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Ringworm in children: treatment, symptoms, types

Ringworm in children: treatment, symptoms, types

There is a widespread belief that zoster may occur only in those young children who are in contact on the streets of stray animals without losing the possibility to stroke, shabby on the hands, most often this phenomenon occurs in the village.In fact, this disease, such as herpes, is widespread even among high.

Necessity diagnosis before treatment depriving

general term "ringworm" includes several varieties of the disease: pink, ringworm, red, shingles.Ways of infection may also be more if a person is healthy, it can infect the sick animal, or the use of the same household items with the sick person, whether adult or child.

Education foci of inflammation is transparent, is they are often spots round, appeared on the skin, which in this place begins to itch, itch, it can be seen on the scaly flakes, while the skin itself becomes pinkish whitish color.Typically, these spots are located on the legs, arms, back, stomach, or a person's face.As additional symptoms may be called fever and enlarged lymph

nodes in the beginning of the disease.

Parents need to know how to behave in such situations.If a child on the skin have any growths, even in the case of the baby, they do not worry, it is absolutely necessary to show the child specialist - professional children's dermatologist, who examines the child, find out the name of his disease and prescribe appropriate treatment.

possible to cure ringworm?

It should be remembered that shingles refers to infectious diseases, which means that parents, first of all, you must think about how to limit the child from communicating with children's groups, whether it is kindergarten or school, and already in second placemost important is an urgent visit to the dermatologist.

The doctor will conduct a thorough inspection, ask the necessary questions to parents, neoplasms of limitations, or the time when they were first seen on the skin of the child.Then the baby should be required to submit to the scraping, which is a microscopic examination of skin cells.Also in some cases it may need blood.

Whatever it was, the diagnosis should be set only by a doctor, as well as to prescribe the necessary medication to the patient:

1. antifungal and antiviral agents that help the body cope with the patient will cause disease;

2. allergy medications that can help relieve itching.

In that case, if you know of any folk remedies treatment of lichen, report them to a doctor, who will tell you how much is appropriate to one or another method.The fact that one way will be good for the treatment of one of the types of stripping, but is completely useless for the other species, wherein the disease will progress only, and time will be lost.

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recommendations for child care at disease deprive

  • very important role in the treatment of the child is given to how to behave properly are adults.It will be nice if parents:

  • will ventilate the apartment every day and spend it wet cleaning is not particularly abused while disinfectants.

  • will be removed from the house all the soft toys and carpets, as well as those subjects with whom the child is constantly in contact, will be thoroughly washed.

  • a time limit on carrying out water treatment and prolonged bathing the baby in the bath, just washing it under a warm shower.This measure is forced, in order to prevent the further spread of plaques depriving the body of the child.

  • Children's clothing is necessary to iron, especially carefully - underwear.Clothing worn by the child at this time should be made from breathable fabrics, in order not to create a greenhouse effect on the body, so that fungus likes.

  • Walking with a child is best done in the morning or evening, avoiding exposure to the sun, as it promotes the formation of new foci of inflammation.All the spots on the body of the child should be covered by clothing, as this is the case, when the sun does not cure, but on the contrary, can only harm the skin.

  • as prevention of this disease is necessary from an early age to teach a child to use individual hygiene items - combs, scissors, garments and linen, after contact with any animals Wash hands and face thoroughly with soap and clean clothes.

Since the disease is a fungal nature, it is worth considering that most of it exposed children with weak immune systems.And if the baby on the body are frequent sores, cracks or cuts, it is at risk.You may have to undergo preventive vitamin therapy.

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