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Cream for stretch marks

Cream for stretch marks

We have to recognize that the risk of stretch marks, unaesthetic stretch there during any labor.Since stretch marks leads to a strong tensile certain dermal layer, which is why they can tear and lose its elasticity.The consequence of this process is the appearance of scars pale pink or red, which in most cases occur after birth on the thighs, stomach, or a woman's breasts.But it should be noted, and the good news - in fact, with the emergence of stretch marks can be quite effective to fight.An excellent solution for this is to use a special cream for stretch marks, which is designed to eliminate this problem.

Read more about the features of the skin

Human skin consists of three layers - the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer.Strong tension leads to rupture of the dermis - the layer that supports skin elasticity.For fun, you can try to take a piece of skin elasticity, which will be a force to stretch in different directions.The result of this load after a certain time on the skin of any discon

tinuities.A similar process occurs with human skin.After a break in this case, a small wound, which will be tightened connective tissue - in view of the blood vessels it will first have a pink color, but gradually turns white.Connective tissue does not contain melatonin, darkening under the influence of sunlight and allowing sunbathing, then the tan will not lie on the stretch - they will be much more noticeable in the summer.

Features and effect of the cream on stretch marks after giving birth

In his article, stop special attention to the main principles of correct and appropriate choice of the cream for stretch marks after giving birth.Also, look at the rules and peculiarities of using this cream, in order to achieve optimal effect.First of all, it should be noted - it is recommended to start using this cream even before birth, as an effective means of preventing the appearance of stretch marks.Cream from extensions recommended from the second and third months of pregnancy, to maintain elasticity of the skin.

For optimal effect, you can use not only the cream of stretch marks, but also provide for the skin and the food inside.This can rely on the use of vitamins A, C, E, intake of protein products, fish and water required.Through a balanced diet during gestation and after birth of the child can get a better skin condition, which is faster than normal in alignment with cream.But all the same, and neglect According to cosmetic product should not be too.Therefore, we choose to focus on the features of a correct choice of the cream for stretch marks which components should be kept as part of the tool.

Rules for qualitative selection of stretch marks after giving birth

First of all, it should be noted that the cost of high-quality cream for stretch marks can not be cheap, it is not sold in kiosks or on the underground market.Therefore, to ensure optimal result from the use of the cream will need commitment to a solid investment.That value becomes the only drawback of using the cream for stretch marks.

But with cheap imitations, or products of dubious origin from little-known manufacturers need to be extremely cautious.After all, some may not just be useless, but sometimes leads to negative consequences in the form of dermatitis or allergies.Since no one can guarantee that this cream for stretch marks were really made from natural ingredients.Therefore, buying a cream from extensions of measured yet recommended stores or pharmacies.

What should be the cream of stretch marks

As part of a quality cream for stretch marks have to be retinol, improving hydration and skin regeneration.Also, high-quality cream should contain natural essential oils and herbal extracts.In most cases, they are presented extracts of jojoba, shea butter, mummy, etc..

Under the influence of these components of the cream improves blood circulation in skin cells - a prerequisite for its recovery.Cream of stretch marks should also include elastin, collagen, amino acids and vitamins.It is important to understand that the cream should not be a pungent smell of perfume or content.A quality product is usually characterized by a neutral or bland flavor.

Be sure to verify that the label of the selected mark cream "hypoallergenic" - to protect the woman and child during breast-feeding.Experts advise that you use the probe selected the cream of stretch marks or use a cream that uses a girlfriend - as a safe experiment and test the body's sensitivity to its components.As will be very sad when the cream is quite expensive for which funds have already been spent, just will not do.

How to apply cream for stretch marks after giving birth?

Actually cream for stretch marks is very simple to use - it is applied to clean skin (optimally after a shower), 2 times a day - morning and evening.Cream of stretch marks massaged until completely absorbed in the problem areas.

most popular creams against stretch marks after giving birth

stop its attention on the most popular creams against stretch marks that have been awarded the highest ratings by the results of the use of women.

  • Cream "9 months" - contained in its composition of active components provide a powerful effect on the prevention and treatment of existing stretch marks.

  • cream "Mama Somfort" - when used every day helps to eliminate stretch marks, providing a positive effect on the elasticity of the skin.

  • Cream «Avent» - can not only effectively fight against stretch marks, but also becomes the prevention of cellulite - also quite useful feature during pregnancy and after childbirth.

  • Cream "Mustela" proven and effective elimination of existing stretch marks, becoming the formation of new prevention.

  • Cream "Vichy" - in a relatively high cost of a woman can get a really quality product, which was successfully tested by many women.

  • Cream "Lierac" - can effectively eliminate the problem of cellulite and stretch marks.At the same time it differs quite affordable cost.

  • Cream "Pregnacare» - provides reliable prevention and effective treatment of stretch marks, providing the stimulation of active lipid metabolism in the skin cells, getting rid of the itching and irritation.

These are just some examples of the creams on the market today, we have limited attention only tothe most common and popular. In the case of other proposed means you can consult with your doctor or carefully read the reviews online.

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