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Can you give a child suprastin?

Can you give a child suprastin?

Young parents whose child has been diagnosed with "allergic", often wonder about what kind of medications is the most effective and at the same time the least secure to treat their child.

If the child from the first days of his birth are allergic, then he can not do without treatment antihistamine medications.Most often, doctors prescribe suprastin kids.And, of course, parents want to know, will not hurt if taking the drug their kids.

What suprastin?

Suprastin - a therapeutic antihistamine drug that is indicated for the prevention or suppression of allergic reactions.Suprastin has a calming and soporific properties, effectively relieves itching.Drugs, substitutes are suprastin Promethazine and etizin.

Any allergy - a reaction of the human body to histamine.Suprastin reduces this reaction by eliminating the spasms of smooth muscles, reducing capillary permeability, to prevent anaphylactic shock by blocking histamine receptors of the body.

main manifestation of an allergy is an excessive amount of

non-specific release of fluid in the intercellular space.This gives rise to redness, swelling, and other allergic symptoms.Suprastin as other antihistamine medications to block the sources of allergies, restoring normal health.

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Usually suprastin appointed physician to the use of the following diagnoses: all kinds of allergies, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis, hay fever, urticaria, angioedema, allergic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, allergies to medicationsdrugs, itchy skin, the initial stages of asthma and others.

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addition, suprastin often prescribed for children before and after preventive vaccinations in order to prevent sudden allergic reaction the child's body to the vaccine.

Suprastin considered one of the most effective antihistamines and must be present in every home medicine cabinet, because it is a potent tool, this "first aid" for itching, bites, colds and others.

Although suprastin considered a medicine against allergies, it is very goodand in cases when the child starts to swell a cold nasopharynx.

With its hypnotic influence, suprastin well lulls children, which can be useful in the treatment of many diseases, because, as everyone knows, the dream - the best doctor of all diseases.

suprastin Standard dosage in the treatment of children

Suprastin available as tablets to 0,025 g and a 2% solution for injection in 1 ml ampoules.

children, depending on age, suprastin allowed in the following amounts:

  • from 1 to 12 months - 1/4 pills 2-3 times during the day;

  • from 1 to 6 years- 1/3 tablet 2-3 times during the day;

  • from 6 to 14 years - 1/2 pills 2-3 times during the day.

In severe allergic conditions suprastin administered intramuscularly, in anaphylactic shock - intravenously.

As suprastin give young children?

  • In accordance with the recommendations of the doctor, the kids from the first days of life and up to a year suprastin usually given by a quarter of one tablet two or three times a day.

  • child suprastin tablets given in the pre-comminuted form.Quartered tablets should grind to a state of fine dust.The crushed to a powder suprastin you can pour in a teaspoon, add the water and let the child.

  • Taste of medication unpleasant and bitter, and swallow it in powder children do not like.To the bitter taste was felt as little as possible, the powder can be mixed in suprastin food.

  • When a child learns to swallow the drug in the form of milled, suprastin can not rub into a powder.

  • Reception suprastin not recommended for children on an empty stomach.

Contraindications suprastin children

All types of drugs, including antihistamines and, in addition to therapeutic effect, have no side effects on the body and contraindications.Suprastin in this sense, is no exception.

suprastina main advantage in comparison with many other antihistamines, is that the drug can be given to children with virtually first days of life.However, it should be remembered that it is not recommended without a doctor suprastin welcome children under the age of 1 month and all who have an increased sensitivity to this drug.

Side effects when taking suprastin: nausea, dizziness, weakness, dry mouth, problems with coordination.These adverse effects on the child's body suprastin usually marked with an overdose of the drug: the child looks retarded, his sleepy.If the child is still very small, then he may have hallucinations.In the case of a large overdose may have difficulty breathing.

If you gave your child suprastin and noticed that the baby became ill, immediately call a doctor.Waiting for the arrival of the emergency wash the baby stomach and give activated charcoal.Problems with children's health while taking suprastin can be completely avoided if you give your child medicine in strict accordance with the prescription of the doctor.

If you consult a doctor, and he recommended that your child receive suprastin, then be sure this medication will ease your baby's condition.For example, if the child has diathesis just enough suprastin quarter tablets to relieve the itching and return the child calm and deep sleep.

If your child is prone to allergies, give suprastin he should not.This potent tool is designed to combat allergies, which has become a real scourge of the past decades due to the deterioration of the quality of the food, distribution and chemistry of adverse changes in the environment.Admission suprastin recommended only after referral to a specialist allergist.