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Hernia newborn

Hernia newborn

While a baby grows in the womb, it is fed through the umbilical cord.After the appearance of a baby born the midwife cuts the umbilical cord and place the cut pinches special clothespin.A few days later the remainder of the umbilical cord with a pin fall off of the infant navel and umbilical wound healing takes about 1-2 weeks.Healing the navel can be accelerated, dropping a little hydrogen peroxide on the wound, and then grease it with green paint.Children's navel bandage is not necessary.

After the umbilical wound healed, in the navel for some time will continue deepening - the umbilical ring.When the voltage of the child, for example, while screaming and crying children also tightens the tummy, because that part of the intestine moves into the umbilical cavity and blows it.As a result, the newborn is developing an umbilical hernia.

blowing navel may occur due to frequent constipation or reinforced gasification in the children's intestines, which is quite common.And if healthy children are rarely

strong tension leads to the development of a hernia, the frail and suffer premature babies umbilical hernia is very common.High risk of umbilical hernia and those children whose parents are suffering from the defect.

Umbilical hernia may occur in the newborn baby immediately at birth and may develop within a few weeks.Visually hernia is a bulge in the umbilicus.If you press your finger on the bulge, it will emit a gurgling sound and easily goes into the abdominal cavity.After some time, this bulge again return to its original place.When the baby cries, when entering the bowel loops in the umbilical cavity, the hernia can be seen particularly clearly.

The value of umbilical hernia can vary and depends on the size of the umbilical ring.The larger its size, the greater the protrusion of a hernia.If some babies hernia the size of a pea, the others she looks like a large plum.All kinds of straining baby - crying, coughing, defecation, urination - cause protrusion of a hernia.When the baby is relaxed and calm, not bulging hernia.To determine the true size of the umbilical hernia, the doctor it reduce a fingertip.An important measure is the regular examination of the child physician to assess the dynamics of the size of the umbilical hernia.

The incidence of umbilical hernia in infants is 10% of the total number of births.In 99% of cases of umbilical hernia is congenital in nature and only 1% - purchase.Premature babies are born with an umbilical hernia more often babies who were born at the time.Girls are affected more often than boys umbilical hernia.Manifested umbilical hernia usually soon after the birth time.However, there are cases when parents begin to notice the defect in her child only if he starts walking.

main factor in the development of umbilical hernia in children - a weakness of the muscles of the abdominal wall.Weak abdominal muscles - this is what distinguishes the majority of premature babies and babies with low birth weight.They hernia occurs in the first weeks after birth.In healthy children as the main reasons for the development of umbilical hernia are constipation, prolonged crying and severe flatulence.

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Occasionally hernia appears in a completely unknown reasons.Sometimes parents accuse doctors and midwives that due to improperly cut the umbilical cord baby received umbilical hernia.However, external factors can not be the cause of this defect: umbilical hernia always arises as a result of the child's body features.

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RIGHT umbilical hernia can be easily.To do this, simply press your finger to the area of ​​children's navel.But right so hernia, we do not cure her, she will appear again and again.During the first few years of life umbilical hernia should self-destruct.If the child is 6 years old, and he had a hernia and did not pass, so you need to remove it surgically.

Infringement umbilical hernia - a dangerous situation that could occur before the child reaches 6 years of age.In such cases, surgical intervention is necessary.Strangulated hernia is pinched part of the intestine that causes ileus - a condition that threatens fatal child.To avoid this from happening, all parents of children with umbilical hernia should be aware of symptoms of infringement of hernia.When a hernia infringed, it becomes hard to the touch, and it does not work right within.The child thus feels pain, he may start vomiting.In such cases, you should immediately call the emergency aid and to carry a child in the surgical department.

When required surgical treatment of umbilical hernia?

Unlike inguinal, umbilical hernia does not always require surgical treatment.Surgery to remove an umbilical hernia is appointed, if the dynamics of growth remains positive hernia.When the umbilical ring is greater than 1 cm, and when the hernia protrusion get even larger, the doctor prescribes the operation.

Planned operations administered to children after 1-3 years, and if the umbilical hernia is small (0.5 cm), then the operation is deferred until such time until the child is 5 years.The procedure itself is an umbilical hernia correction is very simple.Such an operation takes less than an hour and does not require opening the abdominal cavity.During the operation for all children under 10 years of general anesthesia is performed.

Nonsurgical treatment of umbilical hernia in children

Because umbilical hernia usually occurs as a result of the weakness of the abdominals, it is an effective measure to strengthen the treatment of this defect.Babies with a hernia prescribed massage and physiotherapy exercises.The baby will recover more quickly if eliminate the associated hernia diseases such as constipation, rickets, and others. All of this should lead to the strengthening of the abdominal muscles.These methods, however, are most effective in the case of small-sized hernia.However, when a large hernia health benefits of such measures would be.

How to massage your baby with umbilical hernia?

  • the palm follow a circular motion on the surface of the baby belly in a clockwise direction.
  • umbilical ring fingers tingled as if squeezing it.
  • on both sides of the navel lay hands and slide them in the direction of the navel.This turns the left hand should move upwards, and the right - down, and vice versa.
  • put his hand on the navel, a little push and then turn it clockwise.
  • thumb to follow a slight pressure on the stomach as if pressing the doorbell.

special complex of therapeutic exercises for children with umbilical hernia include a lot of exercise.This exercise can learn the mother, turning to an experienced specialist.At home, the baby is useful to lay belly down on a hard surface.Another method of non-surgical treatment of umbilical hernia is the use of the patch, when the surgeon presses a hernia in the abdominal cavity, and then glued up her tape.

Prevention of umbilical hernia in a child - is to prevent situations where the kid has to excessive strain.Strong straining can be prevented by conducting prevention of constipation in the child, strengthening its immunity to colds, to avoid coughing, etc.In addition to therapeutic exercise and massage, which are considered the most effective treatment of umbilical hernia, well strengthens abdominal muscles baby in the bathtub or swimming pool.