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Erosion of the cervix after childbirth

Erosion of the cervix after childbirth

Women have a really hard time, especially during pregnancy and childbirth.As usual the disease may be supplemented as "personal" gynecological.Experience confirms that almost every second woman has to face the problem of cervical erosion.Despite significant advances in modern medicine, to cope with the disease is not too easy.With respect to erosion assumes a rather controversial and unconventional approach, particularly for the treatment of this disease.But still the question must be considered in order

varieties and causes of cervical erosion after childbirth

most common cervical erosion becomes after birth, particularly when complications.In the case of the problematic opening of the cervix during labor significantly increases the risk of rupture of internal tissues.If these gaps are not seen by a doctor or to be sewn carelessly, there is erosion.We'll try to figure out what is the erosion (note that many women, it is regarded as "the beginning of cancer", but doctors contradict this statement,

although do not rule out the threat of cervical cancer).

cervix of the uterus itself is a continuation, a specific channel between the vagina and the uterus.For cervical characteristic inner and outer jaws.Gynecologist see ekzotserviks (vaginal portion of the cervix) during a routine inspection, but see the cervix or endocervix (the inside of the cervix) to fail inspection.If routine inspection turned out to be "visible" and endocervical, being the rim (usually sore) ekzotserviksa, doctors diagnosed cervical erosion.

cervix can be "turned inside out" as a result of many states.Among them should be noted the rapid and fast delivery, nurturing large fetal surgery during childbirth, transferred a large number of abortions in the past, late or early delivery.Among the causes of cervical erosion is also called the impact on the body of infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.Pregnancy is accompanied by a weakening of the female body, so it is more susceptible to the influence of any germs that lead to a "loosening" of the cervix throughout his life, including leading to cervical erosion.

Also, there is a possibility of congenital erosion, but this phenomenon is considered to be specialists are rare.Provoke the disease can, and hormonal disorders of the body.

Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of cervical erosion after childbirth

Note that cervical erosion on the results of the inspection can be detected after only a few weeks after birth.For this reason, women are advised not to delay the visit to the gynecologist after childbirth.For the survey specialist collects brushstrokes, revealing the possible diseases of the female body.Moreover, quite often cervical erosion is not accompanied by any symptoms.As a result, the problem is diagnosed only during the following pregnancy or in case of signs of infectious diseases.

Various abnormal discharge, dragging pain in the abdomen (including sexual contact), itching and burning in the vulva - all of this is a cause for referral to a specialist.

We have to recognize that women are often the postpartum period is accompanied by thrush.Despite the wide variety of ways to practice self-medication, in any case, appropriate measures should be taken only after consultation with your doctor.For self in this case is quite dangerous phenomenon.Uncommon situation where able to get rid of the problem of yeast, but some time later relapse.The reason in this case is not only a chronic complication, but also at times in the erosion of the cervix, which prevents cure thrush.
This on its own without the help of a doctor to deal with the erosion of the cervix is ​​not possible, because it can not find a suitable cure for the disease.Although the phenomenon is not uncommon, and the erosion of the value of medication - but only as part of combination therapy.In the case where erosion occurred due to the impact of infectious diseases of the reproductive system, it is inherently better to get rid of them as the underlying cause - it applies appropriate drugs.As part of a comprehensive treatment the doctor chooses the most effective and safe ways to eliminate erosion.

Modern medicine can offer a choice of different methods for the effective treatment of cervical erosion.For each of the proposed options are typical individual strengths and weaknesses / dangerous side.Select the appropriate treatment program, taking into account all the nuances of a particular procedure and characteristics of the female body, it can only be experienced doctor.In particular, he is required to take into account the extent of the disease and other mandatory criteria, including the overall health of the woman, her age and other factors.
Among the possible ways to treat it should be noted:

  • Electrocoagulation - also commonly known as diathermocoagulation or diathermy.This method is considered the oldest method of combating erosion.Within cauterizing diathermy erosion performed by electric current.When the procedure of thermal burn instantly able to cover a scab treated area, although it is possible the preservation of foci of dysplasia underneath.It should be noted tenderness of this method, after the scar is stored on the cervix, because of what may be serious consequences in the future - including pregnancy and childbirth the next time.

  • Cryotherapy - to eliminate cervical erosion using liquid nitrogen.This method is often called a freeze.Soreness this procedure is no different, but improper operation may result in scarring of the cervix.

  • Laser has established itself as the most effective and modern means to fight against the erosion of the cervix.However, the procedure is characterized by such properties only when performing an experienced specialist.

  • Chemical coagulation - for the treatment of erosion using special chemicals, including and Solkovagina.This method is the most inefficient, but very simple.Lets get rid of only a shallow erosion, but for this we need several treatments.

  • Radiowave surgery - contactless procedure is the treatment of cervical erosion.Under the influence of radio waves destroyed and vaporized "sick" cell.

consequences of postpartum cervical erosion for a new pregnancy

Note that to any consequences for the pregnancy cervical erosion does not.Therefore, before giving birth to her treatment is not resorted to.A completely different situation when previously performed treatment of erosion.Many women wonder how this treatment may affect the following childbirth.The effects depend on the chosen method for the treatment of erosion - that is, not whether the chosen route led to the appearance of scars, which can become an obstacle to the disclosure of the cervix during labor.

For healthy births without complications after treatment of erosion, first of all, experts advise special attention in the planning stages of pregnancy to give the tissues of the cervix.To soften the scar to a certain extent used sea buckthorn oil, or other means-tested.In any case, the gynecologist should be aware of all the details of the state of the female body, she is pregnant should be sure to follow the instructions of the attending physician.It is important to understand that the erosion of the cervix is ​​actually faced by many women - and in most cases it does not become an obstacle to the birth of healthy children.

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