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Do I need to be vaccinated

Do I need to be vaccinated

Modern medicine continually insists on the use of vaccination.Very often we hear about the need for vaccinations to those parents whose baby is just born.Becoming parents, young people begin to think about how to protect their child from all kinds of diseases that can attack the delicate body of a child.

Some parents believe that their kids have to do all vaccinations, which only exist in the world, and thus the baby will be safe from many dangerous diseases.Others are young mothers and fathers, on the contrary, believe that vaccination can cause irreparable harm to the health of their precious baby.

Who are the parents of these rights, and there is a happy medium, a balance in which a child can do the minimum necessary vaccinations without exposing the baby to excessive risk?To make the right decision, parents need to weigh the "pros" and "cons" and make a rational decision

Arguments in favor of vaccination

word "epidemic" of contemporary young parents are familiar only from books, narrating ab

out historical facts.We now live in a happy time when many dangerous diseases that had previously been the cause of the extinction of hundreds of thousands of people, we are not afraid because of the existence of vaccines.

In the old days, when the fever, smallpox, cholera, plague traveled the world, causing terror in the people just at the thought of the possibility of an epidemic, a vaccine was considered a blessing.None of our ancestors, and did not occur to refuse vaccinations.Population readily be vaccinated in order to forget about the fear of the deadly virus.

Today, many do not realize what a dangerous disease can be picked up quite easily.For example, in the sandbox next to the house, wander where stray dogs and cats.Or moving in the vicinity of the tuberculosis dispensary, where from around the city by public transport attracts hundreds of patients.Also, no one is safe from infection by dangerous disease from traveling to distant countries, such as India or Africa.Upon returning a person becomes a dangerous disease and a peddler in the circle of people close to him, and when moving around the city.

only after infection people begin to lament the fact that vaccination is not taken care of - and his relatives.Regrets, however, health is not recovered, and backdating vaccination is not done.

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What is the essence of vaccinations?

At the tender young age weak immune system of the baby is unable to resist the dangerous disease.The sooner your child to be vaccinated, the easier it will carry the disease, when suddenly he was not lucky, he will catch them.Absolute protection of the child from infection vaccination does not, but the risk of many diseases reduces significantly.

In addition, each infectious disease is dangerous not only because it takes place in the acute form, but also its consequences.Vaccinated child receives a minimum of complications in case of illness, from which he has been vaccinated.When vaccination in the entire country is virtually eliminated the probability of epidemics.

The people there is a misconception that as long as the child is breastfed, he is not afraid of disease.Truth in this statement is because the immune system to the baby food stage breast milk is very high.However, not every mother's milk is capable to the extent necessary to ensure the baby antibodies so that for infants absolute guarantee against all diseases do not exist.

Cons vaccinations

Some doctors are opposed to large-scale vaccinations for the following reasons:

  • in our country kids do too many vaccinations;

  • any vaccination can cause complications;

  • diseases that we are vaccinated, not so terrible as they describe enthusiasts of vaccinations;

  • modern vaccination can not give an absolute guarantee against disease.

In accordance with the Russian vaccination calendar, the child in the first year and a half to do 9 vaccinations, and the very first - in the first 12 hours after the baby's born.As a result, each vaccination the child's body carries mikrozabolevanie.And it turns out that the baby in the first year and a half of my life is to stay in an unhealthy condition, suffering from the effects of each vaccination.

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to make the right decision and make a final choice in favor of a vaccination, the parents of the baby have to familiarize themselves with information about each of the vaccines, to find out in detail what they have implications as vaccinationsof a disease, etc. are effective

main thing that parents need to remember - is that the responsibility for the health of their baby lies with them, not the friends who give conflicting advice, and not on workers health centers that recommend to vaccinate children against all in a row.

only after thoughtful analysis must make a decision.And, in addition to vaccination, we should not forget about good hygiene, healthy eating and lifestyle.All these measures will provide your child a good immune system and, in the aggregate, will guarantee against many diseases.