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Can you give the baby valerian?

Can you give the baby valerian?

few families with little kids grow up, can boast that their child is always calm and cheerful, fast asleep, eats well and never capricious.On the contrary, the situation where kids roll their tantrums, familiar to all parents.And how sometimes want to give the child some kind of sedative valerian, that he was not nervous, did not come screaming and quietly fell asleep.

for adult valerian - quite harmless sedative.And what is the case with small children?Try to understand what is the valerian, as it acts on the human body, can you give it to small children, and in what doses.

Valerian is a sedative and antispasmodic, ieit not only soothes, but also can shoot spasms.Made on the basis of valerian roots valerian plant.Each herb has both beneficial properties and contraindications, and quite dangerous side effects.Valerian in this case is no exception.

Contraindications to receiving valerian include allergy, individual intolerance, exacerbation of enterocolitis.If valerian take a long time, they may beg

in headaches and nausea, and disorder of the gastrointestinal tract.As you can see, the consequences of receiving valerian can be quite unpleasant, and the child without a doctor's permission, give this drug is not recommended.

receiving valerian dosage is usually indicated on the instructions to the drug.Despite the fact that this drug has contraindications, however, in moderate doses, it is often prescribed for young children.Very carefully, it should be given the medicine for children under 3 years of age.In accordance with the indications for use, valerian can be given to children older than 1 year in the form of one drop of diluted water.

your child needs a sedative, if he is hyperactive, hysterics, does not sleep.However, do not try to decide exactly what to treat your baby, and be sure to check with a pediatrician and neurologist.Specialists must first determine what the problem is of such a state and behavior of the child, and only then will write you the most effective drug sedative nature, which might be included, and valerian.

Valerian is not recommended for young children, especially babies, which is not yet a year old. If you give it to your child, then in any case not in the form of alcohol tinctures. Use only dry grass valerian composed soothing collection.You can cook both the broth through a soothing collection, and a bath before going to bed with the addition of the broth.

soothing effect is well manifested as ingestion and inhalation of vapors.Dosage broth - 1 tbsp.spoon chamomile, valerian, motherwort, thyme.This herbal tea can be sewn into a linen pillow and put the child in the crib.

But be very careful!If your child is allergic to some kind of soothing herbs, you risk causing him hives or angioedema.So without first consulting your doctor do not resort to the above means of calming your baby.In cases of children with allergic multicomponent recommended charges in which a variety of herbs found in small quantities.

Valerian could adversely affect the child's development.Calming the nervous system, valerian thereby reducing its activity, and in fact the activity of a stimulus to the development of the child.Although children who differ restless sleep and increased activity, deliver more trouble to my parents, but medical statistics show that these children are better developed than their more balanced and calm peers.

Healthy sleep - an important factor in the normal development of the child.However, some parents may be mistaken, believing that their kids do not sleep.It is possible that the child has time to sleep well for a short period of time, and my mother worried that he rarely sleeps.In order not to make hasty conclusions, we recommend that child to the doctor, who will determine whether the normal duration of sleep your baby or not.

Reception valerian small child can cause the opposite effect, ie,not soothing and stimulating.And the less your baby, the more likely such an unexpected effect.Therefore, the first experience of receiving valerian is not necessary to spend the night and during the day to see how the drug acts on the state and behavior of your baby.If he was nervous, crying, suffering pain in his tummy, then valerian to give him yet.Perhaps, when he turns 3 years, valerian will begin to calm him down, but up to this time play it safe and do not let her baby.Also note that children who have heart problems, valerian can not give.

Do not let small children large doses of sedative.Always start with tiny portions.For example, that there was an overdose, buy at the pharmacy a ready soothing herbal tea or a baby bath (eg Bebivita, hippie Houmana et al.) The concentration of the components of such fees would be best and safest for your baby.