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Testicular Hydrocele in infants

Testicular Hydrocele in infants

One of congenital diseases in newborn boys is a hydrocele or a hydrocele of the testes.Another name for this disease - hydrocele.

What is a hydrocele or hydrocele testes?

Edema (shells) egg is shown in the form of accumulation of fluid in the shells of eggs of the child, which is why swollen scrotum, and in some cases formed swelling in the groin area.Such a layer of liquid formed around the egg, violates the normal heat transfer, which is why the egg is overheated and can not function fully.

hydrocele occurs in many premature infants, as well as in cases where the course of pregnancy was associated with disabilities and the risk of miscarriage.Children with hydrocephalus often diagnosed testicular and inguinal hernia.

testicles dropsy is of two types - an isolated and reported.About communicating hydrocele say when between the cavity around the testicle and the abdominal cavity there is a connection through the vaginal process of the peritoneum.Through this process of peritoneal fluid flows into

the scrotum and backwards.When isolated edema fluid surrounding the egg can not penetrate into the other cavities.

pain associated with hydrocele child usually does not experience.However, the disease is dangerous because, if not eliminate, the boy may develop inguinal-scrotal hernia and disrupt the function of fertilization.

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Causes of hydrocephalus in the newborn testicular

In the process of formation of a boy's genitals egg must descend from the abdomen into the scrotum.Movement of eggs carried by the canal, which at the time of birth of a child normally grows.If the channel is not overgrown, then it may flow into the scrotum fluid from the abdominal cavity.

large number of boys born with bilateral hydrocele.

There dropsy for three main reasons:
  • in the process of development of the fetus in the shells of eggs accumulated a large amount of liquid that falls back from the abdominal cavity;

  • peritoneal shell egg produces an excessive amount of liquid;

  • not overgrown vaginal process of the peritoneum, and the liquid falls freely from the peritoneum into the scrotum.

Toddlers older hydrocele can develop as a result of the transferred somatic diseases, as well as due to inflammation or injury of the testicle.

Diagnostics dropsy testicles in baby

determine the presence of hydrocephalus testicles the baby may be in its asymmetrical scrotum.The main outward signs of symptoms of hydrocele is a swelling of the scrotum on one or both sides thereof.In the evening or at night, that is,at a time when the baby is resting, swelling of the scrotum may disappear or decrease.

During waking the baby scrotum again begins to swell due to the impingement of fluid in it, which is more common in cases of communicating hydrocephalus.When a child is sick hydrocele, straining belly, you can also see how his scrotum increases in size.

hydrocele Children rarely complain of pain.Usually the pain occur only when the infected edema and dropsy tense when in a short time a large number of accumulated eggs in the shell.

To put a confident diagnosis in the case of hydrocele, required US inguinal canal and scrotum, and undergo the procedure of vascular duplex study testicle.It happens that the ultrasound procedure helps to detect even a cyst of the spermatic cord or inguinal hernia.

Some children scrotum may swell periodically and examined by a doctor to look quite normal.In such cases, the doctor can make a diagnosis, parents should take a picture of the groin and scrotum in a child during those times when there is a pronounced swelling.

Treatment options hydrocele in children

Parents should not be afraid if their child has been diagnosed hydrocele.It is a congenital disease is usually painless and is, rather, not a disease, but a temporary aberration that passes when kanalchiki overgrown with which shell eggs has been reported with the abdominal cavity.

If the hydrocele is large, ie,"Tense", it can harm the egg as quickly accumulates in the egg shell liquid begins to compress it.In such cases, emergency surgery is indicated.Other treatments testicles dropsy does not exist.

In other cases, the treatment of hydrocephalus is delayed until the child reaches the age of 1.5-2 years.If by that time the edema does not pass by itself, it is assigned to the operation.

Thus, in the period from the birth and until the age of 1,5-2 years surgery may be recommended if the hydrocele is accompanied by an inguinal hernia and in the case of "hard" or infected with dropsy.

If for any reason the designated operation is postponed, the kid doing a puncture of the testicles, pulling needle excess liquid, which soon will begin to gather again.Therefore, sooner or later the child will need to operate.

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