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Hypertonicity of muscles in the child

Hypertonicity of muscles in the child

Not every newborn baby, even if it is generally healthy, born with already fully ready for operation of the central nervous system.What to speak of when during childbirth occur or that damage?Therefore, the generic practice not uncommon cases of the birth of children with hypertonic muscles.

If the newborn baby is marked muscular hypertonicity, it is quite normal, if that state does not last more than six months.However, children with pronounced muscular hypertonicity attract attention from the first moment of birth.

hypertonicity is a distortion of muscle tone in the form of muscle tension.Most babies born with muscle tone, pursed hands and feet, fists clenched.Gradually muscular tension leaves the child, and three months after birth, the child is usually already in a position to control the movement.In children with hypertonic but muscle tone, you will notice, and other disorders, which usually pay attention parents notice any experienced pediatricians and neurologists.

symptoms in children with
hypertonic muscles

While in the hospital, the mother can pay attention to what posture takes her baby in a dream or in the waking state, as well as how the baby moves.If you take a healthy baby in the hand and hold down the face, the head of the baby will keep almost flush with the body, the handle of the child will be preloaded, and the legs are lowered.If the position of the child and in his various poses mother notice anything unusual, she should see a doctor immediately.

Here is a list of the most common symptoms characteristic of children with hypertonic muscles.

  • Children with hypertonic muscles do not sleep.The dream they have a short and troubled.In the dream, baby strain and firmly presses the arms and legs and head throws back.If you try to separate limbs kid, he would resist and cry.The strong reaction of the newborn, unfortunately, is not a testament to the strength of the child, and the presence of his hyper.Healthy baby feet can be fairly easy to breed at right angles to the tummy.

  • In the waking state, you can hold the baby experience: take the child under the arms and lift above the surface of the table, as if trying to put him on his feet while tilting slightly forward.Healthy baby reflexively try to make a step forward to support the entire foot, and the child with hypertonic - get up on his toes, pursing his toes.This manner of "walk on tiptoe," is evidence of violations of children's central nervous system.

  • more detail about why the child walks on tiptoes read here

  • Notice how your baby is crying.During crying children gipertonusom rolled their head tilts her chin trembling.In all, even the weakest stimuli, such children are nervously react: they worried even faint light and soft sounds.After feeding kids with gipertonusom often regurgitate food.

  • Children gipertonusom lagging behind their healthy peers: later start to hold head, sit, stand, walk.All these signs of the child's parents should pay attention and respond to not to miss the start of treatment.

  • During childbirth frequent cases of child injury in the neck area of ​​the spine, as well as ligaments and disks due to which the muscles in the neck of the newborn may remain in suspense for long, and the baby in such cases diagnosed torticollis.It is not always doctors pay serious attention to it, believing that eventually torticollis newborn will pass by itself.Actually, such a state of the neck muscles of the child may be indicative of muscle hypertonicity, which should be treated as soon as possible.

If you notice your baby at least some of the following symptoms of hyper muscle, show a child neurologist and ask them to conduct a survey.Only by using special medical equipment can be highly likely to determine the presence or absence of the child hyper.And in the case of an affirmative diagnosis immediately proceed to the treatment of the disease.

How to treat muscle hypertonicity of the child?

Only a specialist with the appropriate skills can accurately determine the cause and to identify methods for treating hyper your child.Your doctor will make conclusions based on the results of the inspection and baby neurosonography - procedure, during which the child is held ultrasound of the brain through the fontanel of the newborn.

In identifying the intracranial pressure, conservative treatment should be combined with medical drugs prescribed by your doctor.In less severe clinical situation, the doctor will recommend treatment, providing massages and gymnastics, herbal and aromaterpiyu.Additionally, the child will be assigned to the reception of glycine and vitamins.

Massage and gymnastics when muscle hypertonicity appointed and held with milder forms of the disease.It is recommended that regular and prolonged courses of massage therapy for at least a few times during the year.Massage can conduct a qualified physiotherapist, but caring mother, if she wants a speedy recovery of his child, the child must learn to do yourself a relaxing massage.Ideally, you should conduct a daily massage for the first year of baby's life.

perfect complement to massage and physiotherapists will phyto and aromatherapy.The kid can make a relaxing bath before going to bed, with the addition of cooked concoctions of herbs - chamomile, lavender, pine needles, and pharmacies child soothing fees.Aromatherapy can be carried out, dripping in aromalampu essential little lavender or pine.Just be sure first that your baby is not allergic to your chosen herbs and oils, otherwise, instead of the treatment, you only hurt him.

Develop the correct mode of the day for your baby.Pre watch the child and pay attention when it is most active, and when he was sleepy.Based on observations plan the optimal mode of the day, the child was resting when his daily biological rhythms are on the decline, and was awake at the peak of its biological activity.

Eating child must maternal breast milk.This is important not only because the baby during breastfeeding provides good immunity.When the baby is fed by his mother's breast, it is in contact with his mother, he pressed against her and feel the comfort and safety. close bodily contact with the mother gives the child positive emotions and contributes to a speedy recovery. mother should try to kid was surrounded by kindness, caring and warmth that are treated no worse than any medication.

If gipertonus hard not cured, then these children is assigned medication.Some of the commonly prescribed drugs include vitamins "B" milokalm, nootropics and diuretics.If the treatment prescribed by the doctor does not see an improvement, parents should not remain passive: the doctor should offer to change treatment policy.