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Small rash on the child's body

Small rash on the child

When the skin is covered with small dots baby rashes, some parents panic.And this is understandable, because the rash is often a symptom of infectious diseases.The rash usually appears not alone, but accompanied by problems with appetite and increased nervous excitability of the child.Here are the main events and the causes of children's rashes.After reading this information, you will be informed in advance about how to prevent the appearance of a rash in a child and what to take, if it is still there.

main causes of rashes in children

Miliaria - one of the causes of skin rashes in infants.This unpleasant disease occurs when there is a blockage of the sweat glands in the children's skin.The result is a violation of sweating, which is why the skin becomes red and covered with small bright red spots.Most often, the tiny red spots appear on the body of the baby in the places where access is blocked for normal air ventilation of the skin.Usually this skin folds baby, groin, a place for children's ear

s, the neck of the baby.Typically, when a child's prickly heat the temperature does not rise, and the baby is experiencing only a faint itching at the site of skin rashes.

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sudamen treated.While sudamen does not cause the child severe torment, but just wait until she is held, it is impossible: the disease should be treated.Provide your baby stay in a room that is well ventilated.Clothing baby should be made of natural fabrics, ensuring good ventilation delicate baby skin.Always make sure that the baby was dressed in a perfectly clean and dry clothes.Bathing the child to perform better than the normal water and with the addition of decoction of chamomile, calendula and succession.After bathing, try not to use cream and baby powder.Do not overheat the baby in the hottest days.No child in the heat of Kuta.

Allergy - another reason why children's skin rashes.Besides food, the child's body may react allergic to some of the material from which the clothing was sewn baby.Some drugs also cause allergic reactions in children.Allergic rash is accompanied by severe itching and grows in size.

As soon as you notice such a reaction in your child, consult your doctor to determine what caused the allergy.Subsequently, the product will need to be removed from the diet of children, and if the cause of allergies become clothing, try to buy your baby the only things made of natural materials.If the allergen proved any medication, your doctor will help you determine which one, and assign a safe replacement.

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Eczema - an inflammatory disease of the skin, which is also accompanied by a rash.The cause of eczema in your baby can serve a variety of stimuli or allergens.Irritants can be both external and internal.It occurs sometimes increased susceptibility to eczema, received the child inherited from the parents.Rash eczema usually appears at the joints of hands and feet, as well as on the face and neck.Color of bright red rash and itching very strong.

eczema treatment is performed using all sorts of ointments, lotions and compresses.Getting treatment for eczema, be sure to exclude all of a child's life that caused the disease - food, household chemicals or synthetic clothing.Baby clothes and underwear buy only made of natural materials.Leather baby should always be clean and dry.However, all of the above - it is only necessary preparations and precautions, but the disease itself to be treated, consult a doctor.On the basis of examination of the baby doctor will prescribe an effective treatment.

If your child is not only rash but also fever, call the doctor hurry.Most likely, your baby caught chickenpox.Skin rashes in the case of chicken pox - are small specks of pink is spreading rapidly across the surface of a child's body.Very soon all the spots turn into blisters.Each vial must be lubricated with green paint, put the baby to bed and limit access to it, because the chickenpox - a highly contagious disease.If your child has a fever, give him some means to lower the temperature.

human skin - an indicator of the internal condition of the body.And if the skin rash - is clear evidence of some internal disease, the presence of inflammation.So the appearance of the rash can not be taken lightly and casually.Be sure to take measures as soon as possible to get rid of the kid from the disease!