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Lack of iron in the child

Lack of iron in the child

If your baby is weak, sick and not eating, pay attention to the state of his ears, mouth, hair, and skin on the knees and elbows.Pale ears and mucous membranes in the mouth, dryness and peeling of the skin on the child's elbows and knees, brittle hair - all signs of anemia, ie,lack of iron in the body.Children with anemia (anemia) in the corners of the mouth appear cracks, the tips of the hair bifurcate, nail phalanx as pale and covered "dashes".

What is anemia or anemia?

Iron deficiency (anemia) can occur in an explicit and hidden (latent) condition.In healthy children, until they reach the age of 6, in a liter of blood contains not less than 120 g of hemoglobin.Explicit anemia can be directly determined on the basis of blood tests.If, as a result of a blood test, it was found that the level of serum ferritin levels below 30, it indicates a clear lack of iron in the body of the child.If there signs of anemia, but her tests do not confirm the presence of a child, the anemia is called a "hidden".

What causes anemia

importance of the presence of iron in the body is very high: it is part of the red blood cells, brain, bone marrow, liver, spleen, muscles.Iron deficiency provokes anoxia and whole organism, especially the brain.

anemic children suffer from colds and viral diseases more often their peers.Iron deficiency also leads to violations of the nervous system, problems in the development of the intellect and psyche.If anemia is not treated, the child will encounter difficulty with the formation of logical thought and speech, and, as a consequence, there will be difficulties with learning.

causes of anemia

As a child up to a year if he does not bottle-feeds in the form of mother's milk, the cause of his illness anemia can be a lack of iron in nursing mothers.If a woman is suffering from anemia, breast-feeding, it is natural that its milk is also not to be missed iron, and from the very beginning of its life the baby will receive less this essential trace mineral.

High risk of developing anemia in premature babies and twins.Kids older than one year, which feed mainly lactic acid food, and at risk of anemia.A very common factor in the development of anemia - low levels of vitamin B6, B9 and B12.It is this kind of anemia is called iron.

How to determine that the child has anemia

difficulty lies in the fact that at the initial stage of development of an anemia it is very difficult to identify because of the lack of obvious symptoms.You can try to install the tendency of children to disease anemia, a blood test, the results of which will be determined by the level of hemoglobin.A smear of blood to detect the reaction of oxygen in the red blood cells in the blood.

If you find that the baby low hemoglobin, the doctor will prescribe your child a diet high in iron.For example, under such a diet for breakfast the child will be recommended porridge enriched with iron, the second lure baby will need to give the meat, and the third - the juice with a high content of vitamin C. However, nutrition is often unable to provide the body with all the missing baby anemic iron.Therefore, such a kiddies are usually prescribed as iron preparation.

How to prevent anemia in her baby

Unfortunately, few expectant mothers think in advance about what to nurturing the child's need to prepare your body.If a woman wants to give birth to a healthy baby, is preparing for conception and gestation, it is necessary to fully fed, lead an active life, spend more time in the fresh air to protect the nervous system.

Starting from 28 weeks of pregnancy, iron is transferred from the mother to the fetus through the placenta.The fruit will store this trace element, but on the future mother depends on how the process will flow accumulation.It is also important to take all precautions to avoid premature birth.To do this, you should regularly undergo a pelvic examination, and follow the advice of the attending physician.

How to cure anemia

main source of iron in the body of the child is the food.Up to 6 months the baby is fed breast milk, so nursing mothers diet should be rich in iron.After 6-9 months, babies receive complementary foods.Big mistake made by those mothers who believe that the most useful food for children at this age are dairy products.Just on the contrary, it is desirable to achieve a 1 year old baby, it does not give yogurt and whole cow's milk.

best supplier of iron - is meat.And kids need to lure dishes of beef tongue, chicken and rabbit.It is also useful to introduce into the diet of baby fish dishes, broccoli and beans.

As soon as your baby's body will cease to lack of iron, his muscles get stronger, improve metabolism, normalize the activity of enzymes and hormones that increase immunity.

Remember that your baby nutrition - a pledge of his good health!