelled method provides efficiency to 95%, depending on the drug.

Hormonal contraceptives after childbirth

Note that in the postpartum period are not allowed to receive all hormonal contraceptives.More precisely - may be used only some hormonal contraceptives during the postnatal period, the issue to be specified with the attending gynecologist.

Combined oral contraceptives after childbirth

should remember about contraindications to the use of combined oral contraceptives during breastfeeding because they are in its composition contain estrogen, a negative impact on the amount and quality of breast milk, with a reduction in the duration of lactation.

Mini-pill how effective contraception after delivery

Mini-pill differs from the combined oral contraceptives containing the hormone progestogen only one that does not interfere with lactation, does not lead to consequences for the quality and quantity of breast milk.If you follow the rules of data reception facilities and all the recommendations minipill allow effective contraceptive about 98%.But after doctors advise breastfeeding women still go to the use of combined oral contraceptives.

use of long-acting hormonal contraceptives after childbirth

The composition injection and subcutaneous implants contains only progestogen.Depending on the type of preparation is the contraceptive effect of the drug will be from 8 weeks to five years.The long-acting progestogens provide 99% efficiency, which decreases sharply towards the end of his term action.

postcoital contraception after delivery

Designed given emergency contraception for use after a casual sexual relationship was damaged when a condom was missed oral contraceptive use.Postcoital preparations mostly contain significant amounts of hormones, so the tool can not be recommended during breast-feeding a baby.

IUD and hormonal vaginal ring after the birth

With the above reasons, it should also abandon the vaginal rings, and intrauterine devices with estrogen, although you can use containing progestogen.

non-hormonal IUDs after childbirth

possible use of IUDs after childbirth without complications, if there are no contraindications.This contraception has no effect on lactation, however, it provides a benefit to the health of women.The tool performance approximated to 98%.

radical method of contraception after childbirth

abstinence after childbirth. Complete sexual abstinence does not affect the process of lactation, suggesting absolute efficiency.However, in most cases, for couples this option is unacceptable.

Surgical sterilization as contraception after childbirth. sterilization becomes irreversible method of contraception has no effect on the course of lactation.To approach such an option could only for couples who are absolutely certain - in future they do not plan to children.In this case, a surgical method.Implementation of female sterilization possible during cesarean section, or (like men) at any other time.

When can recover the sexual life after birth?

sexual life is not recommended to recover earlier than 4-6 weeks after childbirth.But while statistics show - that many couples sex life is restored within the first month after birth.Pregnancy is possible, and before the first menstruation.Therefore, we recommend the use of one or more contraceptive together to avoid unintended pregnancy.

become pregnant while breastfeeding can be under the following conditions:

  • If it's been six months after birth.

  • monthly resumed.

  • express milk.

  • Feeding baby not only breast milk, but also to finish feeding the baby formula.

  • With more than 6-hour interval between feedings.