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Watery eyes of a newborn

Watery eyes of a newborn

long-awaited baby was born and brought his mother is not only a sea of ​​joy, but also a mountain of experiences.Young parents want their baby from the first day of his birth looked smooth-skinned flowering chubby, and the child somehow covered with red rash, or watery eyes baby all day long, causing frustration mom and dad.

feelings about the appearance and health of the newborn child can be avoided if to read some of the manifestations of the child's body to adapt to his new environment.One such reaction is the accumulation of habituation lacrimal fluid in one or both glazik children during the period when the lacrimal canaliculi remain clogged gelatin plug.This blockage is called dacryocystitis tear ducts.

gelatin plug in the tear ducts prevents the baby's lungs from the penetration of amniotic fluid, when the fetus is still in the womb.At the birth of the baby, this film is broken.But often it happens that in the process of childbirth gelatin tube does not break, and resolves after some time, th

e duration of which varies from several days to several weeks.Typically, such treatment does not require the disease, but in some cases, to clean the nasolacrimal duct requires a small surgery.

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How to determine that the child clogged tear ducts?

If the newborn in the morning barely open his eyes because of the congestion around the eyes and on the eyelids of a large number of selections, then most likely he blocked tear ducts.Yellow discharge in one or both glazik baby - it is an occasion for the visit to a doctor, who will establish the form of the disease, its severity and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Excessive acidification children glazik creates a favorable environment for the development of infection.If you do not clean the time the child tear ducts, it can become chronic dacryocystitis.As a rule, the treatment of blockage tear ducts in newborns is mostly in compliance with the recommendations and regular hygienic nature eyewash child drug infusion of chamomile.

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How to help a child who has watery eyes?

To get rid of children's eyes from a gelatin plug that prevents the tears flow freely on the tubule is often quite easy physical effects on tubule.Mom can make your baby massage, pressing a fingertip down on a point just below the inner corner of the eyes of a child.That there is the tear duct.

massages recommended 4-5 times within one day after instillation the eyes sulfacetamide.It is best used during the massage the little finger.Massage need to perform perfectly clean hands with clipped nails.Doing massage should be very cautious, because the baby is still very fragile, and can easily hurt him.

Massage movements should be ejecting finger character.Massage the lacrimal canaliculus should be extremely careful, but to apply sufficient force to cause the extrusion of mucus and pus.Regular massage should cause the opening of the tubule and cleaning.

pus can wipe swab dipped in a fresh infusion of chamomile.That is regular and daily massage is considered the most effective means of healing the child from dacryocystitis.

If massage fails

If attempts to massage the mother-child glazik not lead to the desired effect, and the tears do not come out, then the child should see a doctor who will prescribe an antibiotic in the form of drops or ointment.If the disease is not hard to treat, in this case, the intervention will help the doctor-ophthalmologist, who will hold the child process sensing tear ducts.

probing is performed under general anesthesia and does not cause the baby any pain either during surgery or afterwards.The doctor will thin wire probe into the lacrimal canaliculus to push and release the gelatin cap clearance for proper receipt of the tear fluid.This operation is carried out quickly and is very effective.

tear ducts in one or both glazik kid can plug several times during the first 6 months of life.Panic in these cases not be.But let the disease take its course can not be as careless attitude to the health of the child in the first months of his life can turn into a variety of complications.

happens that a newborn eyes watering for other reasons, for example because of allergies, viral infections, eczema, conjunctivitis.In order not to run the illness, need timely consulting a pediatrician or eye specialist.