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How to help your child go through school conflict

How to help your child go through school conflict

children relationships are always full of complexities and contradictions, and it becomes sad when parents do not notice and pass as something secondary.It should take a sober approach to the assessment of the relationship in youth team, and in addition to the common hobbies and interests on the basis of friendship to see them and disputes, conflicts, resentment and hostility.

We will try together to find the trigger that starts the development of unpleasant situations, and in such a situation than adults can help your child when it is necessary for parents to intervene in a conflict situation.

essence of the conflict

For most people, the word "conflict" carries a negative connotation and means confrontation and hostility because of a mismatch of human interests, standards of conduct and goals.We will talk specifically about the destructive conflicts.However, it should be said about the existence of a definition of the word, where the conflict is an essential component of social development, and d

oes not result in negative results.The result is the acquisition of constructive conflict the participants invaluable positive experience, it is vital for the further development in the future.

school community is one of the societies, life is impossible to imagine without a clash of interests and therefore no conflict between the students and between the teacher and the individual student.Each of these types of conflicts has its own characteristics, which is to dwell.

conflict between students

To this negative situation can cause deception, rivalry, insults and insults, personal unrequited affection or dislike.In addition, the guys often do not like "pets" teachers.

As a rule, children are able to resolve the conflict situation on their own, accumulating thus experience in the school team, then they will carry into adulthood.Often, however, the conflict develops in such a way that without the help of an experienced and wise adults can not do.It refers to extraordinary cases where no adult mentor situation could come to a standstill.In general, children need lessons of self-reliance, and the intervention in the conflict is not required as long as the dispute has not run its course.

In most cases, just a quiet conversation with a child, from whom he learned that life is full of all sorts of conflicts of interest, and it is necessary to study together to look for best way to solve a dispute.Schoolboy in a climate of trust must try to understand the motives of his opponent, put yourself in his place and realize that the impetus for the development of the conflict.Only carefully consider the situation, the child will be able in the future to resolve conflicts peacefully, without mutual insults and abuse, and will make useful conclusions in the treasury of his own life experience.

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conflict between the student and the teacher

How to help your child go through school konflikt.jpg In such conflicts, the main role is given to the relationship established between students and teachers.As they see each other almost every day, then to communicate it will not go away.The conflict may be born on the basis of lower grade student and feelings of inferiority, or on the basis of his disobedience and rude behavior.In addition, the student may protest the excessive demands of the teacher and their volatility, as well as dissatisfaction with the failure of the promises given to them by the teacher.

In such situations, the problem should be solved by adults.Accumulated over the years the wisdom of elders is to stop the conflict and to bring it to the stage of a serious problem.Both teachers and parents are required to capture the moment of maturing unpleasant situation and do everything in their power to prevent its further development at an early stage.

If the student does not tend to shy away from their direct student responsibilities, not homework and class work, bad student, having to successful learning inclinations and abilities, you can not under any circumstances raise a child's voice, because the answer will come only negative reactionwhich will only exacerbate the situation unpleasant.

Forget commanding tone.The fact is that the timid and insecure schoolboy equivalent as uncontrollable and rebellious child, you can inspire a successful and fruitful study only unshakable faith in his ability and willingness to lend its clock possible assistance.Most importantly, it must be able to adults in similar situations - is to listen and hear the student, since any conflict is the soil, and sometimes it causes hidden very deeply.

Errors senior

Unfortunately, very often the parents, guided by the best motives, their behavior does more harm to your child when they do try to protect him in the conflict.

parents absolutely can not:

  • raise his voice and shout at the child, especially in the presence of classmates.

  • alia teachers to intervene in the conflict situation in the presence of children, which only make the problem worse.

  • allows the child to react very aggressively, because no good force to resolve the issues do not lead.

  • intervene in the conflict is too deep for children, becoming a participant.

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primary role of parents in school conflicts

  • careful and competent analysis of the situation.

  • manifestation of impartiality and preservation of peace.

  • Identifying goals and interests that unite both sides of the conflict.

  • constructive dialogue to help the conflicting parties to reach a compromise.

  • Help children in drawing the right conclusions, which in the future will avoid the recurrence of similar situations.

Anyway, once and for all impossible to avoid conflicts among children.And the main support for them should be the experience and wisdom of parents and teachers who are able to correct the children's behavior and direct it to a peaceful course, to turn the destructive confrontation in a constructive experience, teach your child to resolve disputes on their own.The only way to be sure of the prosperous life of our children.

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