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Signs of scarlet fever in children

Signs of scarlet fever in children

Scarlet fever belongs to the category of infectious diseases that are transmitted by airborne droplets.The causative agent of scarlet fever is the bacterium Streptococcus.A person can have immunity against microbial and toxic effects of streptococcus.And in contact with strep these people do not become ill, and become its bearers.

streptococci are also a cause of angina.

If antimicrobial immunity in humans is not available, it is ill with angina.This immunity is not permanent, but can be reinforced or weakened.In those times when he is weakened, increasing the risk of angina.

If no antimicrobial or protivotoksicheskoe immunity in humans are not available, he falls ill with scarlet fever.Unlike fugitive antimicrobial immunity, immunity lasts protivotoksicheskoe people for life after they have once been ill with scarlet fever.This immunity, which is opposed to Dick toxin, secreted by streptococcus.

Scarlet fever usually infected children in the preschool and early school age.Treatment of this diseas

e with antibiotics is performed.In streptococci are highly sensitive to penicillin, and scarlet fever is usually treated with such drugs.The disease is dangerous by its consequences and complications that may because of it happen in the body of the child.Scarlet fever is very dangerous for the kidneys, becausemay entail the development of jade, ieinflammation of the kidneys.Besides kidney disease, due to scarlet fever may occur heart disorder - toxic myocarditis.

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What are the symptoms of scarlet fever in children?

If a child is sick with scarlet fever, then he should show signs of the disease, which become visible on the third day after infection.However, 3 days - a statistical measure of the average, since the incubation period of scarlet fever when the disease is 1-12 days.


1. Onset is acute temperature jumps up to 38-40 degrees, sick child feels weakness and chills.Children who become ill with scarlet fever, suffer from lack of appetite.High temperatures accompanied by intoxication: the child suffers from nausea and vomiting.

2. Develops tonsillitis (angina), do not usually purulent and catarrhal.Because scarlet fever and sore throat are concomitant diseases, scarlet fever sick child suffers from pain in his throat, his jaw lymph nodes increase in size, throat and mouth blush.

3. After 6-12 hours from the onset of scarlet fever, skin rash sick child is covered in small dots of bright pink.The rest of the skin on the body also changes its color to red.The rash usually appears on the face, neck, hips, hands, feet, and in all places where there are folds - armpits, the folds of the elbows, in the groin.How much ill with scarlet fever a child can understand it on the rash.The more intense the propagating this rash than it brighter shade and more itchy, the stronger the illness.

4. Rash alters a child's face, making it puffy.In a patient with scarlet fever the child can observe the characteristic combination of pale skin and lips nose with bright red cheeks.

5. After 3-4 days after onset of illness language acquires a bright crimson color, and remains so for 1-2 weeks.

6. By the end of the first week of the rash begins to slowly descend, but she comes to replace skin peeling.With feet, palms and fingertips skin coming off in the form of plates.

How long scarlet fever?

scarlet fever disease duration may be different, but usually no more than 3 weeks.The use of antibiotics in the treatment of scarlet fever helps to protect the body of the sick child from the development of many complications, so today scarlet fever is not a great danger for children.One of the unpleasant consequences of this disease is to increase the sensitization of the organism.In order to reduce its magnitude, doctors apart from antibiotics usually prescribed sick child still and antihistamines.

The older the child is sick with scarlet fever, including higher risk of various kinds of complications.Conversely, the younger the child, the easier it flows illness.

The risk of infection is maintained for 22 days, so even if the child recovered from scarlet fever within a week, and discharged from the hospital after the normalization of temperature, such a child should hold the home another 12 days without having to send in the kindergarten or school,where it can easily infect their peers.Within a month, have recovered from scarlet fever children continue to be monitored by the doctor who continues to ensure that the child has not developed complications.

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