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Thrush in infants

Thrush in infants

Thrush in the newborn (kandidomikozny stomatitis) - a very common condition in newborns and infants up to one year, which is triggered by a fungus genus Candida.

healthy child's mucous generally comprises the fungus in small amounts, and it prevents excessive proliferation of other microorganisms.Without a proper balance of microflora in the body Candida kid goes into a rapid growth, and as a result, the child develops thrush.

thrush often occurs in a child during teething.Once the baby has already started actively moving - crawling or walking - thrush may occur as a result of his hygiene problems because the baby in her mouth pulls all caught him by the arm objects.When the child begins to attend a nursery, his body can be difficult at first to adapt to a foreign environment.As a result, children's immunity decreases, and thrush in such cases becomes quite frequent.

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What are the symptoms of yeast infection in newborns and babies up to a year?

When a small child ill with a thrush, mucous his mouth, gums, tongue covered with white bloom.If the mother tries to remove the plaque, it will remain in its place irritation and even wound.Such lesions - an easy target for disease-causing bacteria, since the very emergence of thrush indicates reduced immunity of the baby, and bleeding areas of the mouth cavity of children easily penetrates the infection.

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If the mother does not respond to the emergence and spread of white bloom in the mouth of the child, the thrush progresses.White plaques were distributed not only across the oral mucosa, but pass on the baby's throat.Sick baby thrush uncomfortable, painful sensations in the mouth, because he refuses to take the breast or a bottle of milk.Because of the pain experienced by the child becomes moody, restless.

How to treat thrush in infants?

to treat yeast infections in newborns and babies up to one year are commonly used topical preparations.If thrush sick child is older than 6 months, your doctor may prescribe an antifungal medication receive it, for example, a solution of Candide, drops Nystatin, Diflucan.Parents without a doctor's permission, in any case should not give these medicines to your baby.

patient thrush baby mother should regularly treating the mouth with a solution of baking soda.In a glass of boiled water should dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda.On the index finger should be wound a piece of gauze, dip your finger in the soda solution and lubricate the baby mouth.Small children usually do not understand what is required of them, and do not want to open her mouth.In this case, you need to press your thumb on the baby's chin, and he opens his mouth.The treatment of children's mouth with a solution of baking soda should be carried out every 2-3 hours for several days.

If your child is not allergic to honey, it can be treated with a solution of honey his mouth.Dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey 2 teaspoons boiling water.As in the case of the soda solution, wound on a finger gauze dipped in honey solution and lubricate them at the mouth of the baby.

can dip a pacifier in honey or soda solution and give the baby.However, not every child will agree to take the pacifier in the mouth with an unusual flavor.

started to treat yeast infections in the young child, it is necessary to eliminate all possible sources of infection.It should be boiled or treated with a soda solution all the things that are in the environment of the baby.Even pet wash is recommended to avoid all possible re-infection thrush.

If a newborn's immune system is functioning properly, the yeast will take place at the child until the age of six months.However, if the thrush stubbornly refuses to leave the baby's body, even after all the recommended treatments, then you need to thoroughly examine the child to identify the causes of diseases of the immune system.

What should be the prevention of thrush in infants?

best prevention of yeast infections in newborns and babies up to one year - is the observance of the rules of basic hygiene.All things are within reach of the baby must be treated regularly.Dishes and nipples should be sterilized.Nipples breast mother to regularly lubricate the soda solution or special assets acquired in a pharmacy.

Each time you complete a procedure of feeding the baby should be given a few teaspoons of boiling water.This water will wash the baby mouth and free her from the remnants of dairy food, which so love to breed bacteria.A couple of sips of boiled water will provide your child a healthy microflora in the mouth.

And remember that the best way to prevent thrush at any age is to increase immunity.