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The child is often sick colds

The child is often sick colds

If one parent kids grow healthy and strong, then the other moms and dads child's health since the earliest days of the baby into the world is transformed into an endless problem.

These kids constantly have a cold, cough, suffer from the common cold and temperature caused by an infection of the respiratory tract of children.These infections are known as acute respiratory infections (ARI).There are acute respiratory infections as a result of exposure to viruses, and sometimes - and bacteria, which is even more dangerous because they require the use of antibiotics.

What parents whose children often get cold?

Why do children often suffer from colds?If a child often gets cold, it means that it is not enough the body's defenses to withstand adverse environmental conditions.Background of this state are laid even during fetal development when children immunity is formed.At the stage of prenatal development of various adverse factors can have a decisive impact on the future status of the child's body and it

s susceptibility to infectious diseases.

What is the normal frequency of colds in children?It would seem that the norm should be considered as the absence of disease, but medical statistics found that the normal development of a baby from birth does not exclude recurrent disease.For the child's body is important not only to its susceptibility to disease, but also the ability to resist the disease already being in a morbid state.

If a kid reaching one year of age, has already managed to at least 4 times ill with a cold, it can already be considered frequently ill.From 1 to 3 years these kids get cold around 6 times a year.From 3 to 5 years, the frequency of colds is reduced to 5 times a year, and then - 4-5 acute respiratory diseases each year.

We are constantly suffering from colds kids can be shown not all the symptoms of acute respiratory infections, and any one - for example, long passes rhinitis or persistent cough.If your child has a fever and other symptoms of the common cold is not, it may be indicative of the flow of the child's body in some other infectious disease. Parents should in such cases do not procrastinate and rush to the doctor for advice.

Immunosuppression - the main cause of the child's body susceptibility to colds.A reduction of immunity, in turn, occurs for several reasons.Long-term observations have shown the usefulness of feeding infants breast milk.Compared with babies who were breast-fed, bottle-children often suffer, and their diseases are more severe and long-lasting character.Therefore, if a serious reason for not breastfeeding is not, try to ensure your child this mode of natural food.Lowering of immunity in infants also occurs against the background of the disease rickets, goiter and hypervitaminosis.

Wilt immunity in children with severe illness or surgery.Very much influenced by the level of immune diseases such as sore throat, influenza, dysentery, salmonella, measles and pneumonia.A number of chronic diseases and reduces the protective properties of the child's body, it is, first of all, adenoids, tonsillitis, sinusitis and worms.If the parents are closely watching changes in the appearance of your child's general condition and behavior, they are usually able to prevent the emergence and development of most diseases, especially colds.

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Treating children who become ill with a cold, is usually performed with the use of drugs non-specific effects, which include vitamins, biogenic stimulators and adaptogens, and specific drugs, such as interferon, immunoglobulin, the preparation of the thymus.

Preventive measures that will help protect your baby from colds, include various methods and measures of protection.Limit your baby stay in crowded places, especially in seasons when there have been outbreaks of the virus.Try to keep your child been less in public transport, and being at home, not in contact with the guests who recover from infectious disease.

sure to provide your child a healthy daily routine.Put him to bed at the same time, no later than 9 o'clock, and the day accustom to sleep for 2 hours at lunchtime.Walking in the fresh air should be a compulsory part of the daily routine of the child, during walks allow your child to move more.It is useful to start the day with a small charge.

Good nutrition - an important factor in strengthening children's health.Your child should not lack necessary for normal growth and development of the body's proteins, fats and vitamins.It is important that a substantial part of children's diet are fresh fruits and vegetables.As an addition to strengthening the child feeding recommended multivitamin preparations.

One of the most important health-promoting factors is hardening.Procedures hardening there are so many.Not all of them will suit your child.Before tempering, consult your primary care pediatrician.Remember that you can start hardening only when the child is absolutely healthy.The process of hardening in any case can not be forced: to be very gradually lower the temperature so as not to overextend the child's body defenses.

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