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Prevention of rickets in children

Prevention of rickets in children

When a child disturbed calcium and phosphorus metabolism of vitamin D deficiency in these cases refers to the disease rickets.It manifested rickets in the first months of baby's life.Sick child constantly crying rickets, bad eating, behaving nervously.Ladoshki the baby is always wet, at the back formed baldness, children will wave acidic urine, and the skull of the baby in a large fontanelle and sutures bones become soft.

If parents have noticed your baby like symptoms, show the child's doctor, a specialist will appoint a urine sample Sulkovicha to identify the level of calcium in the urine.For healthy children the value of this indicator is 2, patients with rickets its value is negative.This analysis will need to take on a regular basis throughout the period of treatment to diagnose the degree of cure baby from rickets.

What should be the prevention of rickets?

child rickets disease prevention includes measures aimed at:

  • increase the amount of vitamin D, received as part of the food;

  • calciferol increased synthesis in the skin;

  • stimulation of calcium-phosphorus metabolism in the body.

Prevention of rickets is antenatal and postnatal, as well as specific and nonspecific.

Article topic: Vitamin D for infants

Antenatal prevention is aimed at improving the condition of the body of a pregnant woman.If the mother did not pay enough attention to their health during pregnancy did not get the food necessary amount of vitamin D and calcium, a little time spent in the open air, the probability of the disease rickets baby will be very high.A pregnant woman should include in your diet milk products and eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, fish and meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.Nutritionists are also advised to take during pregnancy multivitamin complexes and infant formula enriched with essential trace elements and vitamins.

Postnatal nonspecific prevention of rickets is conducted with respect to the child himself and is aimed at optimizing the child's diet.The child in its first 6 months of life, breast-feeding is recommended, in which the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the mother's milk is much better than the artificial feeding.Lactose present in breast milk, also contributes to the enhanced absorption of calcium in the infant gut.

If breastfeeding for any reason is not possible, choose a milk mixture, the composition of which contains the required amount of calcium and phosphorus, as well as lactose and calciferol.Thus it is necessary to pay attention not only to the amount of these components in the mixture and their ratio, it was possible to approximate the composition of breast milk.

premature infants doctors advise lure ranging from 4-5 months.Year-olds should receive a part of the diet of fruits and vegetables, butter, eggs, cheese and milk products, meat, cereals, bread and cooking oil.

Prerequisite prevent rickets in children - regular walks in the fresh air.In winter, parents do not have to miss a single sunny day: enough to face the infant was discovered the sun's rays, the kid got his daily dose of vitamin D. In smuglokozhih kids vitamin D is synthesized in the sun is much worse than that of whites.Accordingly, moms smuglokozhih children need to ensure their babies for a longer stay in the air and a diet rich in vitamin D. Some doctors prescribe kiddies adoption ultraviolet baths.

Physiotherapy and massage - another means of effective prevention of rickets.Active movement is useful for children and non-specific activities related to the prevention of this disease.With the kids you can do on a gymnastic ball, hold him swimming in the bathtub.Motor procedures contribute to the proper formation of the skeleton of a child.

Specific prevention of rickets is receiving vitamin D dosage is determined by the physician based on the data on the age, severity of the disease and the time of year at the start of the reception.Unwanted children at any time of the year, except in summer, usually prescribed oily or aqueous solution of vitamin D in the amount of 400-500 IU.Smuglokozhih kids this dose prescribed in the summer and the winter rises to 1,000 IU.

Premature kiddies doctor will prescribe the drug enhanced vitamin D have 10-14 day life in the amount of 1000-2000 IU, summer - 400 IU if it goes about the northern territories, and in the central and southern regions of the summer intake of vitamin D stops.

aqueous formulation of vitamin E oil is preferable.As for calcium, its content in the body is recommended to increase the taking pharmaceutical preparations calcium.

timely adoption of measures against rickets prevention of serious complications will, will help to form bone and muscle system of the baby, will provide immunity child's body.

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